We all are well aware of the fact that the life of working mother can be really stressful and difficult. They are pulled in many directions simultaneously. Their to-do list is never ending. However, this juggling act can be made easier if managed well.

Let us discuss some common habits of smart working mothers that help in making the balancing act easier.

Ask for assistance

Working mothers who are successful are not afraid of asking for help. They might ask for help for driving their children to school or sports event, some assistance at the office or help around the house. They simply ask rather than waiting for people to read their minds.


Hire people for assistance

Women with some free time left reached there by outsourcing work. You can take some tasks off your shoulder by hiring someone to do your work and allowing yourself some free time. You can also hire a cleaning service allowing you to enjoy some time with friends and family rather than with bucket and mop.


Make use of technology

Women who are wired are wise. Every working woman’s life is extremely busy and that is no secret. You could dictate memos to the Dragon app while driving. Evernote app will help you organize files, ideas, notes and clips. Getting your entire family under one online calendar system can be a good idea. just in case your spouse needs to pick children from a school function, the schedule should not just be on your calendar but his too.


Give your friend a call

Working mothers who are happy keep in touch with their girlfriends. Even it is just a quick text exchange or 10 minutes call they take out some time for their girlfriends since they remain a source of inspiration and strength.