5 Ways Heart-Centered and Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs Can Intensify Their Web Presence

One cannot help but marvel at how the power of Internet has allowed a whole new generation of Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs to join the force and really make their presence felt. During my youth, there was Internet but no social media, and we had to struggle a lot. However, women entrepreneurs these days are able to leverage the power of social media in newer and more creative ways. You don’t have to be techprenuer to do that. Today’s social media platform is so diverse and user friendly that just about anyone can use it. However, you do need to have a smart action plan and consistency.

Create Your Own Website

Some people might tell you that websites are a thing of the past, and that creating one is a waste of your time and money. However, I beg to differ. A website is your home ground, your virtual shop and your base. This is where you can list as much information about yourself and your business as you want, place helpful material for people to go through, save and download resources, invite guest bloggers, etc. So if you haven’t started a website yet, don’t wait for the perfect idea, design, and content to fall into place. Take the leap, learn, and modify as you go.

Use Diverse Mediums to Reach Your Audience

Don’t limit yourself to the ubiquitous and obvious Facebook posts. Everyone has been fishing in the same pool, so it’s getting harder and harder to catch the attention of your prospects. Create a Linked-in profile and share your articles over there, make Youtube videos, develop and send out podcasts, and create Instagram and Pinterest posts; don’t just like and share posts on Facebook and Twitter, but engage in active discussions to establish your position as an expert in your area of knowledge.

Interlink Social Media Accounts Intelligently

Social media users are interacting on a variety of platforms these days: Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Use these social media outlets to post snippets of useful information, and enticing and intriguing tidbits about your service. These things will help you in drawing readers and prospective clients to your website. Hire an SEO expert for the things you don’t have expertise on.

Be Relevant and Consistent

Whether it’s your posts on social media or the content on your website, update them on a regular basis. If you use these social media outlets and your website sparingly, merely for the sake of having a web presence, then you are practically leaving money on the table and wasting a good opportunity. Also, make sure that you don’t use your social media posts for irrelevant and highly personal stuff. Establish your position as a guru and industry expert by providing relevant content on a regular basis.

Keep the Layout Simple and Accessible

Use your creativity to simplify procedures for customers, like signing up for free newsletters, receiving free products and services, enrolling in an online course, class and webinars, etc. If these procedures are dexterous and lengthy, subscribers are likely to be put off and may abandon the process altogether.

Building a solid foundation through websites and social media allows women entrepreneurs, specially the heart-centered and spiritual ones, to give the right impression to clients i.e., give them the impression that you are not a floater and have your hand at the pulse of things, and allow them to  feel that they can depend on you and your business.

I am Luci McMonagle, a Mystic Wealth Creator. I have been teaching growth-seeking conscious women entrepreneurs ways to improve their mindset, tap into their money-making stream, and create profitable six figure businesses. You can book a complimentary session with me and gain advice, coaching, resources, referrals, and much more.