Identifying one’s own talents and strength to become a successful business leader is of significant importance. These strengths will then ultimately become your staircase to sky high success. Todd Kashdan, a psychology professor at George Mason University and author of “Curious?” says, “When we do things we’re already good at, our business acumen is quicker. When it comes to the best way to leverage your ability, it’s (best) to go through your strengths.”

Here are some tips that will help you recognize your strengths which you can later foster.

Look for excitement indicators:

Your excitement is indubitably visible when you are involved in an activity in which you are really good. Your arms spread wider, your chest is broader, your pupils dilate and your speech is fast and fluid. When anyone uses his core strength he LOOKS motivated and alive. You could ask your mentor to tell you times when you look most animated, most engaged or most energized. You can simply start observing yourself for few days.

Identify what you do differently from the whole crowd

Whenever you truly use your strengths in any situation, you will automatically be standing out from the entire crowd. Your methodologies and ways will be distinct and unique compared to others. In order to give name to those strengths, identification of such moments is crucial.

Creative description of your strengths

Come up with creative descriptions when explaining your strengths instead of the overly used words like dedicated or passionate. Kashdan believes them to be wastebasket terms. Kashdan believes “By coming up with an exciting word, you avoid all the typical connotations. Once you can put a word to your strengths, it becomes much more embedded in your everyday life “. Unique terms like investigator, energy incubator, story teller, battery can be good ones.