How Luci can Help You with Clearing Cords from Other People, Places, & Things

How Luci can Help You with Clearing Cords from Other People, Places, & Things

The first question you might have in your mind by looking at the title would be: Why would someone want to clear their cords? What’s the science behind this, right? Well, believe it or not, clearing cords can give you the ultimate relaxation which you might have never felt before in life, and this could be due to many reasons…maybe you are stressed out? Maybe you had a bad day? The reasons can go on and on. So, the way it works is that negative energy surrounds us every day, making you feel grumpy and unlike the person that you really are. Why? Well, the reason you feel different is because this negative energy has surrounded your soul. What? Yes, that’s right.

Now, do note that this energy is not always negative but when it is, the best way to deal with it is to perform certain energy healing practices, alongside some relaxation techniques which ensure your freedom from all sorts of negative energies that have been surrounding you all this time. With Luci using her years of knowledge on Chakra, Ancestral Generational Clearing and Healing, Mastering of Reiki Energies, she can help you clear the cords and break those barriers that are holding you back.

Clearing cords is a guided process in which you can dynamically clear them using the heavy energy sources of your life. These things can be people, places & things. It is a journey similar to that of meditation, and you forget about all your problems by clearing your soul from all forms of anxiety or any problems that might make you fuzz out. Luci, using her techniques, ensures that all of these things happen in the right manner and the proper steps to help you lead a relaxing life.

Now, you can schedule a meeting with Luci, our own inhabitant clairvoyant healer and a tarot priestess for a lively purging meeting to leave you feeling lighter and completely loose from all the tears and fears. On the off chance that you might have been feeling the hefty energies of ongoing occasions at that point or from the start; this one is for YOU! Relinquish what’s done serving you and recover your energy with Luci!

Luci, using her abilities, will take you to a deep state of relaxation using nothing but her soothing voice. She will help you reach the wellspring of your thick energy connection, and provide you the channel to entwine yourself in a graceful manner. Luci will take you to different levels of ease and calm by taking your mind and body immersed deeply in the picture of lively lines being cut till you feel the arrival of the weight on your exhalated and celebrating body.

This process is often ignored and taken jocular, but it is considered to be very powerful and has been proven over and over to completely heal your soul and engross it with the roots to stand tall and bright. All you have to do is be tranquil and follow the instructions while remaining in your most favorite and most comfortable position. Let Luci take care of the rest.

For more information about the healing of cords, booking an appointment and other pricing-related questions, you can reach Luci on her website, email or phone. Contact now to learn more about healing your cords and becoming light as a feather once again.

(615) 763- LUCI (5824)

Why Managing Your Personal Energy Is Essential?

Why Managing Your Personal Energy Is Essential?

The key to success is not how much time you spend working on a certain project, but it is how productive your efforts were. Often, productivity is directly linked with effective time-management. You may notice that successful people often have calendars or journals which they regularly update, allocating time slots to different tasks. This can prove to be quite helpful in terms of organizing their work, but also helps them achieve their goals sooner than everyone else. However, it isn’t only about managing your time.

Managing Your Personal Energy Is Just as Important- If Not More

Often, we take out time for our work or tasks, but we don’t seem to be getting anything done. For example, we switch on the laptop but end up staring at the screen for a long time before just giving up- thus wasting our time and not even getting any work done. Such instances tend to occur, with differing frequency from person to person.

The reason for this differing frequency is that while some people learn how to manage their energy well, others aren’t even aware that it is something which needs attention.

What Is Your Personal Energy?

While your physical energy obviously plays a role in how you live your life, your mental energy can sometimes play an even greater role. Your mental energy can include your emotional energy and your spiritual energy.

While your emotional energy deals with how draining your personal life experiences have been, with the impact your feelings have playing a role here- your spiritual energy basically refers to the state of your soul, which could or could not be related to your religion.

Why Does Personal Energy Need to Be Managed?

Well, when you’re low on physical energy, you can just get a good night’s sleep, change your diet or exercise more regularly- but with your personal energy, it can be difficult to replenish it. When your personal energy is low, even having the physical energy needed to complete tasks isn’t enough, and while you have the time, you still aren’t seeing the results.

This is because your mind is just exhausted, making it difficult for you to concentrate and thus to function. So, if you are using a calendar to manage your time, good for you. However, design a schedule and build a mindset which caters to your emotional and spiritual energy as well.

What Does It Mean to Have Psychic Abilities?

What Does It Mean to Have Psychic Abilities?

Many people scoff at the idea of having psychic abilities, such as telepathy or levitation- to name some of the commonly known ones, but they definitely exist. While many don’t believe in this, a large chunk of the world’s population believes in the existence of a supernatural world. This world is not part of the physical world we live in, but it isn’t that difficult to connect with this world.

What Exactly Does It Mean to Be Psychic?

Well, being psychic generally means having the ability to tap into the spiritual world or use extrasensory perception, using that energy to perform various acts which can include:

  • Astral projection- Projecting your consciousness outside of your physical body.
  • Automatic writing- Writing or drawing unconsciously
  • Divination- Being able to gain insight through processes such as Tarot card reading
  • Levitation- Being able to fly or float
  • Telekinesis- Controlling objects through your mind
  • Mediumship- Having the ability to talk to spirits
  • Premonition- Identifying future events which are about to occur
  • Retrocognition- Know what is happening at a distant location
  • Psychometry- Gauging information about something through the sense of touch

While a selected few are able to tap into these abilities without specific training or guidance, most individuals need to practice the wielding of such abilities. Normally, you have to work towards becoming proficient in the above-mentioned psychic abilities.

