Many are unsure what a life coach or business coach can do for them. Others are afraid that if they schedule a Clarity or Discovery call that they will be talked into purchasing something they don’t need nor want. But the truth is that a good coach will only accept you if your needs match their area of expertise. An example is that if a client comes to me and wants to turn their invention into a product and get it onto the shelves of stores, then I would refer them to a product business coach as that is not my area of expertise.

The committing goes both ways for both you and for the coach. You have to remember that just as you are committing to yourself and a program with a particular coach, so is the coach investing in you. So neither wants to have failure.

When you think of a coach, is there anything in particular that comes to your mind? Perhaps a sports coach? One that trains athletes to excel and become a winner? This is not to be confused with a consultant. A consultant will work with a client to solve one particular issue. A coach will look at your goals and desires and help you design a road map to reach those goals and desires. The consultant will do most of the work, give the solutions and help the client to implement these solutions. A coach will give you access to knowledge, have you complete exercises and draw out the best that is inside of you so you will be able to use these tools for the future. A personal coach is similar as all of their knowledge, skills and expertise is provided to you and many have specialized signature programs that are meant for a certain result.

My combination signature programs are designed so that my clients will be able to hit the 6 figure income in 3 years or less. Not this is not always the case, some reach this level before or after this level. Others that are already at that level double it within a year or less. Everyone is different and results vary. It is my responsibility to provide you with the training and expertise, but it is my clients responsible to work towards their goals using this knowledge and wisdom.

What benefits can you expect if you hire a coach?

1. Coaches will provide you with the encouragement you need to reach your goals and help you stretch yourself.
2. Coaches will help you enhance your performance through providing you with skill increasing tools.
3. Coaches will help you identify key areas of strengths and how you can utilize your weaknesses for your benefit.
4. Coaches help you gain focus and provide you with accountability to help you reach your goals
5. Coaches can give you accesses to resources that you may not know about and provide you with referrals.
6. Coaches can help you gain insight and perspective for your life and your business.
7. Coaches will help you brainstorm to find the best ways for your to create the changes you need to have the life and or business you desire
8. Coaches will give you moral support to accomplish your goals.

There are many different types of coaches for all areas of your life, career and business. Most successful people have coaches and or mentors that help them succeed. At one time this was only for the very wealthy and successful, but now coaches are becoming a recognized field in itself. People such as Richard Branson of Virgin, Marie Forleo of Marie TV and B-School, many others have been coached or mentored.

Many coaches even offer a free discovery or clarity session to ensure there is a good fit and to help you alleviate fears of taking the next step and start working with them. When you are willing to invest in yourself, you then are able to seize opportunities and a coach can help you reach your ultimate goals.

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