3 Things that Happen When You Start Believing in Magical Money Manifestation

Everyone is eager to make money but don’t know the best way to do so. When we talk about magical money manifestation, the skeptics would believe and make you believe that it is all mumbo jumbo. However, the very fact that you are reading this blog PROVES that you have TRIED everything else to attract money in your life and it hasn’t worked, so you are looking for NEW and RADICAL ways to make money. These money manifestation laws are not my invention, but are a result of the ancient, secret, shamanistic knowledge that has always existed. A few have mastered it and have taught it to those who have believed in it. As a consequence, they have seen miraculous, magical transformations in their lives and their fortunes. They have been able to attract success, happiness, money, abundance and wealth. I would teach you the money manifestation laws, if you trust me. However, you do need to realize that it is a gradual process and belief system, rather than a quick fix. But here is what starts happening immediately when you start believing in magical money manifestation laws and their power:

More Positive Energy Begins Flowing into Your Life 

When you tell yourself and others negative things like you are not good enough, or that you are broke and can’t afford this or that, you are at the lowest end of your energy. You are sabotaging yourself and the money you are entitled to get from the Universe. You are telling others and the Universe what to believe about you. As a result, the Universe starts echoing, mirroring everything back to you. But when you start believing in the Universe’s ability to grant your deepest desires, you start killing your self-sabotaging, NEGATIVE thoughts in the bud and start replacing them with POSITIVE ones. Your emotions reverberate with ENERGY and become a CATALYST that attracts a positive response from the Universe: good thoughts, good people, work that’s fulfilling, and great money making opportunities, even windfall, hidden money, valuable gifts and inheritance.

Your Hidden, Unrealized Potential Begins to Get Unearthed and Nurtured

Most of the people look for outward solutions to make money that happen to be either short term stints or get-rich-quickly schemes that are a scam. They fail to discover and rely on their unique god given TALENTS and SKILLS. However, believing in the Universe’s potential of manifesting money magically means that you start believing in yourself and start having faith in your own talents.  Everyone is good at something. This means you will start having a deep and honest look inside and think of all the things you are good at, NURTURE them and turn them into real, solid, profitable BUSINESS IDEAS.

You Begin Realizing Your TRUE Worth

When you are desperate to make money, you either stay stuck in dead-end jobs, or you accept jobs, financial offers, and projects from employers and clients that are beneath your talent and worth. As a result, you suffer immensely and so do your fortunes. You work very, very hard but struggle to make ends meet, pay your bills, run your business, pay your employees, etc. But once you start practicing money manifestation, you are able to attract premium clients; those who recognize your VALUE and are willing to pay money matching your skill, worth, time and expertise.

To sum it all up, magical money manifestation is a spiritual and universal law. It involves a mental process, which once initiated becomes stronger and stronger, and your life and fortunes begin to improve SLOWLY and gradually, but for the BETTER. Hope you have found today’s blog to be thought provoking and useful, and a small addition to your money manifestation journey.

I am Luci McMonagle, a Mystic Wealth Creator and an ordinary woman who believes in the power of extraordinary thoughts and actions. I have been using my personal life, insights and professional experience of decades to teach women entrepreneurs to manifest millions in terms of money and wealth, and create philanthropic businesses that are making the planet a better place for all of us. If you are serious about making money and attracting WEALTH by revolutionizing and empowering your thought system and discovering your skills, you can book a personal session with me today.

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