Making Relevant Videos | Can Help | Your Business


You must have watched many YouTube videos ranging from people crazy pets up to their antics or kids saying and doing adorable things, and you must have said to yourself…”Aww cute!” What if I tell you that it is your turn to make a YouTube video for your business? Don’t underestimate the power of a well-made and relevant video for your business. Statistics prove that businesses with videos grow 49% faster than their counterpart per year. Businesses using videos get 41% more web traffic. (Source: Aberdeen Group’s Research Report). Here are four ways how videos can help your business grow:

Get More Likes and Shares

It’s the dream of every business woman to get likes and follows on her posts and pictures on social sites. Things that are easier to share are the ones that get shared the most. As compared to blog posts, pictures on Pinterest and Instagram, and tweets are easier for your customers to go through, understand and quickly repost, tag or retweet. Thus, making videos for your business and posting them on your social media account can get them shared, endorsed and reposted. These videos can help your business go viral on the Internet in a matter of hours.

Be Emotional and Educational, Not Promotional

Why would someone be interested in watching you talk about and promote your brand or business? So don’t make it all about yourself. Speak about something that is a mutual concern. Make an emotional connection with your people through your face, voice and gestures. Most people watch videos in order to learn something. Help people learn a new skill, trick of the trade, or a life hack, a tip, etc. Give them something of value, then demonstrate how your brand and business represent that value or can deliver it to them.

Rank Higher in Search Engines

Content is great; content is king. But writing meaningful content takes time and is not always a sure shot guarantee that your content will make your site rank the highest in google search results. Videos are interpreted by search engines algorithm as quality content. Since the search engine algorithms can’t actually ‘see’ the video, use keywords intelligently in your video title and description.

Get People to Trust You

A website or a Facebook account is a static page with text and pictures but it gives your business more depth and feel though combining visual, voice and action into one package. The more people see you in action, the more they get to know you and about your business through you. Seeing a face behind the service makes it look genuine and dependable and not fraudulent.

You don’t need to be a movie maker or hire one for making a video for your business. Use your iPhone or iPad to make one. Shoot in a well lit background, use a great editing app like the iMovie app. Keep it short, crisp and sweet.

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