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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Feel Frustrated as an Women Entrepreneur
April 2, 2019
Feel Frustrated as an Women Entrepreneur

Starting one’s own business is a dream for many, promising excitement and adventure. However, no one said it would be easy! Considering how difficult it is to take a new business off the ground and keep it there, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many women entrepreneurs burn out within the first year of […]

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Create a life that YOU can be proud of
March 26, 2019

At a particular point, your life is what you make of it. There is only one person to congratulate when you succeed and only one person to blame when you fail, which is you. Because this is the reality, you want to create a life which you are proud of 100 percent. There is no […]

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Eliminate Self-limiting beliefs
March 19, 2019
luci Blog

When we think about the factors which hold us back, several things can come to mind. From financial limitations to personal responsibilities and limited opportunities, the list of things which may prevent us from achieving our goals can go on and on but something which we always choose to or forget to include is our […]

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The No.1 way to get what you want
March 12, 2019

As humans, it seems that we are programmed to want and want. Regardless of what it is, we want; every individual is constantly striving towards something. This could be financial gain in the form of a high-paying job or establishing a successful business. This could be educational achievements in the form of a degree from […]

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The real reasons we fail at manifesting wealth
March 7, 2019

One of the most popular sayings in the world goes: “Moneycan’t buy happiness”. While this is definitely true, there is no denying the fact that while money might not be able to bring you eternal happiness, it can bring you a multitude of things some of which are essential to survival. There must be extremely […]

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