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No matter how progressed we say we have become as a society, there is a large majority that still thinks that women cannot be good corporate leaders. Their reason for saying so grows from their perception that women, being emotional beings, are incapable of making logical decisions. That is…

You can have a great resume, excellent work experience and great education but you still have the chance of being denied in an interview of your dream job if you do not know the basics of going to an interview. Following are some tips that will help you: (more…)

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Opening up a new business is a carefully planned and calculated decision. It is hard in the beginning to control everything. Operating a business involves doing several things at a time. For new women entrepreneurs, they have to cope with the financial, operational, marketing, distribution and other aspects of the business.…

Women do not only struggle in their workplaces but they also struggle in their personal identities as women and with their gender roles. 21st century is probably the most dangerous place for women because now is the time where only the all-rounders can survive. Women are not only being…
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