Careers From the Kitchen Table, 5th Edition

Insider Secrets to Starting and Running a Successful Home Based Business, Even During a Recession


For those of you just learning about this publication, we congratulate you on taking a step to make a difference in your life. By purchasing Careers from the Kitchen Table Home Business Directory, you’ve just proven to yourself that you can do exactly what this book was written to help people do.

Remember your work has just begun. Being an entrepreneur requires much more than buying a book and reading it. Be sure to apply what you are reading and get ready to work hard.

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The mission of Careers from the Kitchen Table Radio Show and this Home Business Directory has and will always be to let people just like you know:

Whatever you do now in your job, or have a passion to do – it can be turned into a profitable and fulfilling business and do it without hype and empty promises.

I was a co-author in Careers from the Kitchen Table, we are here to help you WAKE UP and create your own Plan B, instead of hoping, praying and relying on someone else to create it for you. As much as we may not want to think about it, the reality is thousands of people’s Plan A, which they were certain, would always be there for them, and has been taken away in this downturned economy. So, let’s get proactive and create a Plan B that can easily be turned into your first choice should it become.

There is a ton of information out there to motivate and inspire you, and while we do that too we don’t just stop there. Careers from the Kitchen Table offers you the missing link by also telling you what you NEED to be successful and giving you the opportunity to shine just like the big dogs do.

Raven Blair Davis:

“A very special thank you to our incredible featured experts I was blessed to interview on my show that gave up time from their busy schedule to come on Careers From The Kitchen Table radio show and share their insider secrets, strategies and formulas for success freely with the listeners. Their selflessness has assisted hundreds of thousands worldwide who have tuned into the show the past three years and to the many contributing authors who helped make this book possible with their amazing stories they shared from their hearts.”

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Has and will always be to let people just like you know:

We only put authentic people in front of you who can keep it fresh, have a customer service oriented business and base not only their business but their lives on ethical choices. This is something that will never change at Careers from the Kitchen Table – not even when the economy has bounced back.

Everybody has a story to share and each person’s story is different. Who knows, maybe next year your story will be featured

Every business owner faces challenges and hardships and our guests are no different. They come to the show to talk about those challenges, but more importantly how they overcame them to reach the level of success they presently enjoy. They also share their “recipes for success” in the form of tips, ideas, advice, suggestions, and the things that worked for them and helped them become successful with the hope that even just one of our listeners will gain some help or guidance from their story.

Author of Magical Money Manifestation

“There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.” ~ Christopher Morley

From the day I was conceived and have busted all odds. Unfortunately, my family was not so lucky. There were a number of significant difficulties that altered their path of what should have been a “normal” family existence. Some people may not believe in miracles, but I am in living proof, become known as the Mystic Wealth Creator.

For entrepreneurs and business professionals who are choosing to not settle for mere “survival” during these difficult economic times but instead are determined to “thrive”, these 63 inspirational business stories will encourage readers that they can work from home and follow their passion.

Read what our clients think about Luci…

Throughout her journey, Luci McMonagle has helped many people mend their relationships with money.

“The “Careers from the Kitchen Table Home Business Directory” has a WEALTH of helpful information to assist today’s entrepreneurs like myself in getting started with a successful career and to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls that others have made. I particularly like the “Recipe for Success” section of each author.”

By Bill E

“Awesome book. Easy reading. Each section was inspiring and written from the perspective of a best friend giving you the benefit of what they have learned and extending a hand out to help pull you up. What separates this from other books is there are no false promises, no supposed checklist of do this to succeed. What you do get is what others have done and it’s up to you to find that passion within and go for it I think it’s very impressive that they all tell you this is not always a “piece of cake” but you have to renew your passion daily and keep at it. I know this will be something I will read over and over and gain something new each time.“

By TK-Katy

“I really enjoyed the stories of the home based businesses. It is so encouraging to see how many home based businesses there are and how each person had struggles and overcame them. The really brilliant part of it was the recipes for success — short, inspiring, and to the point.“

By Bonnie Terry

M. Ed., BCET