How Can You Strengthen Reiki?

How Can You Strengthen Reiki?

As a Reiki practitioner, your clients are counting on you to deal with their problems. These can range from chronic fatigue to depression and back pain. Basically, Reiki works to induce a state of relaxation, which then encourages a decrease in stress encourages healing in various aspects. A person who is practicing Reiki, and is working to bring benefit to others, needs to perfect this art, so they bring relief to those who are relying on them. Unfortunately, the popularity of Reiki has encouraged people to practice Reiki without proper knowledge, not really having the desired effect for their patients.

Other than practicing the right kind of Reiki, practitioners must work towards increasing the strength of this spiritual healing technique- again, for the general welfare of their patients. There are several methods which may be employed to do so.

Prepare Your Surroundings

The room where you practice Reiki should be prepared accordingly. Firstly, it needs to be clean and spacious as negative energy can readily get stuck in such an environment. Furthermore, try to keep the room as ventilated as possible, with some connection to the outdoor as well. Using sage to remove negative energy is another technique which you can employ.

Meditate and Pray

Before the session, try and meditate so you can clear your thoughts, which will then help the energy flow through you with ease. While Reiki can still be practiced if the practitioner’s mind is on something else, it will definitely not be as effective, so meditation will help here. Praying to a higher power during the session and asking for guidance from spirit guides also helps.

Get Treated Yourself

Someone who is practicing Reiki is bound to feel some strain or bear some consequence in the form of negative energy, which hasn’t flowed out effectively. Reiki practitioners must also ensure that they are healed through this technique, which only strengthens their own practice.

Stay Updated With Your Training

Reiki has different levels of training, and it is important to update yourself regularly if you happen to be a practitioner. Attend training at regular intervals, and you will see the increased effectiveness of your practice as well. It is obvious that art such as this one will be complicated, so it is always a good idea to increase your knowledge and prowess over it by receiving adequate training regularly.

How Can You Manage Your Personal Energy?

How Can You Manage Your Personal Energy?

Your physical and emotional/personal energy are directly linked to each other. The definitions of both types are pretty simple, with physical energy being concerned with the energy needed to carry out activities and emotional energy defining our mental state. Interestingly though, while your physical energy mainly affects the degree of what activities you can perform, your emotional energy will affect you to a greater extent.

When your emotional energy is low, your mood will be affected- with you being irritable, difficult to be around, and generally unhappy. However, it will also affect your physical energy because when your personal energy is drained, you feel tired almost all the time- which obviously impacts every aspect of your life. It is an unfortunate fact, as individuals, we still find it easier to incorporate a physically healthy lifestyle such as exercising regularly and maintaining a nutritious diet- but we do practically nothing to build up our personal energy. Here are some tips for doing so:

Know When You Need to Recharge Your Personal Energy

Often, when we feel an excessive amount of fatigue, we peg it down to a lack of enough sleep. However, we still feel fatigued after resting our bodies. This is a clear indication of being low on personal energy. Learning to identify this decrease in energy is the first step towards recharging.

Having a Positive Mindset

The way our bodies need a healthy lifestyle is no different from the way our minds need one. This translates into thinking positive thoughts, which includes learning to be less critical of yourself and using affirmations regularly. Furthermore, removing negative thoughts, even those which concern others, is important towards building a positive mindset.

Identify What Drains Your Energy

Most times, we can feel that we are low on energy, but we don’t know what exactly has led to this. This is an important step towards maintaining high to moderate energy levels. Doing so might take some time, but it is something that can be done. After this has been identified, learn to distance yourself from such events- even temporarily.

Learn to Listen to Your Needs and Thoughts

With so many responsibilities, it can be not very easy actually to give yourself time and cater to your own needs. However, doing so is essential for managing your personal energy effectively. This could translate into something as small as reading a book or watching a movie.

Incorporate these practices into your life and live a happier life.

Everything You Need to Know About Chakras

Everything You Need to Know About Chakras

While many of us may have heard of something called our Chakras, indeed, most of us don’t really have much knowledge regarding it. Anyone who is interested in personal energies and how they impact us knows the importance of finding the right balance when it comes to your energies. Your Chakras are what will guide you in this path, as they play a major role not only in your spiritual or emotional state- but also in your physical state.

What Exactly Are Your Chakras?

Your Chakras are basically energy systems present within the body, which basically govern how your mental and physical state exists. Your Chakras affect your health, your mood and your beliefs. They basically influence how your energy responds to the energy of others and the world around you- thus impacting your behavior. Furthermore, your Chakras also play a role in keeping your memories stored- thus again impacting how you choose to use these memories in your life.

