So you have a great service but you have been stuck with a small prospect list, a tiny customer base. It’s the time to change all that. Let me give you three strategic steps that you can put to use immediately and catapult your customer base and your income consequently:

Figure out The Diverse Customer Needs, Objectives and the Linchpin

The most important question is figuring out what your customers want and finding the commonality among them:

  • They may have needs that they might not be aware of yet. So it’s your job to find out what their needs, objectives, and then position your service features around them accordingly.
  • Your customers may have diverse needs and objectives but if you are able to figure the linchpin, the relatedness among them, you will be able to attract more customers.

The Desired Outcome First; Service Second

Your prospective customer does not want your service. Well trust me, they do not!

  • What they DO want is a particular outcome and result in their lives.
  • So by all means describe your service’s features, but do not stop there. Elaborate how it can help the customers achieve the outcomes they want to achieve in life.
  • Your true success as an entrepreneur lies in lessening the gap between where the customer stands now and where he/she will stand after opting for your service.

The More Objections Your Overcome, the More Customers You Will Win

All prospective clients have objections and fears when they encounter something new and before spending money on it. These excuses can range anywhere among the following: “It’s too expensive; it’s not for me; I don’t have time for this; I can always get it later.” Know what these apprehensions or excuses and then address them step by step.

  • Service too expensive? You can give them a discount, bulk buying, or a money back guarantee.
  • Service too complicated? Assure them of personal assistance and dedicated helpline.
  • Doesn’t suit my timing? Create bi-weekly or monthly schedule, at a differentiated price.

The more concerns you are able to address and customize your service around it (at a differentiated price), the more customers you are able to win.

I personally couch ambitious and aspiring female entrepreneurs like myself the power, principles and language to attract the principle of abundance in their prospects and their income stream. I am excited to share all that I have learned in my Make Money Boot Camp with you.