The economic participation of women has decreased the level of poverty among women. These women are the game changers. Over the next decade, women in business will wield huge influence over sports, politics, society and most importantly, in the business world.    

Women empowerment is not only a worthy goal, but has been providing progress in the overall economic development. Women empowerment and economic development are closely related. In one direction, women empowerment may develop gender equality, which may in turn promote economic development.

Women have faced tremendous barriers when seeking the opportunities. They want themselves to be on equivalent footing with men. Bigger gender equality can develop economic productivity and enhance developments for the future generation. This will ensure women business leaders, policies and institutions to become more representative.

Below are some of the important facts that tell us that women empowerment can actually change the game of an economy:

  • Women empowerment in labor can guarantee large reduction rates in poverty.
  • Women farmers after gaining the needed resources can prevent their families to face starvation and also, their children from being mal-nourished.
  • Women gaining properties will guarantee them more money, providing an upper hand in expenditures that will prevent domestic violence at home.
  • Women having access to time saving technologies will help them input more hours in the business problems.

These economic developments can only succeed if women are economically empowered. The bottom line is that, when invested in women, the economy can change and more equitable societies will form.