Most mystical entrepreneurs have this intense awareness that they have got these incredibly powerful gifts and they really know that they are worth far more than what they are charging others. Yet they end up getting paid very less or nothing. These mystic entrepreneurs perpetually appear to be operating from the realm of this intense guilt and fear, as they tend to think: “I am afraid to charge for my mystical gifts because I have this fear that if I utilize these gifts for personal gain, these things that come so natural and easily to me, and I get paid for them then I would be punished by karma and something bad is going to happen to me.” It is this guilt and confusion that makes people settle for way less than what they are worth them giving their service away to others entirely free of cost. Firstly, let me tell you that this is not the right notion to uphold because your mystic powers are divinely gifted and given to you for a special reason and purpose i.e., to help others and to make the world a better place. When you are dedicating yourself to the betterment of others, for the betterment of the world then the Universe will take care of you and will try to compensate your meaningful efforts and good work through people’s realization of the value and worth of your service and their willingness to pay for it. So, if you have been struggling to realize your own worth and value or getting your worth realized by your client and getting compensated accordingly then this article, based on one of my facbook live event, can help you break this barrier. In order to get paid what you are worth, these are the 5 steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Assess Where You Stand Right Now

If you are not completely happy with your circumstances and where you are in your work or business, there are a few things that you need to change in order to get there, from A to B (or to Z, the pinnacle of success). The very first step is to start looking at the following aspects in your life:

  • Where are you at, in your business, in your life?
  • Where are you right now, emotionally, mentally, psychologically?
  • What are you feeling?
  • What are you sensing?
  • Do you have this sense that you have this higher calling?
  • Do you have your heart and soul calling you to be in a certain location?
  • Do you have your heart and soul feeling like you should do something but you are not quite sure what that something is?

When you ask yourself these critical questions, you may discover clues about yourself and clues about secret, disguised opportunities meant for you. Start journaling, start writing things down. Start taking note of your sensations and feelings.

Step 2: Explore and Understand Where You Want to Go (And Get Going!)

Once you begin to seek answers, pinpoint what is your passion and mystical gift, the rest of the aspects start falling into place.  So, start paying attention to the subtle signs, hints and clues the Universe is sending your way. Start noting things down, see the pattern emerge: For instance, you are a speaker and you are just starting your speaking career and you have noticed that there is a call for speakers in a certain location that you have always been curious about. But you weren’t quite sure if you should go there until you see an opportunity! You may discover, “Oh I just love being by the beaches,” or, “I just love being in the desert, or, “I absolutely adore palm trees,” or, “I actually love rock gardens.” Then you would suddenly notice that “Oh my gosh! I just found a really absurdly cheap airline ticket for xyz.”  So now when you notice that there is a convention going on there, or there is a really cheap airline ticket for that place then it’s a direct sign from the Universe that things are aligning for you and you are being given a chance to go there and experience what it’s like to follow through your dream and passion rather than sit at home and daydream about what it could have been. When you are not following through with your calling, with how your heart and soul is leading you to some place then you are not going to able to get paid what you are fully worth.

Step 3: Start Living and Embodying Your Mission

If you don’t follow your soul’s true calling, you would stay stuck in a business that keeps on struggling and stays barely afloat. You would make some money but you won’t be happy, you would feel unfulfilled.  Happiness comes from within. People don’t necessarily buy your personal product, your personal service. They buy into your mission, your idea, what you are bringing into the world. You have a special mission to accomplish in this world. You have a purpose which is to always, always to express yourself, your heart and soul. So think about what is your mission and then what is your message for others. When you are open, expressive and vocal to this extent, you would discover that the Universe would give you a chance to express yourself and you would readily find audience ready to take in, believe in, and work on every word of yours.

Step 4: Start Attaching Value to Your Mystical Gifts

Understand what is that special skill, gift you have, that you can do and you are bringing into this world.  It could just be a hobby that you spend hours and hours perfecting. Start honing your skills, honing your message, understand what is it that you are exactly bringing into this world. Is it something natural, a skill that you are excel at or a kind of training. Take note of each and every idea, each and every grand idea that you create and you bring it into this world. When you have a powerful, profound idea, a powerful creation that you bring into the world, it has an energetic signature. Let me give you my personal example: My idea was the ability to understand that I have powerful energetic gifts. Way back in the 90s, before Reiki was invented, before Pranic healing was invented, before therapeutic touch, I had these gifts to be able to find energy that was stagnant and to pull it out. I started with the bodies, I started with the physical form. My natural healing abilities were always present, but I didn’t really know what to do with them until I discovered the inner peace foundation, and they were able to help me hone in my skills. These skills first manifested themselves as me being a healer.

Coming back to you, once you have realized what your special gifts are, what your skills are, you need to understand their worth or price in order to get paid what you are worth. It is only then you would be able to charge what you are actually worth and your audience would be willing to pay you your worth.

Step 5: Start Creating a Value Worksheet

Now start creating a value worksheet. Start writing down everything you have ever done in your entire life. Write all of this down in this incredible sheet:

  • How You Help Others: Did you help individuals in some way when you were younger? It could be small; it could be large. It could be something that’s noteworthy, or it could be something that some people might call insignificant, yet they were valuable. It made their life easier and better in some way. For instance, I used to be a little gopher for my grandmother and I would go for this or I would go for that. So that was the beginning of how I could be of service to others who were incapacitated.
  • Your Life Experience: Write down everything that you have done. All of the experiences, all the jobs, all the education you had. Now I don’t mean just formal education, I mean books that you have read. I mean things that you have self-taught yourself whether it was through YouTube videos, whether it was through some other means. I discovered that my own unique life experiences were worth millions. What a powerful realization!
  • Their Value for Others: Determine what you really bring into the table to your clients. The next step is to really truly start placing value on your mystical gifts and skills. This worth or value would come from the offer, the results, the transformation that you offer to other individuals, your ideal client, so that individuals will know that it’s worth what you are asking for.

If you have a message but you are not really clear, individuals aren’t sure what they should pay you because they are not sure what the transformation is, they won’t see the worth in your services, and won’t pay you.  You can let your clients know, “Hey this is my offer. If you are looking for help on resolving getting past that multiple, six-figure level. If you are successful, I am definitely the mystic that will empower you to move forward. If you are not quite on that level but you know you are meant to be a great leader, you are meant to create conscious communities, give me a call anyway, because I can help you shorten that timeline so you can move forward faster.”

My own transformation is I provide individuals divine union between their masculine, their feminine, between their heart and their mind so that they have congruency that creates conscious wealth and conscious communities. So, if you are looking for help on resolving getting past that multiple, six-figure level. If you are successful, I am definitely the mystic that will empower you to move forward. As a secret mystic gift, I am going to show you my very own personal Wealthy Bohemian Money Pouch. It is 15 years old but well-kept and invaluable. What is inside it is a secret but you can find out how to create your own Wealthy Bohemian Pouch by going to my website When you start putting your energy into blessing money, because that’s when your blessing comes back ten-fold. When you start blessing money, when you start blessing things with the direct intention of utilizing your creativity, it activates your personal magic. Yes, it activates your money magic and your life becomes charmed, blessed, and bountiful as a result. So go to and get hold of this precious gift.