Who doesn’t want to make money, get widely successful and rich? We all do! For this purpose, we look for quick getting-rich-ideas, invest in schemes, and hire the help of financial advisors.  A financial analyst and planner will help you identify lucrative investment schemes, fix your credit score and your money drain holes, and get rid of debt, etc. But one critical thing a financial analyst and planner won’t be able to tell you is how you feel about money. How you deal with money ultimately determines your success or failure with it. Unlike a financial planner, an Abundant Wealth Manifestor analyzes what’s going on in the background of your money problems, the internal issues and fix them, so that your money making efforts become more grounded, centered, and synchronized.  Following are the unique ways through which an Abundant Wealth Manfistor can help you in your wealth creation process:

Visualization of Your Money Destiny

Money flows to a clarity of thoughts and action. Lack of clarity and cluttered thoughts and disjointed money making efforts all repel money and abundance from you. So when you get help from a Money Manifestor, he/she will help you figure out:

  • How much money you want to make? (A little more, a whole lot more, abundantly more?)
  • Why do you want to make money? (For yourself, for your family, for a bigger cause?)

This step is important because the idea of wanting and having so much money feels so bizarre, and even scary to us, that it becomes a kind of an unattainable fantasy. On the contrary, visualization of money and wealth is like painting a picture, where you are sketching even the minutest detail, gaining clarity and emitting magnetized energy.  A Money Manifestor will ask you to write down the exact number, the figure you want to make, why you want to make it, so that the Universe gets to know that this is what you want and how you can contribute in its grand scheme of abundant, so it can sending the synchronized energy your way.

Actualizing of Your Your Money Destiny

Once you have figured out how much money you want to make and why, the next, and the most important step, is to start actualizing your money destiny through practical steps. He or she will help you decide  which channels, skills, talents, and energies you are going to use to tap into that kind of money? This is what makes his or her job so very different and unique from a financial planner and investor. A Wealth Manifestor helps you gain this clarity by connect these fundamental wealth making aspects i.e., what, how much, why and how. That’s why a Wealth Manifestor enables you to put your inner and outer reality in sync. Wealth manifestation is an internal process which needs to be followed through practical steps. Or else, it won’t work.  A Wealth Manifestor enables us to figure out exactly what kind of effort is lacking from our side in manifesting money and wealth, and how we can use our unique gifts and talents to get what we want.

Create A Healthier, Wholesome Relationship with Money

When our inner relationship with money is unhealthy, we find it not only hard to make money but also to hold on to it, or to make it work for us in a meaningful way. Two people who live in the same circumstances and have the same resources, but one might end up being rich and the other poor. One might be rich and yet unhappy, while the other might be less financially successful but more contended, passionate and happy. An Abundant Wealth Manifestor helps you remove your fear, insecurities and lack of trust around money and help you create a more open, nurturing, guilt-free and trustworthy relationship with it.  He or she would help you learn how to invite prosperity into your life and welcome it with open arms, rather than keep waiting for it in vain.

Giving You Insight Into Your Money Blocks  

An Abundant Wealth Manifestor would help you unearth the hidden blocks and secret hurdles standing in the way of the wealth and abundance the Universe is offering you. How? Often enough, we may have a cure for everyone else’s problems and the world’s issues. Yet when it comes to our own problems, we lack the insight to solve them because we don’t understand and realize our own limited mindset blocks. We are blind to our own faults. An Abundant Wealth Manifestor helps us replace our limited money mindset with a liberated and growth-oriented one by giving us the keys to open the doors and locks in our subconscious.

Heal a Poor Money Story

Having an unhealthy attitude towards money is very often the reason behind out having a poor money story i.e., growing in a family or household where there was much struggle and strife around money, resulting in a stingy attitude towards money or an extravagant one, cycles of unemployment, unending debt cycles and bankruptcies. If you have seen parents fighting about money in your childhood, you would approach the topic of money with your spouse and your business partner with lots of fear and caution. An Abundant Wealth Manifestor would help you come to term with your money shadows, insecurities, quirks, push buttons, and fears. When the way you think about money changes, your money vibration changes too.

An Abundant Wealth Manifestor won’t tell you to invest your money into ponzi get-rich-quickly schemes (my own financial advisor wasn’t paying careful attention to my investments and made me lose a sizable chunk of my millions in the blink of an eye a few years ago!). Instead, he or she would tell you how you can become a conscious and deliberate creator of your own destiny, of your rightful entitlement to abundance and wealth.

These are the very steps that helped me launch my own multi-million dollar career, not once but twice. I am Luci McMonagle, an Abundant Wealth Manifestor. My personal journey from impoverishment to empowerment, from poverty to wealth, from crisis to clarity, has given me a unique insight into the money and abundance manifestation process.  I have been passionate about teaching women entrepreneurs the art to recognize and use their unique talents and passion to create meaningful philanthropic and profitable businesses. Want to get a free consultation from me? Click here.