Removing Energy Which Was Passed Down to Us- Is It Possible?

Removing Energy Which Was Passed Down to Us- Is It Possible?

Nowadays, the theory that our ancestors can pass their energy down to us has become a well-established fact. While some believe that there is a spiritual connection which remains within our souls for all eternity, research has shown that the trauma which our ancestors lived through changed their genes- thus transferring that trauma to us, to some extent. While the logic behind ancestral energy being passed down to us probably stems from both a spiritual and a genetic connection, there is no denying the fact that it certainly affects our life.

Furthermore, many people believe that what has happened doesn’t need to be addressed or spoken about- and that it doesn’t affect their life in any way. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. When your ancestors pass down their energy to you, you are inadvertently propagating that same energy if you choose not to address it. In some way, the behavior which your ancestors indulged in will become your behavior- regardless of if it is positive or negative. Here is how you can deal with such energy:

Acknowledging This Form of Energy

The first step to any change is first to notice or observe the genetic or ancestral pattern which you have witnessed. Did your father behave like your grandfather, and do you feel as if you are adopting the same practices? Well, your ancestors- not just from the last two generations, but from much before are also affecting your energy and thus affecting how you live your life.

Notice which patterns are commonly seen. This could range from having issues with anger or issues with low self-confidence or a spendthrift attitude- the possibilities are endless.

Addressing and Dealing With This Energy

So, you have now realized that your ancestors had an issue with anger and violence. You have heard stories of how your ancestors would get into fights regularly- indicating that this was and may still be an actual problem. You now need to figure out how to get help, which could translate into going for therapy or trying to figure out where your ancestors’ anger stems from.

Once you have done this, you break the long chain of how your ancestors’ energy is affecting their descendants. By dealing with this adequately, you will then ensure that those after you aren’t as affected as you were.

Is Being an Empath Harmful?

Is Being an Empath Harmful?

Most of us have heard of the word “empathy.” It means to put yourself in another person’s position, in a bid to understand what they are going through. From a young age, we are often encouraged to develop this feeling, as it is what makes us compassionate and a better individual. However, there is a marked difference in being an empath and having empathy.

Who Is an Empath?

An empath is an individual who has an uncanny ability to sense other people’s emotions, even before they have shared those emotions. Often, an empath can pick up on what others around them are feeling, which makes them want to reach out and help said individual overcome those feelings. The thing with empaths is that not only do they feel to an excessive extent, they are feeling not for themselves- but for others around them. You may ask: ‘Isn’t this a good thing?’

Well, this is definitely a good thing- but it can turn into something which isn’t all that healthy. Not only will an empath feel for others around them, but they take the responsibility to help those around them. Owing to this, they start getting affected by those feelings to an excessive amount, just as if those feelings were those which belonged to them, and not to another person.

How Can Being an Empath Prove to Be Harmful?

Well, to begin with, feeling any emotion too strongly is bound to have lasting effects. If these emotions are positive, you don’t really have much to worry about. However, when these emotions are negative, an empath may find it extremely difficult to cope. Because they are extremely sensitive, negative emotions are something which can lead to anxiety and depression. It can also affect their relationship with other people, thus causing long-lasting harm.

Owing to this ability to absorb other people’s emotions, empaths can get fatigued. This isn’t just equal to mental fatigue, but to the physical condition which develops owing to an excessive amount of stress. When an empath has become fatigued by dealing with other people’s problems, they have no room left in their life to deal with their own problems- which can make it very difficult for them to lead a happy life.

The first thing to do to avoid such effects is to identify yourself as an empath. Once you have realized this, you can work towards limiting the impact being an empath has on you.

How Your Chakras Can Help You?

How Your Chakras Can Help You?

Our Chakras are basically energy systems, which have the power to connect our mental state to our physical state- both playing a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy and happy life. The thing about our Chakras is that they are located in the physical body, giving them the ability to impact our physical health. However, this also makes them capable of controlling our mental state as well. For example, the First or Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine and is normally also what keeps us grounded- thus affecting how secure and supported you feel in life. Your Chakras can help you in numerous ways:

Affecting Your Physical Health

As your Chakras have a physical connection to your body and not just a spiritual one, it only makes sense for them to affect your body’s functions as well. For example, the Root Chakra, which has been mentioned above, when unbalanced can lead to back pain and fatigue. Your Heart Chakra, located in your chest, can affect your heart, along with the breast, blood pressure and immune system.

While awareness regarding our personal energy and the importance of managing it has increased, we still tend to give more importance to our physical health- as compared to our mental health. In line with such practices, keeping your Chakras balanced is surely something which everyone should look into.

