4 Lessons from J. K. Rowling for Struggling Heart-Centered Women Entrepreneurs


K. Rowling is a great icon and inspiration for heart-centered women entrepreneurs for many reasons: she started from nothing and slowly rose to become a billionaire through her creative endeavor i.e., writing. For those entrepreneurs who think that rag to riches success is a mere fiction, J. K. Rowling is a shining example: She survived an abusive marriage, lived on scarce means, raised her only daughter on State’s assistance, and experienced rejection from 12 publishers before becoming a roaring success. Today, she is considered the 12 richest and most influential women in Great Britain. Here are 4 inspirational lessons from the life and art of J. K. Rowling:

Power of a Unique Idea

At the heart of every product or service, there is a unique idea. The idea of Harry Potter came to Rowling in the unlikeliest of places i.e., on a train station during a delayed train journey.  She was too shy to ask for a pen on the train from strangers daydreamt about the idea until she could get back home and work on it. Who would have thought that the idea of a boy called Harry and a school of wizardry would become so big. All of us are capable of coming up with ideas, good or bad, but we lose them in our laziness. But true entrepreneurs take ordinary, bizarre, unique ideas and create whole businesses around them.

Perfect Execution

Ideas become great and profitable only through execution. Rowling executed the idea of a wizard boy very well through building a whole parallel universe of fantasy, with painstaking and yet exquisite detailing, memorable and relatable characters, impartation of real life lessons, and simple and yet complex language. If we try to over rationalize our initial ideas, we end up losing them and eventually find them picked up and worked upon by our competitors.

Follow Your Passion

If you do something you love then you have better chances of being successful. Rowling loved being a writer and despite starting her career as a teacher, researcher, and secretary, she kept trying her hand on writing because this was what she loved best.  She was rejected by 12 publishers because they found her book very long and full of fantasy, but she persisted. Bloomsbury, the small publisher, which finally agreed to publish her advised to have day job as it was unlikely to make it big being a writer. Yet all of her 7 books broke sales record. Entrepreneurs never let go of their passion.

Keeping it Simple

Entrepreneurs don’t need fancy tools and gadgets and a swanky setup to do what they like to do best. Unable to afford heating her place, Rowling found it cheaper to buy a coffee at a local café and write her book chapters there.  She also used an old type writer to type out two of her books.  I have found the most creative entrepreneurs to be working with nothing more than a laptop, a few productivity tools and softwares, popular social media platforms, and creating a whole small business identity around them.

I am Luci McMonagle. I find J.K. Rowling a great inspiration because I too started my entrepreneurial journey from nothing. As a Miracles Abundance Coach, I train women entrepreneurs to change their mindsets, find inspiration, seek miracles and magic in life and business, and invite abundance into their lives through simple actions. To discover how you can do the same, go through my training calendar and book a vacant slot for yourself.  First session is free. Together, we can work out a way for you to tame your creative prowess and make it profitable through inspiration, tools, referrals, resources, and more.