Entrepreneurs struggle with a lot of conflicting emotions in their lives: For instance, when they decide not to follow the 9 to 5 crowd, they are not sure what else they can do better than others, and whether it is financially viable or not. If they have a spiritual inclination, one hand, they struggle with the notion of making money and profit; while on the other, they find it hard to sustain and grow their business. Self-doubts kill talent and ambition and stop us from embracing our true money-making potential and it also deprives the world from receiving our gifts and goodness. Since most women entrepreneurs are familiar with these struggles, it made sense to me to invite Nicole Jansen on my Wealth Wednesday Show. Nicole is a Business Breakthrough Coach, Master Trainer/Facilitator, and Strategic Intervention. Nicole helps entrepreneurs figure out their unique edge and real strengths and build sustainable businesses around them. She also teaches spiritually-inclined women to get comfortable with the notion of money-making and encourage all of us to lead a holistic life and gain mastery over our lives. Here are the 5 steps she recommends to our audience:

Discover your Edge

Every one of us has been given a special ability, our niche, and edge that needs merely discovering and honing. We may end up ignoring this special ability or taking it for granted all our lives because it happens to be so innate and natural to us. But these unique and special abilities enable us to make money and have fun. Nicole tells us that our formal schooling teaches us a bunch of things we are ‘ok’ or ‘good‘ at doing. But most of us get stuck in the rut of mediocrity because if we settle for ‘good enough’ only then we would miss our being ‘great at’ part. Our strengths, heart, ability, uniqueness, experience all combine to form what Nicole calls our ‘sweet spot’.  In order to discover your own ‘sweet spot’, you need to understand your own personality dynamics, environmental factors, unique life experiences i.e., what elements make you thrive. Focusing on personal successes and failures can also help people understand themselves better so they can build better businesses.

Look for Vital Clues

If you are unsure about anything in life, be it your true potential or testing a business idea, you should look for clues around you rather than staying stuck in self-doubts.  Take clues from what is around you, the things that make you happy, things you love doing, things you are best at.  For instance, if you are doing something that is wearing you down then it’s a hidden message that it is time to change what you do or how you are doing it. Self-exploration helps you discover your unique edge, your special gift, which you can translate into a sellable skill or business. Nicole also tells us to think about things that frustrate or sadden you then you can go ahead and try to change it through your work. Nicole also suggests that knowing your value proposition can help you translate your skills into sales. You need to find out who needs your help, who is having a problem or who can benefit from your strengths and skills and then you can build a business around it.

Get Comfortable with Money

In the age of electronic money, people no longer have to carry actual money. According to Nicole, actual physical money and electronic money have different vibes and advantages.  But electronic money has taught people to be somewhat cautious and even afraid of real money, which is impacting their money making potential. According to Nicole, people now have developed an aversion and fear of actual money due to the prolonged use of electronic money. They put money in their wallets, they end up either hanging on to it longer than they should or they try to spend it very fast, as to get rid of it. Nicole and I recommend women entrepreneurs to rework on their relationship with money and strengthen their wealth vibe as a result. Nicole recommends money-shy and money-weary women entrepreneurs to start carrying around cash in their wallets, look at the dollar bills often, touch them, and notice how they feel in their hands and how they make them feel. All these exercises can help us identify our own unique money blueprint.

See Money as a Divine Tool

We heard growing up the notion that money is evil and bad, which taints our relationship with it and forces us to live at the low spectrum of the money energy.  Yet, ironically enough, you need money even to help someone out. What spiritual entrepreneurs don’t realize is that money is a form of energy and the more successfully we learn to harness and use it, the more successfully we would be able to make an impact on the world.  Entrepreneurs have a special God-given talent or power who can create something from nothing through their ideas. They take ideas from the metaphysical to the physical level and implement it. They have something of value that they can give to others and generate money in return. Nicole says that when you bring something of value to the table, people want to pay you back. Money in the hands of the right people is a divine tool.  Nicole says that spiritual and mystic entrepreneurs can have a purpose as well as profit. You can manifest money into something meaningful and divine by spending it on meaningful project and activity, taking initiatives, funding ventures, and address and work on issues that you are passionate about.

Have a Holistic Approach Towards Your Work  

Mindset training and self improvement is about not just improving your thoughts or a particular aspect of your business but also improving your life. If you are making more money but your relationships are suffering, your health is suffering then your money-making is meaningless because you are miserable. If your priorities are not straight, you would struggle, you would be miserable and you would fail eventually. So, you need to work holistically and synergistically on all aspects of your life. Otherwise your success would be short-lived and it would all come crashing down. I found this observation of Nicole Jansen to be particularly true in my case. The business I co-founded and gave my life and sweat to was centered around taking care of others, so eventually what happened was that my own health, marriage, business failed. I learnt the hard way that you need to balance your life, your work, your health, relationships.

If you do all this, you would be able to truly live up to your truest potential. Nicole says that someone living less than their potential saddens her. If you too have been feeling that you are not living up to your truest potential or are not purposefully engaged with your business and your life then you should read my book Magical Money Manifestations: A Practical and Spiritual Guide for Manifesting Money. As a Mystical Wealth Creator, I have narrated simple manifesting guidelines and exercises that can help you create prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life. Get your copy from Amazon today!