Affecting Your Mental Health

While taking care of your physical health is quite important, there’s no denying the fact that your mental health deserves the exact same attention. Fortunately, your Chakras can really aid you in this process. Other than helping us feel secure, something which the Root Chakra does, our Chakras help us in numerous other ways, such as ensuring we feel confident, helping us communicate well with others, learning to love, and enjoy new experiences and many more important functions.

Keeping all these aspects of your life balanced basically leads to the state of peace and contentment, something which every human aspires to achieve. However, our Chakras can easily become imbalanced- especially when negative energy surrounds us, and we don’t have the chance or time to listen to our own mind. Keeping your chakras balanced is the key to achieving a state of well-being, and fortunately, with all the attention Chakras are getting now, finding the right guidance is no huge task.

How to Deal With Being an Empath?

How to Deal With Being an Empath?

Everyone has dealt with intense emotions- felt at various instances such as the death of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, or an inability to achieve something that you really wanted. Other milder forms of emotion are also felt, but those are felt on a regular basis. Every human can testify to the fact that our feelings, though they are what make us human, can also prove to be extremely draining. Sometimes, we feel as if feeling nothing would be a better alternative than feeling an intense emotion.

Now imagine an empath’s life. An empath not only feels their own emotions but feels the emotions of those around them with nearly the same intensity. While this quality makes those around them quite lucky, it can become something which cripples them- draining them of energy and bringing them so down that they are incapable of functioning normally sometimes. Once the realization of being an empath has been made, the next step is to find effective coping mechanisms.

Learn to Identify Those Who Take Undue Advantage of You

When an empath is already experiencing every emotion which those around them are experiencing, they are already facing a certain amount of emotional fatigue. Empaths, because they feel so strongly, make a real attempt to help those around them- which again leads to fatigue. Sometimes, they can be even labeled as being over-dramatic, owing to this quality.

However, something which is even more dangerous is when people start making use of your abilities as an empath for their personal gain. This could manifest as emotional blackmail, pushing you to work harder to make such people happy, at your own expense.

Take Time out for Yourself

Often, empaths need time to rejuvenate and recharge. Being an empath can prove to be extremely tiring, and empath fatigue is a real thing. Learn to identify when you have reached your limit and act on this. Find ways which help you relax and take a mental health day for your peace of mind.

Learn to Limit Yourself

Another important thing is to decide on boundaries. This means you should identify actions which you will never do or situations which you want to avoid at all costs. Once this is done, stay strong in your resolve and always remain within your boundaries. This will require will-power and a strong ability to say ‘no’ when the time comes.

Dealing with being an empath can prove to be difficult, but it isn’t something which cannot be managed. Follow the steps mentioned above, and you can live a peaceful life.

How Tarot Cards Can Help You Navigate Life

How Tarot Cards Can Help You Navigate Life

Life, as we know it, can prove to be an extremely twisted and often strenuous journey. Soon after we enter our teenage years, we start experiencing the pressures of life. This could range from getting good grades in school to landing an ideal job to maintaining personal relationships. Furthermore, everyone faces various struggles on this journey. While some face issues which are related to health, others face financial difficulties. There is no way to quantify how much stress or struggle an individual has faced, or how they deal with it- with Tarot card readings being something which helps in the latter.

Tarot card reading is a relatively new form of Divination, but is widely popular, with hundreds of individuals believing in it. The basis of this can be traced back several decades, with psychologist Carl Jung postulating a theory about the Collective Unconscious, which is often used to explain this belief. While there are also numerous cynics, Tarot card reading has the power to really help people- be it in their day to day life, or with major decisions. Here’s how:

Helps You Know Yourself

Before you find real contentment in life or before being capable of making major decisions successfully, you need to know your own self. Many people might ask: “How can we not know ourselves?” However, the fact is that humans often hide from facing up to the truths in their life. This could range from acknowledging their weaknesses to facing up to their fears. Often, we go through life without really wanting to change ourselves in any major way, especially our negative qualities.

However, the problem with such tactics is that it leads to eventual unhappiness. When you don’t face the things which make you unhappy, or even make those around you unhappy- you can only find temporary happiness. This is something where Tarot cards can really help. They help us know ourselves, opening our minds to facts which we don’t want to acknowledge- which in turn helps us navigate life.

Gives Us Guidance

The thing about Tarot cards is that they tell us what we already know. Often, the answers to our questions or the way we are supposed to act is within it- but we cannot reach it. Through Tarot Card readings, the muddle inside our mind becomes clearer, making it easy to make the correct decision when the time comes.

Tarot Card readings are said to give users a push in the right direction, which sounds much better than fumbling through life, owing to an inability to think clearly.