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Cold calling makes most of us women entrepreneurs feel self-conscious and vulnerable. It’s like putting ourselves out there for unnecessary rejection. Most of us consider cold calling technique to be intrusive, unfeminine and useless. If you share this perception, then you would most certainly wait for business opportunities to happen and will miss out on a lot of possibilities. The truth is that cold calling still has immense potential. So if you have a service of your own and are looking for a breakthrough, cold calling prospects becomes all the more important. Here are 3 ways you can adopt a whole new attitude towards cold calling and discover astounding success:

Change Your Mindset

Cold calling is what you make of it; a matter of attitude. If you change your attitude towards cold calling, you will feel less frustrated and more confident. Instead of seeing cold calling an unpleasant obligation, see it as:

  • An initiative to approach someone professionally, purposefully and candidly.
  • An chance to exercise your creativity and social skills.
  • A mutual opportunity creation method for you and your prospect.
  • A way to create business opportunities out of nothing.
  • An effort to turn a cold call into a warm call; a ‘no’ into a ‘maybe’.

Take Back the Control   

When people call you to make inquiries about your services; they are in charge. This makes you vulnerable. You will be waiting all day for a call and email, and will have nothing to show at the end of the day. However, when you take the initiative to call, you become in charge of your business and success through:

  • Introducing yourself and your service.
  • Leading and directing the flow of conversation.
  • Dictating the course of your own day.
  • Choosing the best medium to interact i.e., call, email, text.

Don’t Deliver a Script: Deliver a Promise

Cold-callers and sales people usually deliver a cut and dried script of who they are and what they are offering. It hardly gets results because prospects are usually ‘on-guard’ and resistant to buy anything. So a rehearsed and rehashed script of what your product is and how good it is won’t just do, and they are more likely to hang up. Here is what to do instead:

  • Make the cold call an attempt to know your prospects: their needs, wants, problems, and challenges.
  • See if there is a fit between your service and their needs.
  • Then promise a solution to their most pressing problem.

Cold calling when done right ensures personal success as well as financial opportunities and independence. I am Luci McMonagle, the Abundance Breakthrough coach, radio host and author. Join me today to discover the empowering techniques and tools that will help you realize your potential and brilliance as a woman entrepreneur.