During your entrepreneurial journey, you grapple with a lot of external as well as internal factors, one of which includes setting a reasonable price for your services. Mystic entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs both find it hard to ask for their true worth and are found to be apologetic about their rates. They keep wondering: “Should I settle for less? Am I willing to take something that I’ll do rather than something that I really, truly want?” Consequently, most of the times, they end up settling for a lot less than what they intended or are worth. That’s why mystic entrepreneurs end up financially struggling a lot in their business. That’s why I decided to address this very important issue in one of my recent facebook live event. In this event, I tackled how you can use the following aspects to start really knowing what you are really worth and start charging your clients in accordance to that worth:

Evolve Your Service Around Your Unique Soul Attributes (Instead of Copying Your Competition)

We are social beings so we, consciously or unconsciously, compare ourselves with others i.e., our competition. As a result, we get insecure and try to undervalue our own worth or we try to emulate others. For instance, you are impressed by a certain entrepreneur called A and you start saying the exact same things, using the exact same words as A. You adopt the same mannerism, start acting and even dressing up in the same way. Your website, your content, your packages all become a replica for the competition. Take the example of my favorite mystic entrepreneur, Oprah Winfrey.  In one of her shows, she specified that during her initial days, she tried to talk like Barbara Walters; she tried to be like Barbara. But she wasn’t getting anywhere in her career until she decided to be herself. And then she realized that she was “enough” and went on to build a truly phenomenal and iconic business empire. So, stop copying others and start paying attention to what are your soul attributes because when you copy the competition, you are not looking at your experience, you are not looking at your ability to overcome things, you are not looking at your own soul attributes, what you’re meant to bring into this world. You are not doing the deep inner work to find out (and convey to your potential clients) who you really are at your core. Some exercises that can help you in this respect are Face Analysis, Hand Analysis, astrology, needle charts, etc., all of these are different ways to help you to get insights into your soul’s potential and put together these clues into a meaningful service that can help other people.

Price Your Service According to Its True Worth (Instead of Undercutting Your Competition)

We try to position ourselves, our offering, and prices in accordance to the market trend or the status quo and lose our own identity in the process. You see someone offering a similar service for a low price and you think: “This is what my service is worth too and if I charge anything more than that customers won’t pay. So, I am going to charge a little bit less than so and so because I really, really, really need to have the clients.” What you don’t get is that your competition is charging according to his or her own worth, experiences and uniqueness. He or she doesn’t have the same skills, abilities, or experiences that you have had.  When you attempt to undercut others, what ends up happening is that the potential client starts undervaluing your service and think that you are charging less because you are not that good or doesn’t have the expertise that is needed.  When you start pricing yourself from this capacity, you are ignoring your unique experience, you are not looking at your own ability to overcome things, and what you are capable of and meant to bring into this world. You have a particular expertise from your life experiences, from the work that you’ve been doing, from the jobs that you have had, the expertise, abilities and understanding you have. All of these aspects put together create your worth that people are supposed to pay for

How to Make Your Service Affordable for Most (Without Going Broke In the Process)

As a mystic entrepreneur, you have a sacred mission and feel bound by the need to reach out to most people, impact their lives in a positive and meaningful way. You can’t stand the injustices, you can’t stand how they’re suffering, and see that they are suffering so hard and so bad, you just want to help more and more people through your work. But does this mean that you should give everything away for free and take a poverty vow? Or that you try to price your work so low that everybody can afford you? Not really! When you start working with someone who is desperately in need of help, in need of specifically you (and only you can offer), the first thing is to look at the situation and ask yourself that what is it that can I provide to them that’s affordable that they will be able to take but it wouldn’t take too much of my personal time? This is where you can offer them something for free. This as-per-choice opt-in helps individuals solve one individual problem; it solves one little aspect, one little sliver of the entire problem. It helps them get a little boost from where they are right now to the after. You wouldn’t be giving good high quality information through the free means, yet these would still contain useful and valuable information that your clients can use right away and benefit.  This way you are reaching out to those people who don’t have a lot of money but they need to start at some place and they need your services. But they just can’t afford to pay you for one-on-one sessions. These individuals can then decide for themselves whether they want to take further help and then they can sign-up for additional help.

Spread Around the Content and Price Accordingly (Instead of Over-stuffing Everything in one Program)

When individuals first start working with you, if you give them a gallon of information in a shot glass amount of money, they are going to be overwhelmed and completely freaked out, and they’re not going to get the benefits. If it is going to be a really, really difficult program, trying to get that end result in a short amount of period might not be accurate. You can spread around the information through different means: you can create videos, you can line up a couple of classes, you can create a course or a program, write an e-book (like I did…it’s called Magical Money Manifestations and it’s available from Amazon), create worksheets or planners, and you can have calls that you prerecorded, etc., create podcasts, actively participate and speak at an event and you can provide that for an affordable fee. You have to provide just a small amount of information though each of the program, so that the individuals will be able to ingest it, process it, work through it. You can also look at creating a group program that will help individuals who need a group experience.

Create Measurable Outcomes and Price Them Accordingly (Instead of Going the Other Way Around)

Now when you start pricing these items, you have to look at your experience, the time you have and the time you need to invest, your knowledge. You need to look at things as to how this is going to help them? What are the benefits that the individuals are getting? What are the results? How long will take them to go through your process, how long will it take them to start creating and fulfilling the doing aspects of your program? Then you start creating the program backwards. You have the end result, you know what it’s going to do for them, and then you put the elements of this. So let’s start with just the small starter program that’s 8 weeks long. By the end of this 8 week program, let’s say you are going to have the ability to learn to create a professional video, know how to create basic copywriting, etc. Then you can price your course accordingly. Some of the end results of individuals who take my Mystic Starter Program is that they will be on the right path for their soul purpose, their soul mission, they would be able to understand what their soul attributes are, what they’re meant to bring into the world so that they’re not fumbling around trying to figure out, “Well I am really good at this, or I’m really good at that. Maybe I should focus on this, but then I really love to do that.” So, my clients know that they can expect and pay for these afore-mentioned outcomes.

Ask, Learn & Do (Instead of Shooting in the Dark)

Find out what are the actual needs and challenges of your potential clients and how you can fulfill this need. When you start getting responses from individuals and then you start realizing, “Oh okay this is what they’re looking for. And I thought they wanted this.” When you have the idea of the program, you can create a basic structure or have the first module ready then you can bring it to your clients, to your list, share it in your social media, and you start asking people, “Hey I am going to do this starter program for 8 weeks and this is how much it is. Please let me know.” So, you start asking people if they are willing to purchase this program before you actually create it. This will help you overcome your confusion about how much content should you create it, how much you should charge or not charge. If individuals are not signing up for any of it, if they’re not giving you any type of response, do a survey. And then asking the individuals, “Are you willing to pay this much for this? Are you willing to pay that much?” You can create a price package in accordance with this insight. In a way, you would be able to pre-sell your program before you create it on the base of the generated interest and feedback.

So some of the question that you need to ask yourself in addition to this is do you always have the feeling of not being enough or not doing enough? When you have the not enough-ness, you’ll find yourself doing and doing and doing and working yourself ragged, trying to get clients, trying to make your business work. And yet it’s not working because you still have this clinging in the background. These patterns that keep coming up over and over again but you don’t know where the source came from. Those energies and self-sabotages can be cleared, and they can be cleaned from you. I can help you clear these energetic saboteurs and obstacles from your life, from your mind, conscious and subconscious mind through doing an inner work. You can schedule a complimentary session with me to know more about this.