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Luci McMonagle
The Wealthy Wednesday show is syndicated and is featured on Apple Store, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Spreaker, BlogTalk Radio, Facebook, Stitcher, MixCloud, Youtube, and is listed on all of Luci’s Social Media platforms, plus some former guests websites and has been picked up by some independent websites. It has a global reach to thousands of individuals.
The Wealthy Wednesday Show, an eTV show, podcast, and a platform for a community of like-minded individuals is building a movement to empower you to get ‘unstuck’ and remove obstacles to attain more freedom, wealth, and joy. We have top experts who will help you bridge the gap between your practical and spiritual skills and give you the boost you need to succeed in life!

Show airs every Wednesday at 12 pm pst

This popular internationally acclaimed talk show features top experts in the realms of Spirituality, Health, Wealth, Finances, Healing Arts and you will get Practical Tools that you can start using today in your life and in your business. The show has been highly acclaimed and is hosted the USA Number One Best Selling Author, Luci McMonagle who is a highly sought after Intuitive, Medium and Powerful Spiritual Teacher/Leader.

This is not for everyone, you must serve Conscious individuals that are seeking to be Spiritual Minded and give high quality  that provide value, tips, or strategies. 

As a guest, you agree to provide high value content to the audience and agree not to be an “informercial” type guest.

If you’d like to be a guest on the show – please note it is an eTV Show meaning it is VIDEO – please have good lighting, a good mic and in a quiet place when pre-recording.

Your product or service has the potential of reaching thousands of conscious entrepreneurs desiring to grow their business and is looking for solutions. Invest in yourself and make your marketing dollars count by advertising on the Wealthy Wednesday Show.

Your message will be heard over and over again on the syndicated channels that the Wealthy Wednesday will be aired on! Replays will be available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year!

Feel good and sound great with video and audio replays. Educate the audience and provide high quality content!

Invest in getting the exposure you deserve! Your marketing dollars count and it’s our goal to ensure you have the best exposure possible. See below for more details.

This is not for everyone – we are looking for high quality shows that provide value, tips, strategies first and then information about your product or service.

We require you to promote your interview to your list and on social media. Please do not apply if you can not do this.

Luci is a phenomenal host of a very meaningful podcast that is focused on creating value and spreading knowledge to the world. Not only that, but she’s a highly knowledgeable mind that has a lot to offer in terms of content and information. I highly recommend checking out her podcast!
Jeet Banerjee

Serial entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant and TEDx speaker.

Luci McMonagle is an amazing host who really knows how to put her guests and her audience at ease. I truly enjoyed being on the show and felt that her calm spirit is a real gift to those who want to learn more about what it means to take on the many challenges associated with money. A welcome opportunity for those who want to grow into wealth and have a deeper understanding of what it means to move beyond management into mastery.
Dr. Sharon L Spano

It was a pleasure to be a guest on Luci’s Wealthy Wednesday Show. She has a sincere desire to inform and support her audience, bringing them useful personal and business information. Luci interviewed me with real attention and empathy, allowing me to make the best possible presentation of my work and ideas. This was a wonderful venue for me, and a great opportunity to serve Luci’s audience.
David Edelstein

Luci McMonagle is a wonderfully conscious host and I truly enjoyed our interview.
Jacob Liberman

OD, PhD., author of Luminous Life: How The Science Of Light Unlocks The Art Of Living

Luci’s format (for the Wealthy Wednesday Show) and calm presence as the interviewer helped me engage even deeper into the topics presented on the show. Overall, she provides a solid platform on which to share ideas in the clearest way possible.
Fox Beyer

I loved Luci’s energy, I’ve been doing a ton of interviews in the past months and chatting with Luci was truly one of the most energetic and uplifting experiences.
I am only as good on interviews as the questions are. Thanks Luci for preparing and hosting such a wonderful show! All my love to you!
Carolin Hauser

Lucy is easy to talk to and is very passionate about helping businesses grow. I loved the fact that she introduces her listeners to business owners of different industries. She made me feel comfortable sharing my knowledge and asked follow-up questions to dig deeper so her listeners would gain value from the interview. It was a great experience and was very thankful for the opportunity.
Nickquolette Barrett

How refreshing and exciting to interview with Luci McMonagle on her Wealthy Wednesday show. As we uncovered commonalities, the momentum grew. She has a lovely knack of seamlessly bringing in valuable clues to unlock my expertise. Thank you so much for both a resourceful marketing piece for me, and hopefully a golden nugget session for viewers. You have your act together, dear friend. We have lots more to do together!!! I look forward to it.
Jacque Zoccoli

“Luci is such a giving, warm, wonderful bright light on this planet. She is fun to talk to and fun to listen to. I had a blast being on the Wealthy Wednesday Show!”
Kathryn Kemp Guylay

Change agent at MakeEverythingFun.com

“At a time where the spiritual community needs to reconcile their relationship with money and wealth, the Wealthy Wednesday Show is a God-send to spiritual entrepreneurs at large that are needing to bridge disconnect between pursuing their spiritual calling and money and wealthy. As spiritual and conscious entrepreneurs, it is time for many to come into harmony with the energy of money and wealth and to realize that we can have far more impact doing it with money than with out. And, I can’t think of a better platform than the Wealthy Wednesday Show hosted by Luci McMonagle to do just that.”
Wani Iris Manly

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