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Being an introvert has its advantages but it can surely be a big hurdle in the way of meeting new people, and turning them into new business prospects and eventually clients.   While walking up to complete strangers and talking to them is nothing short of a nightmare for introverts. Here are three small things you can do differently in order to come out of your shell and network in a better way:

Practice on Your Body Language

Introverts have a terrible body language: They look far off, guarded, nervous, and withdrawn. Remember, if you want to be a successful business woman, you have to look and act the part, even if you are scared a little inside. So dress the part; sit up straight; look alert; smile when you approach someone new; shake their hand firmly. Remember, your body language will help you make the first impression, so it’s important that you follow the rules, even if it seems foreign for some time.

Have a Great Opening Line

Conferences, meet-ups and seminars are not only great for exchanging knowledge but also for networking.  Instead of a typical and boring, “hello, how are you?” come up with a more personalized opening line: “I am very excited to attend Neil Brook’s session! Which sessions are you attending?”  Or “I am passionate about craft making and selling; what are your interests?” It can be anything that would draw out the other in a conversation. Doing this will attract attention and keep people interested in your conversation.

Social Media Can Be Your Best Friend

Facebook, twitter and Linkedin are the new best friends of introverts, only if used properly. Start following pins, pages, retweet tweets, post likes, etc. Instead of randomly sending add request, join groups of shared interests, contribute to ongoing discussions meaningfully through comments and counter comments. Once the familiarity is established, then start sending friends’ request.

Read Books

One of the best things you can do to understand how you can turn from an introvert to an extrovert is to read self-help books. These books have plenty of information, tips and tricks to change your mindset so you too can interact effectively with people.

Focus on Networking Outside

Networking for introvert like us means getting out of our comfort zone, putting ourselves out there, and doing the thing that scares us the most. If you are not ready to network, you should kiss your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur a goodbye. Remember, the right opportunity is waiting out there in disguise amidst new faces. Though this might seem difficult at first, you must bear in mind that this is a skill useful when you finally step into the industry as an entrepreneur.

Yes, changing your innate nature will not be as easy as pie, it will be challenging and require you to step out of your comfort zone again and again. But once you master this technique of attracting and impressing people, you’ll begin to make a name for yourself within no time at all.