Have you ever felt like an outsider even in an insiders’ club? You are a woman entrepreneur and yet you find it hard to relate to and communicate with your peers at regular mainstream conventions and seminars? You often suffer from the ‘impostor syndrome’. All these are signs that you are a Mystic Entrepreneur. A mystic is someone who has an uncanny insight into mysteries, of others, of life and of the Universe. People who believe in logic and facts often dismiss mystics and seers as people who are out of touch with the reality and think in abstract terms. Mystics are people who can see beyond the surface, what’s hidden beneath the surface and beyond what is apparent. They can see the design and pattern hidden in apparently disjointed things and give it a name. People turn to mystic entrepreneurs only when they have tried, and failed at, everything else that seemed logical and factual. It is only then that the true worth of the mystic entrepreneur and seer and his or her gifts are seen and acknowledged. That’s why mystic entrepreneurs are so very different from other entrepreneurs (You can also listen to the Facebook live feed where I touched upon this topic briefly.) While other entrepreneurs seek and create profitable opportunities, mystic entrepreneurs operate with the innate desire to create opportunities and prosperity for everyone. When they try to fit themselves and their work in the conventional mold, they feel out of sorts and frustrated. So, how do you get to know and determine whether you are a usual, ‘normal’ entrepreneur or a mystic one? Here are 5 signs that you are a mystic entrepreneur:

You Have an Uncanny Insight

There are things that you do or say or that happen to you but you can’t just really explain the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of them. It could be something as simple as you having an uncanny insight about things or people. For instance, when somebody, whom you are barely familiar with, like a new client, asks you a question about him or herself or a situation, you are able to know the answer intuitively. This answer appears to be something simple and logical to you and yet they seem to have missed it so far. And when you tell them this the answer, they end up saying: “How did you know that?” This is because you might have become acquainted with them only for a while, but you just seem to know these answers about their situation, their problems. Why? Because you look for signs, read auras, see secret, hidden messages in everything that others cannot see. You see the answer of the question within the question and then try to help and guide that person, that particular client.

You Have a Higher Level of Compassion and Empathy

Another sign of being a mystic is that you you’re able to have a higher level of empathy and compassion for other people. You have a deeper understanding and perceptiveness of what other people are going through, and how they’re being affected by that. As a result, you respond to them , their situation and their pain with affection and understanding. Deep down, you have this desire to of service, wanting to help people who are suffering, who have a problem. Sometimes, they are looking for help, a solution; sometimes, they just want a non judgmental listening ear. There are other times, they have just given up and have accepted the pain and the problem as their fate. And it’s you who make them aware and let them know that there is a way out of the problem, a solution. You understand that your own success lies in helping others succeed and thrive.

You Are Highly Receptive to Wonderment, Joy and Ecstasy

You are the sort of person who is more aware of the surroundings. You seem to respond to the beauty or the ugliness around you in a higher than usual aware and emotive manner. You appear to lose yourself in a beautiful sunrise or sunset, in the glow of the moon, the turbulent beauty of the ocean and waves, in the laughter of a child.  You are able to step out of the boundaries of ‘self’ and seek oneness with the Universe. As a creative person, you feel overcome and possessed by the need to create something, anything that you love creating. You don’t secretly guard your ideas from rivals (because you don’t see others as rivals); rather, you nurture them through careful crafting and nurturing. You feel restless with the raw idea and refuse to rest until you execute it and your creative project is finished. Once it is finished, you look at it with satisfaction, wonder and joy.

You Have a Desire to Do Something Meaningful

You have a desire to do something good, something big, something meaningful.  You often ask things like, “Who am I”, “Why am I here?” “What is my real purpose?” You don’t settle for the normal, average life. You attempt to do something extraordinary.  You want to shine, you want to glow, you want to bring peace and harmony around you, in the world as well. You dream about a world without bias, poverty, hunger, violence, and you wonder what you can do to do your bit. You contribute to causes in cash, in kind, you cheer people on, and you raise your voice against injustice. You aim at creating products and services that not only generate profit but also benefit people and humanity at large.

You are More Spiritual than Religious

You might be the follower of any religion (or not) but you are more spiritually inclined and aware than your peers. You borrow the nuggets of goodness from every religion. You attach deeper importance to prayers, meditation and use these mediums to tune into the universal flow of abundance and life force. You weave your sublime experiences into something meaningful and use it as a mode of learning. You use mind sciences like Yoga, reiki, hypnosis, face reading, and mediums like crystals, tarot cards, etc. When your sense of peace and harmony is threatened, you feel down, you are affected. But you retreat to your inner sanctuary of peace and draw comfort and strength from there. And you teach your clients the same i.e., to seek comfort within.

3 Unique Challenges Mystical Entrepreneurs Face

As a mystical entrepreneur, your biggest dilemma or quandary is that you find it hard to turn your special, mystical gifts and talent into a business because deep down, you feel that charging people money for your services is wrong, kind of demeaning for your work. So you end up giving your services for free most of the time.

You fear skepticism and ridicule; therefore, you choose to hide your mystical gifts in the shadow.  You speak only when spoken to in gatherings and even online forums. You fear visibility and prefer to stay in shadows.

Sometimes, people are taking advantage of your good-naturedness. They may have even taken advantage because you have wanted to keep the peace, you have wanted to keep the harmony.

Therefore, you struggle with the notion of building and growing a spiritual business which is purposeful, respectful and above all, profitable. I can help you overcome these challenges through my work as a Mystic Wealth Creator because as a mystic entrepreneur, I too have had an identity crisis, have grappled with and dealt with these challenges. Over the years, I have perfected a system that works, help you rise above the challenges and that delivers result. You can book a special session with me and we can see whether we are a good fit for each other or not.