Once you have decided to embark on your entrepreneurial journey, it is very important to understand what type of an entrepreneur are you. There are entrepreneurs who are motivated by money, profit and material success and there are those who are inspired by a greater cause. They tend to incorporate divine love, passion, creativity, spirituality and wisdom in their daily, routine work, no matter how mundane it is to be. They are different from other types of entrepreneurs and stand in their own league and are called spiritual or mystic entrepreneurs. Understanding your distinct nature and evolving your practice accordingly help you come up with a brand and service that is authentic, grounded, and result-oriented. This kind of soul searching would help you understand how your service is distinct from the competition, what you are offering and how much it is worth, who your ideal clients are, and how you can help them out. Being a spiritual entrepreneur is so very different from being any other type of an entrepreneur. It is about creating a unique spiritual and mystical service that resonates with your faith, vision and inner values and is designed to help and support others. Here are 7 telltale signs of a mystic or spiritual entrepreneur:

A Deeper Interest in Matters of the Heart, Mind, Emotions and Soul  

Mystic entrepreneurs are more spirit and soul conscious. They are grounded and secure in their mysticism and spirituality and are not at odds with them. They believe in improving the mind, mind sciences, mental and spiritual health, self-help, self-improvement, etc. They are constantly looking for ways to bring emotional health, wellness, healing, and peace to their lives and that of their loved ones. They are into reiki, yoga, meditation and Feng Shui and meditate a lot.

A Growth-Oriented Mindset

Entrepreneurs with a mystic bent are naturally curious and restless by nature. They are intrigued by the mysteries of the Universe and their own souls. They have a strong desire to invest in themselves that is, their own learning and refinement. They are not afraid to learn, unlearn and relearn, go into unknown directions within to keep evolving at a soul conscious level. They seek to work with masters, seers and master trainers and learn from them and commit a lot of time to self-improvement activities. They are looking for inner fulfillment and try to look for meaning and joy in things.

A Larger than Life Vision

Mystical beings feel that they are here on Earth not by accident but to fulfill a greater and nobler purpose. They are not motivated by financial figures and goals and amassing material things. They have a noble and grand vision which encompasses not their own selves but the greater good of the world at large. They are deeply concerned about issues facing their community as well as humanity and the world at large. They not only try to raise the awareness of others but also try to find practical solutions for problems. They may not have oodles of money but still try to commit their time, and invest their money and resources into philanthropic causes.

A Degree of Intuition

Entrepreneurs with mystic abilities are highly sensitive and intuitive. They have an uncanny insight and have a way of knowing hidden or unrealized things about others without even being told. They can have a look at a person and his or her workings and can guess the story running in the background. They often have insightful and fantastic revelations about others. They look for hidden meaning and connection between seemingly disjointed things.

Appreciation for Solitude as well as Company

Entrepreneurs with a mystical mindset are introverts. They prefer to be in like-minded, inspiring company or they prefer flying solo. They like to reconnect with themselves, their own spirit and soul in solitude. They are drawn to nature walks, meditation, long baths or spas. They shun the fast-paced party life but are drawn to deep, invigorating, stimulating conversations, and retreats of the like-minded ones.

Trustable Guides

Due to their intuitive, mystic abilities, these special breed of entrepreneurs are often recipients of long distance calls and lengthy emails from their friends and loved ones. Why? It is because they are trusted and relied upon by their friends not as a shoulder to cry on, but as trustworthy allies and advisors.  They are sought by their friends for guidance and for solid advice. Their friends, family members, and loyal clients hesitate and resist making critical decisions without consulting them first and the mystic entrepreneurs take their trust and faith very seriously and help them come up with the best solutions to their problems.

A Higher Degree of Empathy

Mystic entrepreneurs have a higher degree of empathy for others and are moved by their pain and sufferings. The minute they hear that a friend or loved one is in some kind of trouble, they are moved to action. They try to find means and ways to ease their loved ones’ pain and troubles. They are often concerned about not just the physical but the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of others.  They not only extend comfort and a shoulder to cry on but also spring to action and try to find practical solutions. As coaches and trainers, mystic entrepreneurs are in a unique position to help others in overcoming their mental blocks, their personal issues through personalized, one on one training and guidance. They offer others a chance to transform their bodies, minds and lives, and move to a higher and more evolved soul conscious level. They help others manifest their desires and ideals through personalized guidance.

If you can identify with these traits then you are clearly a mystical or spiritual entrepreneur or one in the making and would do well in a business that deals with these aspects. More and more people are awakening to the idea that it is possible to evolve a successful and yet profitable mystical or spiritual business on the basis of a divine vision and mission. This is why mystics and spiritualists are taking their ideas and goals from the hobbyist closet and turning them into deeply meaningful and result-oriented business ventures. By aligning with the law of natural and universal abundance, they are bringing in more and more positive energy into the world for the humanity at large.

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