We need a lot of things for our small business venture to go on and thrive: passion, talent, skills, time, adequate resources, especially working space and budget. But more than that women entrepreneurs need hope and happiness to make their soul- and spirit-centered ventures survive and thrive. Hope and happiness is what keep us going on despite the odds stacked against us and our work and get up and continue failures after failures. Ironically, in a world-driven by materialism and intense competition, elements like hope and happiness are never talked about, never given their due importance. That’s why I invited Robert Clancy on one of the episodes of my Wealthy Wednesday Show to talk about these underestimated aspects of our lives and work. Robert Clancy is an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, writer of the book Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Soul and the Soul Cyphers – Decoding a Life of Hope and Happiness. Here are some of the tips we came up to manifest and encode hope and happiness in our lives and work:

Look For and Savor Transformational Moments

Entrepreneurs have a vision of what they want in life and they keep striving to get it and get ‘there’. They keep directing all our energy and focus towards that perfect moment in the future. But what they forget in all this struggle is the need to stop, savor the moment, smell the roses i.e., the need to live in the ‘present’. And this struggle creates a feeling of displacement and chaos in our present. We make the effort for the kind of future we want in our present and it shapes us into the kind of person we are to become.  Robert Clancy tells us that if we keep rushing through the present, we would miss those big, inspirational, and transformational moments and opportunities that have the impetus to change our life and our business. That’s why I remind women entrepreneurs again and again: We don’t have to rush through life to get ‘there’. We need to be mindful of each step of the journey because that’s where the hidden opportunities lie. That’s why it’s absolutely important to prioritize your life and business with the things and people you value and cherish most, so you don’t end up losing them and lose your way.

Pay Attention; Make the Right Turn at the Right Time

There are times in our business and life when we are truly lost: for answers, for solutions. It happens because we are so hell-bent, so focused on our vision for the future that we miss the guiding and warning signs on the way in the present. We eventually get lost, hit the absolute rock bottom, end up in a rut from which we are unable to climb out on our own. Robert Clancy recounts the importance of having the courage to make the right turn, to make a detour, to go back when you realize that you have taken a wrong turn and start from the scratch. At times, our indecisiveness and pride make us continue ahead and end up like a train wreck. This is the make or break moment for our business, for us. People usually get so confused and demotivated at this crucial point that they end up giving up altogether.  Robert Clancy reminds us that even if that happens, you must remember that once you have hit the rock bottom then you can’t possibly sink any further, and thus, the only way out is to get up and go up. This means that when you are going through a rough patch in life, you can’t sit passively and wait for divine intervention, and you have to take action, find your own way out, manifest your own destiny.

Before You Volunteer for Others Volunteer for Yourself 

When you allow yourself to live in the moment then you become aware of yourself, of your surroundings and of others. You would realize the value of not just living for yourself but for others, of giving back and volunteering in whatever way you can. Robert Clancy advises that even if you are too busy and taken up by running our business, then you can volunteer through smallest acts and simplest gestures, taking the time out to smile at others. Such a small gesture can have a profound effect not only on your own temperament and motivation level but can also brighten others’ day in a small way. Soul- and spiritually-inclined women entrepreneurs who have encountered failures, disappointments, illnesses and personal and material losses need to create avenues and outlets outside their work so as to stay passionate, balanced and sane. The second thing and the most important thing Robert Clancy tells us is that before we can volunteer for others, we should volunteer for ourselves: be good, kind, compassionate and forgiving to ourselves, treat ourselves well during testing times. Self-care and self-love hold the key to ultimate happiness.

Struggling women entrepreneurs often wonder why they feel unfulfilled and so unhappy, despite working so very hard in their personal lives and in their businesses. The reason behind all the stress, chaos, and disappointment is that we keep hope and happiness at the bottom rung. We never make it our priority. Personal happiness, hope and passion form the core of our business, our life, not our capital, not even our clients. So, if you want to manifest more joy, fulfillment, personal success, wealth and abundance in 2018, make hope and happiness the core of your business.

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