4 Reasons Why Mystic Entrepreneurs have More Blocks than Others and 4 Ways They Can Remove Them

Mystic entrepreneurs are distinct from other type of entrepreneurs. They are often known and referred to by others as the ‘sensitive ones’. They are often berated for their innate sensitivity which makes them feel conflicted and small. Also, they often feel frustrated because they perceive that there are lots of obstructions standing in their way and that are stopping them from reaching their destiny. Now, I am not talking about the unconscious, subconscious blocks that you encounter where other people try to distract you but rather the odd things that really start coming up: One moment, your goals seem to be quite within your reach.  Things seem to be finally getting on the track, and suddenly, some issue comes up: a client backs out, an exciting project gets put on the backburner; a payment gets delayed; you fall ill; an engagement get canceled, so on and so forth. You feel that someone or something is standing in your way and stopping you from reaching these goals.  You wonder whether you are cursed or someone is putting an evil eye on you and then you dismiss the notions. Well let me tell you that you feel this way because you are a kind of a Bohemian, you might have some gypsy blood inside of you, you might actually be drawn to mystical things – tarot cards, angels, demons, cursing and blessing. So there is a definitive reason as to why you must be thinking like that. Also, there is nothing to be ashamed about, to feel ashamed about your innate sensitivity and your interest in the metaphysical, as mystic entrepreneurs are more conscious than others and they are always trying to evolve not only on a physical level but more so on a mystic and spiritual level. Since many mystic clients of mine have approached me with this issue, I decided to do an exclusive Facebook Live event on this. I discussed in my live feed what are some of the reasons why you get blocked from truly making that impact, from truly having that income, from truly having what you desire in your business and in your life. Here are the things you need to know in order to understand WHY there are blocks standing in your way and HOW you can find your way around them:

Understand What You Are Trying to Bring Into the World and Give it Time 

As a mystic entrepreneur, you can often see the vision i.e., your vision of perfection, which is often very distant and then you have to try and figure out how to get from here to there. Having a grand, larger-than-life vision is fine but trying to torpedo ahead with it in any (and often the wrong direction) can be very frustrating.  You start getting blocked and you start hitting up against those closed doors. Waiting for the doors to open up for the next step can be very frustrating for us. So, what you do instead is to step back, take a deep breath and let the idea, the seed that you have just sown into the Universe germinate, give it time to sprout, bloom and take shape.  So whatever hasn’t been working out for you, not taking shape is not sabotaged or a blockage. It is not yet ready to be brought into fruition. This is called the Law of Germination. The Law of Germination entails that whatever is sown, planted in the Universe needs time to germinate. So, once you start going towards an idea, you might be going faster than the pace of the ideas being germinated in the universe. And that is why you might not be getting any results!  Let me give you my personal example, a few years back, when I lived in Memphis, Tennessee, I used to get this profound vision in which I saw that I was moving to Phoenix to start an entrepreneurial training center and start my speaking career. My belief in my vision was so profound that I gave up everything I had in Memphis and moved to Phoenix on pure intuition. And I started speaking and putting together events. But everything was falling apart. People were not showing up at my events. I wasn’t able to get any momentum. I had to practically climb over fences just to try to get things going, and my efforts just kept getting blocked over and over. So, I eventually started to step back and focus on speaking and started getting trained in other areas. I focused on my speaking and getting trained in other areas. I focused on really getting honed in exactly what did I want to bring into the world, what was my greatest and biggest mission, and that is to help you and others like you set free from your pain, from your suffering, and help you start creating that big impact in the world, and create a legacy for yourself, your family and the world. Fast forward to three years later(that is now): I have an online training academy and resources practically handed in my hands for free, so I can put relevant things together and use them for others’ benefit. In retrospect, I could see what I was doing wrong: I was trying to force this little seed, this little idea that I got that I knew I was meant to bring into the world into something that was unique, but it needed time to germinate, to come into being and shape. And it finally did. So trust the pace, have patience to let the idea, the big idea of yours germinate.

Work On Your Ideas Thoroughly

Once a moment of inspiration strikes and a new idea pops up, you feel giddy with excitement. It might be the idea of a master class or course, a new handbook or anything in your niche of service. You wonder about the ingenuity and the potential of this aha moment and don’t want someone else to get the wind of it and launch it before you. So, you operate in fear and insecurity.  You forge ahead right through with that idea and project and just move into the launch phase without doing the necessary spadework. What happens is that the idea just bombs. No one shows up for your webinar; there are very few visitors to the webpage; no one signs up for the course. You wonder what happened and wonder whether the idea was good in the first place or you were overenthusiastic and you start having serious doubts about the potential of your ideas, your own worth and validity of your gifts. Let me tell you, the problem is not in you or in your ideas, it’s in the momentum of things.  When you start having sensations, having a new idea dawn upon you, take a moment and step back. Breathe. Breathing is extremely important in life and during your work too. And then you should start looking at this objectively, looking at it as if you could separate yourself from you and look at it as a third party. And start analyzing it, “Okay why is this stuff coming up? What is this meaning?” There’s symbolism in it. Is this idea wishful thinking or do I need to have more information? Do I need to have something else that I don’t quite have? It could be a person, it could be a resource; it could be something else that can give your own work the defined shape.  So figure out what it is that you need to refine your project and work on acquiring and refining it patiently.

