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Most women and women entrepreneur are familiar with the scenario; waiting for opportunities to show up, waiting for your phone to ring with a query, an email to pop up in your inbox offering you a project, hoping that a team mate collaborates on a project. This means fewer opportunities or a longer wait time, which can be fairly frustrating.

We all have our comfort zones and we love to hang out in it and hide in it as long as possible. Comfort zones are good and is the stability they offer is often needed. But if you stay in it for too long, it turns into a dead zone. That’s why most women end up continuing with their dead end jobs despite hating it while still harboring their dreams, visions and passion for doing something big and meaningful. Instead of sitting and waiting for opportunities, you should get out of your comfort zone and find them. Here are practical steps to take to invite abundance in your life:

Work on Your People’s Skills

Most creatives are introverts and hermits. But having people’s skills is absolutely important in today’s business scenario. Get up from your desk often. Make a deliberate attempt to go to seminars and meetups in your industry. Make it a point to shake hands with people, introduce yourself, get to know them more, and hand over your business card if possible. Give a small presentation; ask relevant questions, volunteer a lot. Great first impressions can open a door to newer possibilities.

Set Yourself Apart; Set Your Business Apart

Make yourself and your business unique. Understand what your specialty is and which voids you are supposed to fill and how you are going to do it. Recognize the weaknesses of other businesses, the strengths of your own business, the customers’ needs and the gaps, and position your business accordingly. Don’t assume that your prospective customers can automatically make these connections. Lay it out bare in front of them. If you don’t understand the uniqueness of your own business, don’t expect your customers to understand it as well.

Be a Problem Solver

Just about anyone can see a problem, see a fault and complain but there are truly a few who can solve the problem, and come up with a unique and workable solution.  No matter what you are selling in your business, a product or a service, it should solve a problem or present a unique solution to your customer. Selling is all about solving customers’ problems, sometimes even when they are not completely aware of it. Sometimes, it’s not a current problem but a foreseeable one, a problem they may face in future but don’t know it yet. Make them aware of it. It doesn’t matter what you are selling, if your solution can help people time, money and resources, they are going to pay attention to it.

Opportunities are all around us. Sometimes, they are disguised and not instantly recognizable. The universe works on the laws of attraction. If you go out there in search of opportunities, do the necessary spadework, you will begin attracting them. Let Luci McMonagle help you break free from self-sabotaging thoughts and practices and recognize opportunities and court them.