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Feel Frustrated as an Women Entrepreneur

Starting one’s own business is a dream for many, promising excitement and adventure. However, no one said it would be easy! Considering how difficult it is to take a new business off the ground and keep it there, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many women entrepreneurs burn out within the first year of starting their businesses. Problems like irregular cash stream that ebbs and flows, inconsistent growth, little profit margin, tough competition and worst of all, annoying clients, all cause an unbelievable amount of frustration. Businesswomen, thus, start experiencing self-doubt and wonder about the possibility of quitting.

Here are a few fundamental questions you should ask yourself when self-doubt and frustration makes it harder for you to keep going:

What is the Source of My Frustration and Can I do anything about them?

Women entrepreneurs are more prone to cribbing and crying when they get frustrated and tired as compared to men. However, if one asks them what they are exactly frustrated about, they are not able to pinpoint as to what bothers them exactly. Thus, the cycle of frustration continues. Awareness of what is frustrating for you can help you:

  • Fix it
  • Leave it
  • Accept the way as it is
  • Or bring change to the cause

For example, if your long working hours are tiring you down, try to cut back on them rather than working yourself into the ground. But if it’s the slow economy that’s frustrating you, or a business partner whose working style is different than yours then you have to accept and work around these things. If a particular client constantly frustrates you, try to let go of him instead of hanging on and letting him poison your peace. But if all your clients frustrate you, then it’s probably the time to reflect on your own working style and its deficiencies. Self-awareness opens the door to self-improvement and growth.

Is My Inner World Aligned with My Outer World?

All of us have an inner world based on our thoughts, emotions, ideals and imagination, and an outer world that comprises of things, people, structures and situations. When these two worlds are in contrast with each other, then friction, conflict, and frustration arises. If your inner world is all dark, negative, and chaos, then it’s only a matter of time it will taint and take over your outer life, and vice versa. So try as much as you can to align your inner and outer world. Build a bridge between the two through continuous reflection, adopting positive habits, and manifesting a mindset change. Thus, enabling your reality to be in harmony with them as well.

Is Your Business Aligned with Your Life’s Purpose?

Whenever you feel frustrated by your business problems, reassess if your business reflects your life‘s deeper purpose or not. Does it reflect what you are passionate about? It is important that your business and the money you make out of it should be in line with your higher purpose in life. For example, by working as a personal development trainer, a mindset change coach, motivational speaker, business trainer and author, I am constantly aligning my business with my life’s higher purpose that is to help women like myself get a reign on their business and their lives.

Women who overlook or ignore these fundamental questions when setting their startups end up getting frustrated at early stages and quit eventually. Don’t let this happen to you!

Not sure where to start from? Book a personal session with me, Luci McMonagle, today and let me help you understand the source of your frustrations, align your inner and outer worlds, and determine the higher purpose of your business and life.