Become a Female Business Tycoon with These Simple Time Management Tips

Women are blamed for taking too much time in decision making, in getting ready to go out, in preparing food and many other aspects of daily life! It is time to break this stereotype and prove to the world that you are in control of time – control which can even enable you to become a successful business tycoon!    

As a woman, especially a working woman and more specifically a woman entrepreneur, you must be juggling multiple things at the same time – looking after your business, your home, your husband and kids (maybe even extended family) and trying to manage a social life as well. Women are powerful because they have the strength to dare conceive and then make it possible to manage all these things together!

Every person in this world is at level when we talk about availability of time – everyone has 24 hours in a day. Successful women entrepreneurs have gained success by managing time. So if you also want to be a successful and empowered woman, here are a few tips for managing time:

  •  Every morning take 5 minutes to plan out your day – do not start doing tasks as they come in your mind. Tackle tasks with a master plan for the day and stick to it as best possible;
  • Prioritize tasks, delegate unimportant ones so you can focus on the important matters yourself. Make sure you take care of the most important tasks at the beginning of the day and tackle less important tasks as the day continues;
  • Make sure you are busy doing something productive, rather than just busy – your rule should be ’if it does not add value, it is not worth doing’;
  • At the end of the day, be grateful for everything you have achieved. If you have had any setbacks, take a lesson from them and focus on the positives.

My Money Smart for Small Business training curriculum has a complete module dedicated to time management. Remember, in order to be a successful woman or a business woman, you need to take charge of time and stay ahead of it so it may not catch up with you and hold you back!