Don’t Work On Too Many Ideas in Too Little Time 

Now the other most important thing that’s preventing you from moving forward is getting too many ideas too quickly at once. You start getting a little bit of momentum and a little bit of success, and you start wanting to do too many things at once. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you are finishing a tele-summit. You are really excited about getting it offered. All of sudden you got all other ideas that starting to come to you. It’s like, “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I just got this done, and I just built a list of this size, and I just completed this! Now what more can I do and should do! Let me do this and this and this as well”! And all of a sudden you are tempted to create this and you want to create that. Your creativity goes wild and crazy. You get distracted and then everything gets jumbled up, and you end up starting a dozen things but not completing even one. So, what I would suggest to you is to keep the ideas you have, hold on to them, create an ‘Ideas’ journal. Write down all of your ideas and then remember and focus. When I say focus, you follow one course until it is successful. So, if you are doing something you do it in a sequential fashion because if you do one thing, let’s say you do a project on wealth. And then all of a sudden, you go from jumping from here to there and start talking about lots of different things. What would happen as a result is that people would not buy from you because you are confusing them. They don’t understand who or what you are, and they won’t understand how you can help them. So always, always, always follow one course of action thoroughly until it is finished. This will help you in everything that you do, and even when you are on your day-to-day tasks because you would be able to complete them fully and thoroughly in a matter of few hours. During the day-to-day tasks, if you are working, and at the same time, you are checking your cell phone, and doing your emails as well then you are switching your attention again and again. So, nothing will get done fully at the end of the day. This haphazard working approach will not allow you to tap into the Law of Time. When you follow one course of action until you have completed it successfully and then you actually start focusing your attention, making it sharp and precise like a laser beam. When you focus on one thing at a time until you have completed that one thing, until it’s successful, what you have done is that you have optimized the available hours and you have slowed down time.

Don’t Get Blind-Sided With Perfection

Now another thing that can hold mystic entrepreneurs back is their craving for perfectionism. This is when you are trying to make everything look absolutely beautiful, it has to have the exact, the right words to evoke the right feelings and emotions in the audience. And you might take your words, you might take your copywriting, you might take whatever you are doing and you keep going over it, over and over again. You feel the urge to just proof it one last time, you have to check it one last time. This is also a form of fear, keeping you back from coming out, trying to keep you small, trying to prevent you from moving forward, trying to prevent you from fulfilling what you are actually trying to fulfill in this world. Here is how you should go about it: After you get your text written, go to www.Fivver.com and have somebody proofread it. Have somebody else who is an entrepreneur (not a friend who doesn’t understand entrepreneurship) and have it proofread for you to make sure it has logical sense and it’s in a linear fashion, in order to ensure that your message has the potential to reach your target audience and that they can get what it means in its entirety. That’s all you need to do, work on ideas, shape them and then hand it over to someone, an expert, a peer, and let them go over it and fix whatever is lacking and get the idea out of the door and gather momentum, germinate, rather than let it sit on your desk for ages.

Now Where to Go From Here…

I hope you were able to have some insights into your own blocks, your own workings and behavior and are able to find ways to work your way around them. It’s my greatest joy to bring you tips and strategies that I have learned throughout the years as an entrepreneur. Now, I originally started my very, very first entrepreneurship when I was 9 as a little go-to-girl to help the neighbors and my grandma. And since then I have had many businesses, some successful, some failures. And from each one, I have learned about how to follow my successes, to be able to focus on moving forward and not get held back by my blocks. If you are interested in learning exactly how I help other mystic entrepreneurs, visionary men, conscious women entrepreneurs on how to really tap into their mystical powers, how I can advise you on the hidden matters that come up and disrupt your creative cycles, and how I can help you move forward then let’s talk. I am offering a complimentary session in the next two weeks for those who are ready to take action now, who are ready to invest in a mentor who can help you bring your business forward and who can help you move forward in life, so that you can have a larger than life vision and have a phenomenal impact on the world. Go to https://lucimcmonagle.youcanbook.me/ and book a convenient slot for yourself. Let’s get talking.