The concept of Chakras has originated from the Hindu religion and is basically thought to function as a wheel made of energy, which is constantly transforming. However, the thing about your energy is that it can either be transformed into positive energy or into negative energy- and keeping your Chakras balanced is the key to doing the former.

What Are the Types of Chakras?

There are seven types of Chakras- each located within the physical body, with varying significance in our life:

  1. Root Chakra- Base of the spine, associated with feeling grounded
  2. Sacral Chakra- Lower abdomen, associated with enjoying our life experiences
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra- Upper abdomen, associated with confidence
  4. Heart Chakra- In the chest, associated with the ability to love
  5. Throat Chakra- In the throat, associated with the communication
  6. Third Eye Chakra- Between the eyes on the forehead, associated with several cognitive functions
  7. Crown Chakra- Top of the head, associated with spirituality

With the details mentioned above, it is obvious that our Chakras are not only affecting our mental state, but also our physical state. Often, our physical problems can also be associated with an imbalance within our Chakras- and with the right attention, those can be remedied as well. Our Chakras are thought to be what makes up our personal universe, so maintaining it and educating yourself about it adequately is surely fitting.

Do Our Ancestors Really Pass Their Energy Down to Us?

Do Our Ancestors Really Pass Their Energy Down to Us?

Our ancestors obviously play a major role in our lives, years after they have passed away. This is normally thought to be in ways such as deciding where we currently live or the kind of life we are currently leading. However, it is now increasingly believed that our ancestors affect our lives in more ways than one.

A Spiritual Connection

While it is easy to believe the effects of your ancestors on tangible matters, such as the ones mentioned above- our connection with our ancestors goes much deeper than that. Many people believe that our souls and the souls of our ancestors are connected. Owing to this, the events they experienced or the way their soul was also shapes our souls to a certain extent.

Furthermore, people also believe that owing to this connection, our ancestors’ energy will stay with us throughout our lives. Many people find this thought distasteful, as the thought of negative energy being passed onto us is slightly upsetting. However, the first step is to acknowledge any negative energy which you feel may not originate from you, but from your ancestors. Once this is done, you can learn to work around it.

A Genetic Connection

Other than a connection between souls, research is now showing that our ancestors’ trauma can physically alter their genes, which are then passed down to us.

One of the main examples which are being quoted involved Jews whose relatives experienced the Holocaust, compared to those whose relatives didn’t. The results showed that the former had increased stress hormone levels, which basically led to a greater number of anxiety disorders experienced in that group. Such details are fascinating and also make it obvious that the trauma which our ancestors underwent plays a huge role in how our lives are shaped- especially if that trauma hasn’t been dealt with by the ancestors.

Again, this may make us feel that we are at a disadvantage, being forced to deal with problems which we had no control over. However, this information should be used in a positive light. We should try and live our lives in a manner which prevents the passing down of altered genes to our descendants- something which can be managed by dealing with our trauma at the appropriate time before it has long-lasting effects.

Dealing With Cynics When It Comes to Tarot

Dealing With Cynics When It Comes to Tarot

Tarot Card reading is definitely something which isn’t for everyone. Divination and its various forms can seem like something frivolous and pointless- especially to those who are strong believers in the conventional forms of religion. If you are someone who believes strongly in Tarot Card reading, it can be difficult with cynics- and I’m sure each and every one of you has come face to face with one or even more. Here’s how you can deal with one effectively.

Try and Explain the Logic Behind Them

Carl Jung’s theory of the Collective Unconscious and a process known as synchronicity work in tandem to help make sense of the complexities of Tarot Card reading. While it is true that psychology is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, making it difficult to help others understand, there is no harm in trying.

Once you really get into it, it is actually pretty interesting and convincing. Encourage those close to you to take an interest in something which governs your life to some extent. If they aren’t extremely close-minded, they might understand where you are coming from, and if they don’t become staunch believers- at least they won’t be cynical about it.

Show Them How It Works and the Effectiveness of the Practice

Another thing which you can do to counter cynics is to show them how it has worked out in your life. Essentially, Tarot Card reading doesn’t really predict the future. Instead, it just helps you interpret the cards in a manner which is guided by the Collective Unconscious.

To deal with cynics in your life, you could take them along for a reading session or tell them details of how a certain deck has denoted a certain event or events of your life.

Speak to Them About Respecting Your Beliefs

Sometimes, people don’t respond to the methods mentioned above. In this case, it is important to communicate with them. Because they don’t really take Tarot Card reading seriously, they can make jokes about it easily. Tell them how the same doesn’t apply to you and that it makes you upset. People who care about you will make an active effort not to hurt your feelings.

The last option which you might have to resort to is just ignoring what cynics say. Some cynics are cynics just for the sake of it, with no real logic to support their arguments. If someone isn’t responding to your milder efforts, ignore them, and have faith in your beliefs.