3 Q


Have you ever felt extremely antsy, unfulfilled and unsettled at work even though you were extremely successful at the jobs you did? Do you get the feeling deep down that you are meant to do more with your career and life? Well that is an indication there is an entrepreneur inside you dying to come out.

If you have a passionate desire to build your name then disentangle all the manacles of the entrepreneur inside you and kindle the light of business leadership.

Here are few questions that will help you assess yourself.

Do you think everything is possible?

If you do not then do not think of leaving your job. The fact is business owners strongly believe that they can make impossible possible. Running a business is no bed of roses. There are going to be rough roads too. If you are someone who gives up as soon as a challenge shows up, owning a company is just not for you.

What is your objective?

If your purpose is to simply make money and be your own boss, then you are inviting failure to business. You need to have a purpose besides those that are self-serving.

Do you have the steel in you to face what lies ahead?

Business owners thrive on challenges that their business pose at them. You not only have to sustain your business but also support your family. If you think you will not be able to maintain your ability to sleep, personal life, your health and sanity along with your business then you should probably rethink the idea of starting up your own business especially if you are a mother with kids looking up to you. You will be ready tomorrow if you are not today.

If you think, you have what it takes to set out for the entrepreneurial journey, make a go!