Money Manifestation and the Laws of Attraction

Money Manifestation and the Laws of Attraction

What if I tell you that you have the ability or power to manifest as much money as you want? It may sound unbelievable to you; however, it’s true and has been happening to several people around the globe, who truly understand the mystique nature of money and the power it holds. And by using the right money manifestation principles, they have been able to achieve groundbreaking results!

Most conscious women entrepreneurs are initially successful in setting up their businesses; however, the difficult part comes when they have to promote their product or service, or ask for their due worth. This is where things start to go downhill. Due to certain fears and insecurities, they find it difficult to do such tasks, resulting in the failure of their business and dreams.

I have been through the same phase and I know exactly how it feels. I felt trapped, like there was no way out! It had started to take a toll on my life and relationships, and I had to find a way out of this mess. Do you know what helped me transform my life? The laws of attraction and money manifestation! They allowed me to break through the shackles of poverty and build my own identity. And trust me when I say this, it was no less than a miracle!

The Laws of Money Manifestation and How They work

The law of money manifestation is based on the universal law of attraction. “The Secret”, a bestseller of Rhonda Byrne, talks about the same principle. Oprah dedicated two episodes of her show to this book and attributes her own success in life to the law of attraction.  Manifesting this law will help you in attracting more wealth, prosperity and abundance into your life.  How? The universe is a mirror of your reality, instead of it being the other way around. Our thoughts are a powerful medium and generate a frequency that attracts a similar frequency from the universe. So your deep and repetitive thoughts, beliefs and affirmations are echoed and mirrored back to you by the universe, and construct your reality accordingly. If you think and act positively, you will be able to attract more positive energy, wealth, and happiness into your life and vice versa.

Tap Into Your Inner Sense of Wealth

Being poor or rich depends on the state of your mind. Thinking like a rich person will help in attracting more money into your life. Having an impoverished conscience and a poor outlook makes you frustrated and broke. If you surround yourself with images of prosperity, wealth and abundance, it will help in shaping your world accordingly. Go ahead and wear your best suit to work, eat in your finest dishware, carry cash in your wallet; do the simple things that make you feel good and rich without spending a ton of cash. Our ability and choice to be positive and the trust that everything would eventually work out for the best, will result in us being taken care of by the universe and our material needs being met. Our positive attitude creates an energy channel between the world and us, and allows more positive energy to flow in.  Having a positive attitude will improve your confidence level and create positive energy in your life; something your prospective clients will notice and bank upon!         

Change Your Perspective

Sometimes we need to get into the tiny details, the heart of things. However, there are other times when we need to gain a broader prospective of our life and our business. Look at your business from a different angle and a zoomed out view, and look for areas which need improvement, supplementary services that can be ordered, processes that can be optimized, the cash drains, etc. This broader view of your life and business will also help you recognize the reasons for your impoverished money situation and outlook.

Visualize Abundance All Around You

Realize and actualize the belief that even the biggest of your wishes and desires are a minuscule part of this huge universe, and that, this very universe has everything you need in abundance, which it is giving to all indiscriminately. Visualize wealth as the multitude of stars in the sky and see them as diamonds, ready to fall into your lives. Visualize the rain as a sign of a bounty, and the raindrops as money trickling, pouring into your pocket and into your life.

Realize Your Own Worth

All of us have unique gifts, skills and talents that can help us carve a distinct identity and set ourselves apart. We need to see what these skills and talents are, and how they can help our clients to make an impact in their lives. When people are able to realize this potential, they will gladly and gratefully offer us the money in exchange for our services. For this we have to market ourselves by putting ourselves out there, so as to make more and more people aware of the kind of potential we have and the difference we can make in their lives.

Working as a Mystic Wealth Creator, I aim to empower conscious women entrepreneurs to creating businesses that create wealth and make an impact using proven manifestation principles. I help them scale to a profitable double six-figure business so that they can create wealth and become philanthropists, making a big impact in the world.

When you align with the Laws of Manifestation and to your soul’s blueprint whilst utilizing your higher gifts, you can use your power to create social change and transform the world through your own personal transformation.

