In today’s competitive world, it is important not only to win new customers but also retain them.  We get so busy in attracting new customers that we forget and ignore our existing customers, and thus end up losing them eventually to the competition.

So no matter what is the current state of your business, here are a few simple tactics that you can apply right away to your business, attract new customers and win their long-term loyalty:

  • Read Minds

That’s right! But you don’t have to be a telepath to do that. Use the power of social media! Browse the different social platforms your existing customers or prospective customers frequently use such as twitter and Facebook. Follow them in order to know what they like or dislike, their hobbies, concerns, etc. See how your service can figure out in the paradigm of their existence.

  • Be a Problem Solver

Once you have figured out how your service can hold a niche in a customer’s life, then align your service, and adjust your sales pitch accordingly. Don’t start singing laurels of how good your service is, or how experienced you are. The customers don’t care. Tell them how it can solve a problem they might be facing.

  • Find the Emotional Connection

For people, all services are the same until they are able to find an emotional connection with them. They want to know if your service would make them happy and make their lives easier or not. Tell them you know how they exactly feel right NOW: tired, frustrated and unhappy, unappreciated and stuck due to a situation or problem. Then tell them how your service can help them feel successful, accomplished, less stressed, and happy.  

  • Exalt the Status

People value being valued. You can invite customers to share their suggestions and comments or make them participate in a competition for a small incentive. Thanking them is gracious but you should go a step further. Whatever advices you accept, give credit to the senders and feature them on your website. Give them a chance in the spotlight. Just imagine how much they would love the attention. This would make their friends and family take notice of them as well as your service or product.

Through these simple but profound business tactics, you can invite abundance in your life and in your business.

I am Luci McMonagle, Abundance Breakthrough Coach, radio show host and author. No matter what the current state of your life or your business is, my Abundance Breakthrough session can help you overcome the financial and emotional barriers in life and achieve success. Are you ready?