Mindset Changes Before Quitting and Starting Business


“Wow! You are so good at what you do! You should totally start selling your service!” How many times have you heard this and wondered if you should indeed quit your job and start a business full time.  Is entrepreneurship everyone’s cup of tea? Not always! Entrepreneurship requires one to have a different, unique and growth-oriented mindset.  You need to have the ability to think and work differently than an average employee so as to help your newly launched dream business survive the negativity, competition, and uncertainty. This means that you should have the unique ability to do the following:

Developing a Long-term Vision

As an employee you may be have been used to working for short-term goals and targets defined by your boss. You are rarely required to think or perform beyond the job description and boundaries. However, as an entrepreneur, you need to have a stronger sense of purpose, direction, and a long-term vision for your business. You have to see the hidden opportunities and threats surrounding your business and make decisions accordingly. You also have to accept and learn to live with the consequences i.e., accepting that whatever small decision you will make or won’t make will impact your business not today only but tomorrow and five years down the road. You have to not only develop but also act on your hunches and intuitions.

Embracing Uncertainty

We all love our comfort zones and security blankets coming in form of steady paychecks that a regular job offers us. However, being an entrepreneur means embracing uncertainty in all imaginable forms: financial (cash flow problems) and emotional (difficult clients) even physical (uncertain number of work hours). You also have to embrace that the economy is slow and uncertain and the possibility that work may suddenly become slow and money will be harder and slower to trickle in. In fact, prepare yourself to be broke for a while. Prepare yourself for possibility of letting go of coffee breaks and lunches and working on Sundays and as well when a prized project needs to be executed.

Balancing Passion with Objectivity

You may be proud of your dream business and idea and should be, but you should also learn to view your ideas and project objectively. Distinguish unreasonable criticism from reasonable one.  Listen to your clients, partner and mentors and fix the loopholes and weakness in your business accordingly. Remember, objectivity helps you improve your business and your passion help you push your way forward. So choose to go on despite all the negativity and criticism even when the urge to quit is the strongest.

Women entrepreneurs find it difficult as it is to survive in a business world defined by male rules. But having a growth-oriented mindset can help them break past the barriers and establish a unique feminine identity for their business. If you are not born with a growth-oriented mindset, you are not doomed. The good news is that you can change your mindset through making small changes in your habits, how you think and how you work. If you are thinking about quitting your job and starting out your own business, then start making these changes before launching your business.

As a business coach and mindset trainer, I teach aspiring women entrepreneurs to break the limits of their own negative thoughts and energy barriers. If you want to change your story, I can help you through the journey. You can book a free session with me today to take your first step towards mindset growth.