In one average day, 96% of women feel guilty about something. Women entrepreneurs end up feeling guilty about a lot more things: not having enough time, not spending time with family, not making enough money, or guilty of making money when your spouse or friends are struggling with money; spending too much money but not on the right things. Entrepreneurial guilt is very real and but why no one seems to talk about it is because entrepreneurs don’t want to acknowledge their negative feelings like fear and frustration.  This guilt corrupts our sense of happiness and satisfaction; it kills us from inside, and stops us from achieving our best. Here are 4 ways you can manage your own entrepreneurial guilt and frustrations:

Do What You Love Doing

Launching your business is a lot of hard work, late night sitting, poor work and life balance, sacrifices of personal and family time, and what not. These issues can create a whole lot of stress and guilt, even the regret of never taking on or leaving behind the predictable and secure 9 to 5 job occasionally.  You should also accept that there is nothing wrong with charging and accepting money for your service; from you do better than others. Women entrepreneurs need to acknowledge their frustrations and come to terms with them, we need to be proud of what we do, celebrate our accomplishments: big or small. We shouldn’t feel guilty in living the way we want to live and make a living. A laptop life style can give you the freedom to live and work on your own terms, and make good money while doing so!

Go Back in Time

Most people think that going back in the past is useless because you cannot change it, which is true if you make guilt trips to your past. But revisiting your past can be powerful, uplifting, and liberating if you remember your past struggles and also recall how you overcame them and not just your failures; remember those people with fondness and gratitude who helped you and not just those who were hurtful. Remind yourself of your past actions, hard work, sacrifices and struggles that have brought you to the place you are in currently. Instead of the feeling of pain and guilt, you will find things that are motivating. Personally speaking, I remember what it was like to grow dirt poor, survive on state welfare and 2nd hand clothes, to eat crackers so I could feed my son as a single mom. But I also remember how exceptionally hard I worked to take my business off the ground, to be able to pay for my education, afford my own car and house before I was 30.

Curb the Money Guilt

During the course of my career, I have seen innumerable women entrepreneurs trapped in their painful money stories of the past.  There is a need to change this money story, re-write it, if you want to succeed in your business and life. Understand why you want more money and what this money can help you do: money is not a means of having the ability to pay the bills and afford nice designer merchandize. Having more money means having the ability and freedom to create the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family: having the means to follow your true passion: not just the $500 designer dress but learning a new hobby, pursuing a course, etc. Having more money means that you can also help others generously.

Share Your Joy

It is joy and not stress allows you to be creative and generous. Share your sense of joy and fruits of accomplishments with others: your friends, spouse, children, etc. Donate your money to those in need andgive gifts. Above all, give time to your children, share your life lessons with them, so you can create your legacy. Living in a state of joy allows you to treat others with compassion and kindness. It manifests a sense of largess that attracts even more abundance in your life.

I am Luci Mcmonagle, an Abundance Manifestation coach.  I have made it my mission and work passion to help women entrepreneurs feel good about themselves and their work. I like helping those around me reach their fullest potential. Want freedom from guilt and enjoy abundance? Check my calendar and schedule a free session with me. We can explore what more you can do to manifest abundance and magic in your business and life. Get advice, resources, systems, and referrals and much more!