Aren’t there times when you see another woman entrepreneur asking a question at an event, taking her business to the next level in a bold manner and you secretly and enviously wonder why are you unable to do the same?

Most of us struggle with this secret saboteur called ‘I-should-have-but I-cannot’ and it seriously impacts the level of success we can achieve with our business. Mystic entrepreneurs are shy, intuitive and introspective by nature; thus, they face the dilemma of visibility more than anyone else. They have a unique service, a strong voice, and a distinct offering for the world, and yet they are simply afraid of putting it forward. That’s why in today’s facebook livecast, I am addressing this very important issue of the fear of visibility that heart-centered mystic entrepreneurs grapple with often and how it negatively impacts their business.

Why We Become Fearful of Visibility in the First Place?

Much of our fears of visibility and inhibitions are a result of our childhood experiences that makes us afraid to be bold, step out, stand out, and reach out. Like all children, we might have been noisy, naughty, boisterous, fun loving, yet we were constantly told by adults around us that we were “out of line” and needed to be quieter, well-behaved, and composed. Children who let these reformatory attempts get too close to their heart are afraid to step out. As adults, they are afraid that what they’re presenting to the world is going to be uncomfortable for other people. As a mystic entrepreneur, I went experienced the same fear, a social constraint which is known as the 12 Poppy Seed Syndrome. Let me explain to you what it is:

The 12 Poppy Seed Syndrome

The 12 Poppy Seed Syndrome specifies that when individuals get too big for their branches, they have this fear that they are going to get their head cut off, get harmed or get lynched. That’s one of the fears that I had primarily when I started bringing my Wealthy Wednesday Show into the world. That’s one of the fears that I had when started really working with individuals on a larger scale, on a global scale rather than just in my little, tiny hometown, my tiny living room. I felt that I was going to get lynched; I felt that I was going to get harmed in some way because I was attempting to bring my unique services to the world. It was not until I started realizing that it’s so important that we, the mystics and visionaries, needed to overcome fear of visibility, the fear of vulnerability. I realized that by coming together and collaborating on projects, we could beat the fear and would be able to make this world a better place. First, let us understand why visibility is important for your business:

Why Visibility is Important for Propelling Your Online Business? 

In today’s world, it is easy to start and build an online business; however, making it successful and profitable takes consistent effort. Do you know that it takes nearly three years for an online business to establish its own identity and many more to become sustainable? Most of us don’t have that kind of patience and stamina to keep our brand visible for that much time. Our income-level goes up and down and so does the visibility of our businesses. But visibility is what you need in order to propel your service brand forward, make it consistently profitable and sustainable.

5 Steps to Make Your Service Brand More Visible

I will tell you how you can attain visibility for your business through these following steps:

Get to the Bottom of Your ‘Why’ and Use it to Propel You

Everything is a matter of faith, and the more faith and conviction you have in your business’ purpose and mission, the more self-assured and confident you would be. As a heart-centered mystic entrepreneur, you have started your business because you have a passion and mission. For instance, my mission is to help alleviate poverty and slavery from the world through my work. This is my ‘why’ and which gives me energy and conviction and the belief that I can make a big impact on the world. But if you start your business just because you want to make some extra money, don’t want to work for someone else, want to have fun, or want to have the freedom to travel the world then your conviction is stemming from personal goals. Consequently, your ‘why’ would be weaker. Now, don’t get me wrong! There is nothing wrong with these goals but a mystic entrepreneur’s goals need to be different, they need to have divinity at their core. Only then the Universe would be willing to back up their goals.

Believe that You Are ‘Wanted’ Nay ‘Needed’

Entrepreneurs who fear visibility feel that they and their services are ‘probably’ not ‘wanted’ or ‘needed’. This stops us from reaching out to people and telling us what we do. It stops us from putting out our unique VOICE, our CONTENT and OFFERING out in the world. When you start opening yourself up to Divine Grace, you start realizing that other people need you, or they are looking for that particular skill, that particular service, that particular item that you are providing to them.  So until and unless you tell people what you do, put your service out there, how else would people get to know about it? If what you do, what is your specialty is not put to people’s attention, how they could possibly work with you? So recognize that you have a unique voice, a message, a purpose and mission and it’s your duty to put it out in front of the world. And once you are able to do it, the Universe would be able to carry your message forward.

Envision Familiarity Instead of Fear 

Do you feel sweaty, tongue-tied out of sorts when reaching out to people?  When you have a situation where you have to go face-to-face for visibility and feel tongue-tied, try to envision that you are explaining what you do to a one of your friends and not a complete stranger. Imagine that this person, just like your friend is supportive, understanding, caring, non critical and non judgmental, and above all, wants to empower you and see you succeed. You would be so much more at ease and natural. Then from the individual, you can slowly start transferring this ease to addressing a group of individuals in networking meetings, in live feeds, etc.

Don’t Over think the Outcomes

Entrepreneurs who fear visibility also think of the following things:
“How will I go out there? What will I say? What will people think?  If I tell people what I do, they’re going to think that I’m trying to sell them.”
In other words, entrepreneurs who are scared of visibility tend to over think the outcomes, all of which happen to be negative. But these are just fears, things that your ego tells you in order to “keep you safe” and hide your talent from the world. Fighting your fears mean staying in the present moment, not going back in the past and reliving failures and not going in the future to enact possible outcomes either. Similarly, you don’t have ti invest yourself emotionally in the outcomes. You are putting your offer on display for people and they are shoppers. If they need what you are offering, they would opt for it. If they don’t, they will move on and give those who are more interested in your services a chance. When you stop getting attached to the outcomes i.e., whether people would receive you or not, accept you or not, then you are no longer concerned and fearful. Instead, you are just wholly vested in bringing your unique offering, your service into the world.

Specify What You Do In an Empowering Way Instead of a Bland One 

Most of us have a hard time telling what we do to people in succulent terms because we are told that we have to be humble and we need to hide our light behind the bushel. So, when asked what we do, we end up saying things like: “Oh I am a life coach who can help women entrepreneurs with their self-esteem issues.” One way that you can set apart yourself from the competition is to specify what you do that is going to be empowering to you and to other individuals without them thinking that you are trying to sell them something. I’m going to give you a quick example: My name is Luci McMonagle. I’m a Mystic Wealth Creator. My company’s name is Learn About Money, and I empower other mystics, entrepreneurs and visionaries so that they can create conscious wealth to make a big impact to the world and leave a legacy. I’m very passionate about having bulk sales for my book, Magical Money Manifestation, speaking, and I absolutely love being at events and empowering other people. See how different this statement is from the simple ”hey I do this”? Even people who don’t fully understand what I do and for whom I do it and whom I cannot help in the present moment are compelled to ask me for my business card just in case they might need what I want late.

So, are you ready to banish invisibly, grow and expand your business and make it more visible? I can help you get there. Book a personalized session with me today.