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About Luci
Discover How to Unleash Your Personal Power To Bring You Success with the Three Elements That Bring True Lasting Success…
Spirituality, Lifestyle, and Mindset

These three elements combined to create the triad of personal power and directly affects your success.

I am Luci McMonagle and I’m no stranger to the pain and suffering you experience when you are not balanced in these areas. I have experienced shame, blame, pain and suffering when I was not able to balance.

The worse was the wrath of a poverty mindset running in my subconscious mind. I grew up in a small town in Upper Michigan. My parents divorced shortly after my half sister, Vicky, drowned. From there my mom moved from place to place which meant I attended 3 different grade schools and two different high schools. I felt like a little rag doll being tossed around from place to place wearing clothes my mom had to make or fix from my other surviving older sister’s closet. I was ashamed and embarrassed that I had to go to school early just to get the morning breakfast from the federally funded meal plan. This created inroads in my mind that lasted until I was in my early 20’s. I was emotionally tortured and teased by the other students and never felt like I fit in.

You may not feel like you fit in anywhere. And it’s because your soul never meant for you to be apart of the flock. You were designed to be a leader.

You may feel like you are being tortured and you may feel guilt, shame and fear at times in your life. You may even feel betrayed.

Today I am a beacon of light for women that are ready to fully heal these feelings that is creating misalignment in your life. Once you are in alignment, you naturally start experiencing more money, more freedom and more joy in your life. I have created a book to ready the masses, but I know you are different and you yearn to be more in every area of your life and your business.

My first book, Magical Money Manifestations: A Practical & Spiritual Guide to Manifesting more Money, more Freedom & more Joy is designed to empower not only you, but to empower others through donating 30% of it’s profits through Get your copy on October 24th, 2017 on Amazon!

Together, we take a journey of empowering you to reach your greatest potential.

Within a few years of creating this power four, I was able to purchase my first car that was only a year old from a car lot (not some backyard junker that I’ve been use to). Then I purchased my first house by the time I was 26 plus I started saving for my future by investing in small cap mutual funds. Working mostly part time for the past 20 years and have had time to travel extensively. I have manifested millions in my life and you can to. I am known for creating miracles and magic in my client’s life.

The bottom line – you start living a Blessed Life.

I am on a mission to empower women to breakthrough their own limiting beliefs to create a life that makes her an abundance magnet so they can have a major impact on the world. Because I know a wealthy woman will never leave a child hungry on the street. She will find solutions. ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?

Are you ready to be an abundance magnet?

Get a complimentary Money Movement Session to see if we are a good fit for working together:

Client Love

Luci provided me with clear strategic actions to take and really helped me to transform the negative self-talk that I have about myself and removing fear and anxiety, completely elevating my level of confidence.
Marisa Molina

Are you ready to discover your abundance and have
more success than you ever dreamed possible?

When you work with a coach like me, you are able to access the tools that I’ve used, developed and created… and discover how my journey and experience can help you achieve what you’ve always wanted.

Why me?

  • I have a knack for seeing the direction you are headed after talking with you – which means I’m able to help steer you in the right direction, especially if you’re going the wrong way…
  • I can tell you what your money story has been doing in the background and how it’s playing out in your life. Plus, I can tell you what your soul’s gifts are so that you have a solid starting point for moving forward.
  • I have a proven process that gets you the results so you no longer have to have the uncertainty.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m right for everyone.

  • You do not believe in spiritual and practical coaching
  • You are not ready to prepare for having the Oprah Effect in your business
  • I have a proven process that gets you the results so you no longer have to have the uncertainty.You avoid change at all costs
  • You feel you can do nothing and make lots of money
  • You are comfortable with where you are
  • You want someone else to do all the work for you

Then we may not be a good fit. If you’re feeling like I’ve described you but you’re ready to make a change in yourself to make a difference in your life so you can have that big impact on the world… then let’s talk and see where you are.

But if you’re intrigued and ready to move past your barriers and fear… then you’re ready for this. I’m here to support you in becoming wealthier and more successful, and I’m inviting you to a Complimentary

Abundance Breakthrough Session.

to discover more about each other.

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