Many women these days are inclined towards entrepreneurship but they often let go of their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur because they don’t have the financial means to kick start their very own business. Today, many women are successfully running their own business and you too, can become an entrepreneur if you know how to get funding for your startup from the right place.

Take a look at the three ways you can raise funds for your new business startup with ease.

Crowd Funding

This is a relatively new method for raising funds for kick starting a business and it is definitely worth a try. Basically, crowd funding is the practice of gathering funds for a new project or venture by a large group of people via the internet. However, the amount raised may not be much since there are some limits to it but the monetary contributions may help you in the quest for becoming an entrepreneur.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are famous crowd funding websites you may want to try.

Business Grants for Women

In the US, there are many business grants for women that can be applied for online. The main aim of these grants is to provide women with enough monetary aid to start their business on a small scale. is one of the websites where you can get full information on the different grants available for young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Angel Investors

Angel investors are people who are looking to invest in new and unique business ideas. They are usually hotshot lawyers, doctors and businessmen who have high disposable incomes that they invest in small businesses for a piece of the pie in return. You can search for venture capitalists and angel investors over the internet.

These are three ways aspiring woman entrepreneurs can raise funds for kick starting a new business. For more information, visit