3 Tips to Help You Start Trusting Your Mystical Powers and Starting Building a Fabulous Business

Does the following scenario sounds familiar to you? You are trying to lay down the foundations of a successful business, so you are putting in a lot of thought, efforts and time into trust-building i.e., working hard towards earning the trust and loyalty of your customers, while learning to trust your partners, staff members, vendors, even mentors. However, the one person you forget to, or don’t like to trust (and who happens to be the most important one) is your own self. This is a key trademark of spiritually inclined women entrepreneurs having a limited mindset or self-sabotaging tendencies. There can be several reasons behind this kind of behavior.

These are the hidden obstacles which stand in the way of the mystics, keep them stuck, make them come up against hidden walls against which they keep bumping against. So, the purpose of these videos and supporting articles is to help you break free from these internal barriers. And one of the ways that I help individuals break free from those obstacles is to help them learn how they can utilize their mystical powers, and how they can learn to start trusting themselves. Here is a video that I made specifically for addressing this aspect that is, how to discover, trust, nurture, and sharpen your mystical powers; you can watch it along with reading this blog article. So, here are three quick tips on how you can learn to start trusting your mystical powers:

Find Your Mystical Power and Embrace It

The very first tip is that firstly, you really have to start looking at what is your mystical power. This is important because you can’t learn to trust something if you don’t know what it is. You may think it is very hard to find your mystical gift, but this isn’t the case. It is very easy to find your mystical power because it has been with you all of your life. It’s something that other people tell you that you do so naturally and in such a great way that you don’t even think about it. If you aren’t sure about what could be your mystical talent or gift, look at these following examples:

Some Possible Examples of Mystical Power

Some possible examples of your mystical gifts or telltale mystical signs can be the following:

Organizing Things or People: Your mystical power can be your innate ability  to be good at organization: organizing things, people, places, events, etc.

Having Problem-solving Abilities: You seem to be good at seeing the hidden patterns and recognizing the background issues running in other people’s lives and you are able to give people insightful answers to their pressing problems or questions.

Being Empathic: You might be really good at listening to people’s problems and pain and giving them advice or even comfort in the time of distress.

The Ability to Solve Complex Puzzles: You could be really good at solving problems or puzzles.

Having a Way with Words: You have this urge to write down your feelings and thoughts in form of words, lyrics, or draw them as images, or you are even good at transcribing things, etc.

These are just a few broad examples of some mystical gifts that can have a significant bearing on your life and on others. You can use these gifts for making your own life better and of others.

Trust Your Intuition and Sharpen It

Being intuitive is very important for women entrepreneurs. Some of you may not understand it well or wonder what it has to do with business. Let me elaborate: Everybody has intuition. There’s not a single person that’s here on this Earth that does not have intuition. It’s just that some people choose to rely on them; while others don’t. Intuition can be a sense. Let’s say that you are walking down the street and all of a sudden, you just don’t feel right intuitively. And what I mean by that is that your intuition is telling you, “Well maybe you should take a different ride home.” And you decide to do that instead of just pass the feeling off by saying, “No, no. It’s just my mind making wild thoughts and stuff going on.” You may discover later on that a mishap (an accident, a traffic jam) happened on the route you avoided taking. So, look at how your intuition can protect you, look at how your intuition can save you, look at ways how you are able to utilize it. For entrepreneurs, intuitiveness also translates into a hunch or acumen, an idea’s potential. Intuition is that gut instinct, that knowingness, that sense that helps you see the potential of a business idea and pursue it. You might be good at reading individuals’ thoughts, the patterns running in the background, so when they come to you, you know things about them even without being told. Or, that you can predict things for them with accuracy and get acknowledged and compensated in return.

So, one way to start trusting to learning to use this mystical power, which everybody has, is start writing down circumstances and evidences that have helped you in some way in the form of a journal. For example, circumstances led you to meet so-and-so and this person in turn introduced you to another person who proved to be beneficial for you or your business in some way. When you listen to your intuition and you start trusting your mystical abilities then you actually start paying attention to what’s going on. So trusting your intuition is very important for you to start trusting all of your mystical powers.

Start Cherishing and Nurturing Your Mystical Powers

I have seen people who might be slightly aware of their mystical power but may see it more of a curse than a gift. They would say things like, “I really hate when I start having second thoughts about something…. Or, I hate how I end up getting ill when there is a trip or event is coming up….I hate how I end up hearing every one’s problems and giving them advise….” This attitude certainly doesn’t help you and is a sign of ingratitude towards the Universe. You have been given a mystical gift and it is your responsibility to figure out how to use it for your good and of others.  So, make sure that you start valuing your mystical powers. Start looking for ways that you can start loving yourself, start caring about yourself, and start being able to be really okay with who you are and what you are like physically for now, for what you look like now. Individuals who start loving themselves more, start having more confidence, start having more abilities to trust their mystical powers, they also start having more and more mystical experiences. So, the final thing that I wanted to talk about in order for you to truly start trusting your mystical powers is to go easy on yourself and understand that you don’t have to be a superwoman or a superman. You can start trusting your intuition, you can start trusting your mystical powers, and you can start moving forward. But you don’t have to do it in such a way that you’re struggling and you’re pushing and you’re pulling. It’s natural. If there is a flow of life, there is the flow of your mystical powers and the development of them. Also, in order to nurture your creative gifts; start playing with your creativity and start playing with your ability to utilize your mystical powers. You might discover a meditation or you discover that your mystical power could be visualization of a wand, or it might be a staff, or a scepter. And as you start playing with your mystical gifts, they develop more and more and more; they start having and giving you more power.

When you truly start understanding your mystical powers, start trusting, cherishing, sharpening them then you can start moving forward and would probably realize that it is something natural, easy, and engaging. Therefore, it is really important to use these three steps: the evidence journal, start loving yourself, and star going easy on yourself. So, have you ever thought what are your mystical gifts and abilities? If you would like to discover what your mystical gifts actually are, have a consultation with me and we can discover them together. Feel free to go to my website with www.ChatWithLuci.com and get registered.