Which Signs Indicate That You Might Be Psychic?

Interestingly, there are several signs which can indicate that you may have psychic abilities. If you can relate to these signs, you can work towards tapping into them to increase your power over such abilities.

  • Ability to sense the future- This ranges from being able to sense danger, get certain vibes from a place or person indicating how your interaction with them will turn out and having a strong feeling about a future event. Another manifestation of this is having visions and vivid dreams frequently, which normally have some meaning in your life.
  • Ability to communicate with the spiritual world- This normally translates into seeing spirits, talking to them, detecting their presence or their auras, hearing voices and seeing things in your peripheral vision.
  • Ability to gauge details about other people- Normally, psychics can pick up information about other people just by touching them, being around them or sensing their auras. This allows them to give great advice.

Tapping into psychic abilities can really change the way you perceive the world, and identifying these signs should set you on the right path.

What Can Reiki Be Used For?

What Can Reiki Be Used For?

Reiki is a spiritual healing method, often employed to transform or increase a person’s internal energy- thus dealing with issues which may be affected by an imbalance in their energy. Spiritual practices such as this one are becoming increasingly common, with people believing strongly in the impact it can have on their mental and physical health. Furthermore, many people don’t want to rely completely on traditional medical therapies, they want to have an additional complementary methods to manage their care. Reiki helps one go into a deep state of relaxation which is known to help one recover quicker.

Conditions Through Reiki

Reiki is being used for several conditions with promising results. Reiki are healing techniques used in conjunction with traditional medical treatments, it has been known to help with some of the following conditions.

Anxiety and depressive disorders while being treated with traditional medicine have been showing positive results.

Cancer patients are also being encouraged to start using Reiki with their regular treatment plan from a professional as a means of dealing with their chronic pain, anxiety and stress related to their condition- which is again showing promise. For cancer patients, many are unable to achieve complete recovery, and so practitioners often aim to make their life as comfortable as possible and prolong life as much as possible.

Gastrointestinal disorders such as Crohn’s disease, often associated with anxiety disorders and has shown promising results when combining traditional treatments with Reiki. Heart patients also make a good candidate, as they also face anxiety and stress, which can exacerbate their condition, or can be considered a risk factor at times as well.

Chronic pain is often a debilitating condition in its own right- regardless of what is leading to its chronicity. Patients often feel frustrated and are also unable to live a normal life, which adds to their disability. Reiki is being advocated as a possible method which can counter chronic pain to a great extent- with further research needed to confirm its impact.

With all conditions it is important to understand that traditional professional medical treatment is necessary and using Reiki or any other energetic healing modality is to be used to complement.

How Does Reiki Work?

The concept behind Reiki is to work with a person’s energy and normally, it induces a deep state of relaxation. This relaxation helps the body heal quicker as it has less stress and anxiety.

The stress and anxiety in the human body can lead to numerous conditions, some of which are already mentioned above. Furthermore, a condition of stress can easily worsen medical conditions. This concept forms the basis of the usage of Reiki as an adjunct to medical therapies. It is important to realize that Reiki can only be used as an adjunct and not as an alternative to medical treatment, something which many patients and even practitioners don’t realize.

Using Your Latent Psychic Abilities

Using Your Latent Psychic Abilities

The concept of having latent psychic abilities is something which many individuals are unaware of. Many believe that you either have psychic abilities or you don’t. While this may be true to some extent, most professional and experienced psychics have gotten to that point through practice, and by specifically tapping into their latent psychic abilities. When we think of psychic abilities, we normally think of acts such as mediumship, telepathy, levitation, etc.

However, many people have latent psychic abilities such as a strong connection with people, being able to detect auras, getting visual information about a place or person or having strong intuition. These latent psychic abilities can be tapped into by adopting several methods, allowing them to be converted into active psychic abilities. Here are some of the methods which, when used in conjunction, can achieve this conversion:

Increase Your Awareness

Normally, your latent psychic abilities involve being able to pick up on different things around you. This could mean noticing subtle changes in a person’s behavior or a change in the energy of a room or place. However, without the right guidance, it can be difficult to take such signs seriously. Many people are conditioned into just forgetting or letting go of such feelings.

To tap into and start using your latent psychic abilities, you must learn to notice the things happening around you- because it is important to realize even the minutest of details. It may be difficult to always remember the things, so you can start noting down the information.

Pay Attention to How You Receive Information

Often, psychics receive information about people, places or events. This can occur through images, thoughts which enter your head out of nowhere, voices or just sensations. It is important to notice by which method information is getting to you. When you have done this, you can work towards becoming more attuned to those senses.

Your intuition also plays a major role in your abilities to be a psychic, so make sure your gut instincts are always heard.

Learn to Meditate and Take Help

Clearing your mind from unnecessary thoughts is an important step towards establishing active psychic abilities- and meditation really helps in this endeavor. Other than that, looking for a psychic mentor is another thing which you should do. People are often confused about how to put their psychic abilities to use, something which can be achieved quite easily through the right guidance.