You wake up on Monday mornings dreading the workweek ahead. You have a faint distant memory of things you were passionate about, but you are stuck in the rut of the 9 to 5 routine job and struggle to pay your bills. You are afraid to think of a different reality, to make a change, pursue your dream, and act upon it. You are like millions of other people who are frustrated with their current circumstances and are afraid to make a change or take a leap of faith. Do you plan to live all your life like this or do you want to do something about it? It’s time to change your mindset, your circumstances, step out of the life of despair, and start making the best of your life. Here is why you should do so:

Allow the Light of Your Being to Shine

Whether you believe it or not, you are one of the children of the light; you are born with an inner light because God has created you in His own image. Even if you are an atheist or nihilistic, surely there is no point in holding on to the self-defeating belief that you are born in the shadow of darkness and are meant to suffer till death. This belief won’t take you anywhere, or let you do anything. You are born with a pure and strong inner light that creates your inner core, your authentic self. It is the darkness of the world that dims it, the fears, negativities, and hurtful memories of the past. These negativities weigh our soul down, casting a long dark shadow in front of us and behind us.  Your life has a higher purpose, i.e., to translate the surrounding darkness into light, to make the world a better place through your work.

Realize and Actualize the Purpose of Your Existence

Our inner limitations and circumstances not only dim our divine light, but also stop us from fulfilling our purpose and destiny. They force us to live out as smaller and lesser versions of our selves, to exist as mere shadows of ourselves. Allowing our inner light to get masked and subdued not only hurts us, but the humanity as well. It robs us of the inner belief and energy that create transformative undertakings. If you care about the world you live in, your community, the global humanity, and are concerned about its plight, then you need to do something. You need to translate your passion and concerns into result-oriented projects, entrepreneurial undertakings, and philanthropic enterprises that can make a difference, a meaningful impact, no matter how minuscule they are, so that the world can be helped in becoming a better place.

Live a Purposeful and Passionate Life

We are all working ourselves to death, and for the wrong reasons. Being in the wrong job and sticking to it has short-term gains only and long term regrets and pain. We all start our professional lives full of dreams and passions.  Companies have a mission statement but, in my opinion, women like you, beautiful and vulnerable, need a mission statement: a personal, powerful, meaningful and passionate mission statement that serves as a connection between you and your business. So shed whatever that doesn’t feel good anymore and doesn’t serve a purpose in the grand scheme of your life. Starting your business allows you to search for and bring more meaning, joy and purposefulness into your life, and also a chance to create your own unique legacy.

I am Luci McMonagle, a Miracles and Abundance Coach, and have been helping passionate, ambitious women breakthrough the glass ceiling, come out of the closet of dead-end jobs and reinvent themselves through meaningful businesses and philanthropic enterprises. Are you passionate about something and want to translate it into a meaningful business but always end up hiding behind excuses and fears? Then we need to talk. Book a complimentary session with me today. I will equip you with solid and actionable advice, tips, and even referrals that would help you launch yourself and your business.