Are you ready ?

I want to start by asking you a very deep yet very simple question.

Are you really ready to make a difference in your life?

I know you have what it takes and I know you will be able to make a huge difference to your future.

But I really need to know even if you are just starting out? Even if you’re only taking a baby step today—just one.

I want to know—do you or will you develop the mindset to carry you through even when you think you are going to break?

What exactly are you looking for? How do you want your future to be?

If you had absolutely nothing that could stop you….. And I do mean nothing …. Not at home nor family duties, If money was not an object, friends, family, obligations, or nothing else that could stop you or completely prevent you from getting what you truly wanted from life…..

  • What would you your life to be like?
  • How would you feel?
  • How are you going to get there from here?

Now, I know you’ve probably done a ton of work and you probably had more roadblocks than anybody else you ever knew. I know that your journey has been agonizing at times.  I know how you feel; your frustration…you feel desolate at times…I know you’ve already been on your knees crying so hard that you could not even stand.

I want you to pay attention. It is important that you understand that your past, your mistakes, your perceived failures and your pain has not been for naught. I want to tell you that it was preparing you.

It was preparing you for your greatness to start emerging now. There was no mistake that you are here listening to this; there is no mistake that you are reading these words. This is your time now. Your soul, the inner depths of the real you, is starting to step forward. And this, my friend, is scary because your true worth does not rest on somebody else’s shoulders; it’s not from what other people think; it’s not the money you make; it certainly is not what your peers have thought about you. And most importantly it is not from the tricks that your mind has played on you while it was attempting to make you feel small and insignificant. My friend, I want to tell you that there is greatness so powerful within you that you might not even be able to imagine the amount of power you truly possess within you.

Together we are going to open the door for it to start shining. But don’t get me wrong, we’re not going to pull the door off, blinding you; and, frankly, it may scare you like it did me. But we can do this together just a little bit at a time. We are just going to crack the door open and take a little peek inside. Once you start getting used to your true radiance and who you truly are, then we’re going to slowly open it just a bit more. This is a process and sometimes it’ll seem like you are going backwards and other times it will seem like you’re sliding to the right or to the left but I promise you …. You are making progress and you will make progress. I need you to make the decision that you want that door opened because once it is opened, there is no turning back. You will become limitless! It will take time; and it could be that the life that you have now may change for your best and highest good. So I need to know, are you really ready for this? If you’re not, that’s okay; we’ll keep your particular door closed, but tell you what, we will give you the keys and then you can decide when you want to open it.