Mystic, spiritual, conscious women entrepreneurs are truly gifted and unique. But making sense of the material business world and navigating around it successfully is something they struggle with everyday. The idea of business meetings, pitching, sales calls and selling their services makes them uneasy. That’s why mystic entrepreneurs and soul conscious business women need help and encouragement along the way in the form of mystic and spiritual coaches, healers, and wealth creators to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the material. I recently connected with Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D., a former academician turned into a spiritual business coach, on my wealthy Wednesday show. She talked about “Magikal” unicorns and dragons but gave us insights into how spiritual women entrepreneurs bridge the gap between the spiritual and the material and practical aspects of their business and their lives and bring them in sync. Here are some of the aspects she talked about and my reflections on them:

Trust Your Intuition

We all have that inner voice that points us into unknown directions; direction that don’t make much sense. This inner voice is call intuition. When we are growing up, we are told, nay chided often, to listen to our common sense and leave our crazy dreams and fancy ideas behind. We are told to be brutally and plainly practical. So, we grow up not trusting our intuitions When it comes to life’s critical decisions like making friends, choosing our profession, starting our business, starting a new relationship, we have an inner feeling, a hunch most of the time about their success or failure. Intuition is our soul’s inner voice that helps us get grounded in our bodies. But if we choose to ignore this intuition and go instead with what our common sense dictates, then we end up incurring losses, a betrayal of trust, disappointments. It is for this reason, spiritual entrepreneurs need to follow their intuition and inner voices to find genuine success and happiness.

Step Into Your Magnificence

Elizabeth calls this part stepping into your legendary self; I call it magnificence. You realize that you have something special, special gifts, and abilities but you don’t have enough courage to step out in the world with it. So, you end up hiding your light under the bushel, doing something that you don’t like, selling yourself too short, doing menial meaningless work that might be practical but is way beneath your special gifts, abilities and passion, and making negative choices. This inhibition keeps you safe but it also keeps you unsatisfied, in doubt and unhappy. If you want more money, more freedom and more joy, then you have to come out of the shadows and embrace your own authenticity and originality. It is only then you would be able to find the ideal clients for your unique gifts and abilities and convince them of you having exactly what they need.

Be Ready to Embrace Abundance

Stepping into this magnificence enables you to embrace the abundance and wealth offered by the Universe. Negative thoughts and choices attract negative energy, so low vibrations attract lower vibrations and higher vibrations attract higher vibrations. Same is the case of negative thoughts and choices; they all weaken your vibrations. So when you raise your consciousness, you are able to tap into the universe’s spirit of abundance and claim your rightful share of inheritance from its riches. This empowerment of embracing abundance allows you to not just give abundantly to people, your clients but also to receive from them. This means that you are able to graciously accept people’s compliments, their offers to pay you for services, ask for and receive compensations without embarrassment and conflicting emotions.  The willingness to embrace abundance puts the wealth creation process in our lives in gear.

Remove Your Inner Blocks

Inner blocks are the hidden, self-limiting, beliefs and misconceptions that we believe about ourselves. These inner blocks are responsible for us acting in a certain manner or not acting at all. We place these blocks ourselves in the first place to protect ourselves from getting hurt.  However, these blocks end up becoming negative, unrealistic, and stifling. They make us believe that we are not good enough, we are not worthy, we are cursed or unlucky, etc. They stifle our creativity, passion, dreams, and ultimately our growth. This lack of confidence and conviction makes us lose on so many great opportunities masked as hurdles. However, despite these inner blocks being very stubborn, they are still very much removable because, as Dr Elizabeth has rightfully observed that, they have been put up, erected by ourselves in the first place. When we begin removing our inner barriers, negative thought patterns and beliefs, we are able to take charge of our work business, relationships, and our lives.

So, all this is doable but we do need help, support and encouragement along the way.  The right mystic and spiritual guide can help you come out from the shadows into the light without blinding yourself into the process. He can help you build your spiritual and soulful business on a solid foundation and compete with profitable enterprises. I am Luci McMonagle, a Mystic Wealth creator. Talking to me can help you get insight into how you can translate your passion into profit, build a business that is not just meaningful and spiritual but also profitable, self-sustaining, know how and where to find your ideal clients, and much much more. Book your free discovery call with me today.