5 Powerful Rules for Women Entrepreneur to Live by


According to a Cox Business Study, 61% of the women turn towards entrepreneurship to be their own boss and almost 50% because they want to have a greater control on their future. The biggest challenge women face is to keep a balance between their household and their business.

I have seen many women turning towards establishing their own business because of the charm of ‘freedom’, they want the flexibility to follow their dreams, this way they feel more empowered and engaged in their work. Women who are planning to set up their own business should keep in mind that there is no magic formula, but they should have faith and believe in themselves.

In this article, we are going to look at 5 strategies to succeed even if you step in to the unknown.

  1. Stop Seeking Validation: remember, this is your business and you own it. You do not need to seek validation from others. You envisioned it and did your best to bring it into reality.
  2. Celebrate even the Smallest of the Wins: You need to celebrate even your smallest wins in order to maintain a positive reinforcement.
  3. Get Specific: you need to get a specific plan for the month and for the day. Plan what work you need to get done on that month and day. Get organized and keep your plans written down in a piece of paper ahead of time.
  4. Stop Worrying about Spending: If you are committed to growing your business, you should not be afraid to invest more money for the growth. Also, never be afraid of spending money, rather it is better to focus on making each investment valuable.
  5. Be Grateful and Stop Whining: At the end of the day whatever you achieve is because of your hard work and your money. Instead of complaining and comparing it with other women entrepreneurs, decide to be grateful for what you have achieved. Comparison is the root of despair.

If you plan to set up your own business and be your own boss, go ahead. I am sure you will love the idea of working for yourself and at your own time. All you need is to create a perfect business plan, and implement it by keeping the above-mentioned strategies in mind.