At times, it takes a little more than just faith to believe in the supernatural. Modern technology has distanced us from our spiritual selves and the realms beyond our own and the number of disbelievers is growing by the day. Back in the old days, the majority of people had much stronger faith and believed in the unseen – in things like angels, evil spirits, and God Himself. In today’s world, however, people demand “solid proof” to believe but what they don’t realize is that faith is all about listening to your inner self, feeling the energies lurking nearby, and looking beyond what your “human” eyes are able to see.

Another thing which these people don’t realize is that they are protected day and night by some of the most beautiful creatures made by God. They can’t see them but they would certainly “feel” them, if only they allowed their hearts to. I’m talking about GUARDIAN ANGELS – divine bodyguards created to keep mankind out of harm’s way. We are blessed to have these beings protect us throughout our lives. What’s more is that they actually try to actively communicate with us on a daily basis but our modern routine distracts us from their messages. My upcoming event, “Guardian Angel Myths, Legends & Personal Messages,” will be focused on just that. And in a short while, I’m going to convince you of their existence so keep on reading.

Why Were Guardian Angels Created?

Since the average modern person tends to go to the very core of things while investigating, I’m going to discuss the logical reason why Guardian Angels were created in the first place. Human beings are not perfect. We are flawed creations who have the tendency to make mistakes and stumble and fall at many points throughout our lives. Our souls may be pure, but our physical bodies don’t always cooperate. Our minds may be clear, but evil thoughts can influence them. For this reason, God created Guardian Angels for every single person alive. Your Guardian Angel prevents you from making bad decisions that might affect you and those around you in negative ways. Sometimes, on God’s command, they even save us from fatal disasters!

Proof of Their Existence

Now that you’ve understood why Guardian Angels were created, it’s time to discuss the undeniable proof of their existence. Do note that these proofs aren’t “physical” and may require you to do more than just look. Without any further ado, let’s begin.

  • Miraculously Dodging a Bullet

Every now and then, we watch news on TV of people miraculously surviving extremely fatal car crashes, forest fires, and other raging disasters. “How could anyone survive that?” – we often find ourselves asking this question while switching channels. But, deep down, we all know the answer: Guardian Angels. Human beings are extremely fragile beings. Just one blow to the head could easily end a person’s journey here on Earth. So surviving such dangerous ordeals is next to impossible, unless there is a divine being at work. There is no other explanation. This is a solid proof of the existence of Guardian Angels.

  • Finding Objects in the Weirdest Places

Have you ever looked at something and thought to yourself, “How did this get here?” You might think that it means nothing and that you or someone else put it there and simply forgot about it. But, this could also very well be an indication that an entity from beyond is trying to contact you. And if the object which you found is a white feather, then there is a strong chance that your Guardian Angel is trying to get in touch with you and attempting to convey a message. This message could be anything, from a warning of something bad that is about to happen or even something positive.

  • Making a Life-Changing Decision Out of the Blue

Have you ever won the lottery or walked away with a spectacular prize from a lucky draw? Or have you ever come across lost money or treasure (which doesn’t happen much in real life but there’s always the possibility)? You might attribute these positive life-changing experiences to your smart thinking, your gut feeling or your 6th sense but have you ever considered that there might be some other forces at work, apart from the collective universe, that led you to make decisions which turned your life around by 180 degrees? Guardian Angels, apart from providing us with protection, also guide us on the path to success. And this success could be both worldly and Godly.

  • You Were Helped By a Stranger

As I mentioned above, human beings are flawed creations – we have the tendency to make mistakes. And once these mistakes are made, at times, we are left with nothing but regret and sorrows, meaning there is no going back. It could be a bad financial calculation, a destructive business decision or a poor action that negatively affects your relationships. The worst feeling is being alone to face your problems and not having anyone to comfort you and help you out.

That being said, have you ever been helped by a stranger, completely out of the blue? If yes, then there’s a good chance that your Guardian Angel compelled them to come to your aid. Just think about it for a second: why would anyone go out of their way to help you in times of trouble? It could be for the love of humanity, but that is unlikely. So, all the evidence points towards Guardian Angels.

To Conclude…

Our Guardian Angels are near us at all times. We just need to realize the small and large indications of their existence and presence. For that reason, I urge people to use all of their senses and consider the possibility that divine beings do actually exist. Moreover, I invite everyone to attend my event, “Guardian Angel Myths, Legends & Personal Messages,” to be held on 13th September, where I will help you connect with your Guardian Angel and provide you with their personal message for you. Get yourself registered here.