Calling In Wealth



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Powerful and Inspiring ONLINE Group coaching Sessions And every single month and You will start to experience the benefits of miracles and magic in your life!

Join me (Luci McMonagle, The Mystic Wealth Creator) on the first Wednesday of every month at 12 noon PST to start Calling in YOUR WEALTH!

Benefits of these monthly calls:

$ Unlock your ultimate wealth and open the doorway to your soul’s true abundance. Discover the system of thinking and being that allows you to have more freedom, more flow and deeper fulfillment in your life and business.

$ Experience Massive increases in income – both money and opportunities start to flow into your life in miraculous and magical ways

$ Creating a deeper relationship with money, people and luxury

$ Letting go of the energy that is keeping you stuck and frustrated

All this and other super great surprises for only $97
$47 per month!

“Luci, I have sooo much joy in my heart and more money everyday in my bank account thank you, thank you! For helping me clear a major block about how I felt about money……. Keep holding the money magic in the world sister.”
Gaia Morrissette

Each call will be unique, unscripted, and powerful.

There will be a topic of the month that is followed by questions and answers, discussions, trainings, meditations, laser coaching, and/or an energy clearing. There will never be the same call twice and the power of these group clearing calls will empower you on all levels.

Current Topics that are on the agenda (one per month):

  Energy of Money

  Vibration of Wealth

  One of the Natural Laws of Manifestations and how to use it

  Discovering Money and Wealth

  Finding your Money and Wealth Why

  What’s your money story and how to change it

  Lies you may have believed about money and wealth

  * Suggest a topic you’d like to hear about

All this for just $97
$47 per month – with no minimum time committment.

These SESSIONS are accessible GLOBALLY!

All you need is a phone or computer with internet access. Calls will be completed using Zoom (a free program you can get at Zoom.us).

YES! The recording will have the same amount of energy clearing and power. So you won’t miss a single thing!

Space is limited to 50 computer internet connections! So sign up and save your spot 🙂