Welcome to the World of Transformation with Luci McMonagle!

Luci McMonagle isn’t just a Mystic, Psychic, or Energy Master; she’s your catalyst for transformation. With over three decades of empowering experience, Luci has guided countless individuals to unlock their full potential, shatter limiting beliefs, and achieve remarkable success.

💎 What Sets Luci Apart? 💎

Luci’s unique approach integrates Spiritual Wisdom, Reiki Master Teacher & Alchemy Energy Worker expertise, and Spiritual coaching. Her journey from poverty to success provides a profound understanding of life’s challenges and the tools to overcome them.

🚀 Luci’s Mission 🚀

Luci’s mission is to help you break free from self-imposed and family limitations, manifest abundance, and create a life of purpose and passion. Whether you seek clarity and understanding, freedom, improved relationships, or personal growth, Luci’s guidance will lead you to your desired destination.

🌟 Services Offered 🌟

🔮 Intuitive Psychic Readings: Gain clarity, direction, and confidence in your decisions while discovering what is affecting you. Learn where you are headed and how to change that direction if needed.

🧬 Generational & Karmic Debt Clearing: Transform entangled karmic debts, remove family burdens of inherited traumas, limiting beliefs, and negative patterns holding you back. Reclaim your personal power and missing soul pieces.

💫 12 Chakra Upgrade and Alignment: Remove energetic blockages, facilitate healing of emotional wounds, clear limiting beliefs and patterns, enhance intuition and psychic abilities, and strengthen your spiritual connection to the divine and guides.

📚 Author & Speaker: Luci’s insights have been featured in books, podcasts, and stages worldwide.

🌈 Transformational Coaching:

Luci empowers you to recognize and break through the barriers hindering your progress, paving the way for you to achieve your dreams. Schedule a Discovery Session to explore if we’re the right fit for your transformative journey. Book a spot on the calendar today!


Call or text Luci at 615.763.LUCI or email LuciMcMonagle@gmail.com to see if we would be a good fit to work together.

Embark on a transformative journey with Luci McMonagle, where possibilities are limitless, and your path to empowerment awaits.



🌈 Embark on Your Journey of Transformation with Luci McMonagle 🌈

🗝️ What You Can Expect 🗝️

Discover the extraordinary with Luci as your guide. Immerse yourself in unwavering support, spiritual guidance, and actionable strategies to unearth your true potential. Luci’s clients have witnessed profound transformations across all facets of life, and now it’s your turn to experience the same.

🌟 Ready for Your Transformation? 🌟

Your transformative journey begins right here, right now. Luci McMonagle is not just a guide; she’s your partner on the path to success and abundance. Embrace your true potential and craft the life you truly deserve.

🚀 Contact Luci Today to Begin Your Extraordinary Future 🚀

📧 LuciMcMonagle@gmail.com or ☎️ 615-763-LUCI (5824)

Unleash Your Potential with Luci McMonagle. Your transformation starts now.

Client Love

Luci’s program allowed me to achieve confidence, freedom from anxiety, self-trust, have clear business actions to take that have allowed me to connect with my ideal client or people who know my ideal client. Luci is someone who will empower you to be your best self. She is extremely skilled at communicating in a way that opens up new ideas for you and keeps you empowered. The simple techniques she teaches you are things you can use to have power, confidence, and effectiveness in every part of life. Most importantly for me, I can do it with ease and grace.

Marisa Molina

I felt at a crossroad and lost in life before I met Luci. I tried almost everything to move through this to clarity; books, courses, coaching, to no avail. I met Luci online and instantly knew she was unique (in a remarkable way). She’s switched on, and her intuitive gifts and energy work still leave me lost for words to describe how amazing working with her has been. Of course, I just had to work with Luci. Somewhere in the middle of our first session Luci tuned into something that was at a deep unconscious level for me, something I’d never thought about or given any attention to before. This one, seemingly insignificant thing that by the way no one else had ever tuned into; not ever; unraveled everything for me. Suddenly I had clarity and could see and sense the yummy path before me. What to do, and my next steps forward are now crystal clear. It’s like someone turned on the sun, to replace the torch. I’m so profoundly grateful for the GIFT of Luci McMonagle. I highly recommend if you get the chance to work with her, you’ll never regret it.

Serenity Raven-Wolf - Love Heals Humanity

“Before getting coached by Luci, I was feeling unworthy and insecure about myself. I felt like I kept sabotaging my ability to be prosperous and have the life I desire to have. But I didn’t know how I was doing it and was not even aware of these self sabotaging behavrious. With Luci’s guidance, she showed me the patterns and negative behaviors I was doing on myself that prevents me from truly seeing my value. Through her brilliant work, we were able to shine a light on my money problems and use it to free myself from my previous programming. I now have the tools to be self aware and also to trust myself to know my value to become the abundance magnet that I truly am meant to be. And the cool thing is that the process was playful, fun and healing. I highly recommend Luci to anyone who’s ready to express their fullest potential in the world just by tapping into their own greatness! Thank you Luci!”

Donna Agnes

Before having a Blessing Prayer and coaching session with Luci, I had been experiencing a large amount of fear around doing my first retreat. I had reached out to my family, friends, and coaches all were encouraging and yet the fear remained. After having this one session with Luci, the fear subsided and I began to look forward to my retreat. In truth, I didn’t know exactly how to describe this session, only that there were things Luci knew that I hadn’t shared on the phone call (examples – that I lock my knees often and that I grip with my toes), that after the session my fear had subsided, and that overall I felt lighter and more energized. After my retreat, I signed up the only retreat member who was not already on my program. As frightened as I was about my retreat, what I discovered was that it was as easy as breathing. Each participant got from the experience everything I intended for them to receive and more. ~ Audrey Pyon

Audrey Pyon