The Mystic Wealth Creator

The Mystic Wealth Creator


Money is usually considered as a taboo subject, being the elephant in the room. Women entrepreneurs have a complex, ambivalent and contradictory relationship with money and wealth. They have huge fears, insecurities, inner conflicts and stress relating to money, which affects their life, productivity and relationships. They start their businesses in order to become self-reliant and wealthy, but they feel shame in promoting their businesses and asking for their due worth. More so, they feel uncomfortable asking for their worth, charging premium rates whilst providing high quality services, lest it would make them look greedy to the client and their services would get declined. So they end up working very hard, delivering high-end services at nominal and discounted rates, and feel frustrated when they have to struggle with paying their bills and keeping their business afloat.


Is Money the Problem or Our Perceptions?

We are aware that money is a powerful element, as the person who has money exercises control, and attempts to control and manipulate others. As a result, money is seen as a power either to be coveted or as an evil to be shunned. But this is a purely materialistic view and robs us of the awareness that money is energy. All sorts of negative emotions and associations get attached with money, desire, greed, fear, guilt, envy, attachment, etc. When we draw false securities from money, we end up chasing small goals or getting stuck in jobs that help us pay the bills, but don’t help us in realizing our true potential. It stops us from pursuing our dreams and destiny. Our view of money gets dented; no matter how much money we earn, we would never consider it enough to feel happy. We consider that the purpose to have money is to be able to buy branded luxury goods, afford chic vacations, or hoard it away in banks. Either ways, we are unable to derive the kind of satisfaction that money is supposed to give.


Money As a Means of Spiritual Development

When we constantly place money above ourselves, and give it undue importance and superiority over everything in our lives, it acquires negative energy, and the ability and power to control our lives. What we fail to realize is that money is a tool that, when used correctly, can help us in our physical development as well as emotional and spiritual one. You need to realize that you and your money have a much bigger relationship dynamics with the universe.

Money can be used for your spiritual development, fulfillment and benefit. If we work to earn money solely for material and financial compensations, then we would never be able to achieve spiritual fulfillment from it. We do things to earn money but we don’t use this money to do the right things, for others and ourselves. That’s why its impact becomes limited and hence the satisfaction is short lived too. But if we use our money in the right way to do the right things, it becomes a spiritual catalyst that can make the world a better place, not just for us but also for others. We must use money to do the right things, for the right reasons. If we learn to use and distribute it in the right way, money can become a spiritual asset that can change not only our lives, but the world as well.

Attracting Wealth: a Secret Knowledge

Why does money management remain an esoteric knowledge? It is because the teachers of money manifestation understand that people are too conditioned by the society to reassess their relationship with money and see any attempt to do so with skepticism. People are deprived of this esoteric knowledge end up staying stuck in the negative cycle of love and hate with money. But there are some who are able to gain this self-awareness and enlightenment, and are able to master material as well as spiritual success. They are willing to share this esoteric knowledge with people, so as to help them free themselves from negative emotions, associations and attachments with money.

This what I aim to do, as a Mystic Wealth Creator, by empowering conscious women entrepreneurs to create businesses that create wealth and make an impact using proven manifestation principles. I believe in the Laws of Attraction and Manifestation, as I have experienced their power in my own life.  They allowed me to break through the shackles of poverty and establish my own identity. And now, I want you to experience this too.

I want to educate, transform and empower others with laws of manifestations so they will be able to have the freedom, prosperity and wealth they desire to live life on their own terms, while making an impact in the world through creating more jobs for others and ending violence, rapes, and abuse towards woman and children. Let’s work together to make this world a better place for all of us.

Witness Your Business and Sales Soar by Revolutionizing Your Sales Mindset!

Witness Your Business and Sales Soar by Revolutionizing Your Sales Mindset!

Many bright and passionate women entrepreneurs from a non-sales background find selling their services to prospective clients the toughest nut to crack. They are bound by their traditional sales mindsets that don’t let them see past the initial hurdles and challenges. A business cannot survive without robust, agile sales figures. So principally, you need to overcome common fears and misperceptions about sales and work on your limiting sales mindsets, if you want your new business to stay around the next year and see some serious profit rolling in. Here are 4 negative mindsets about sales that need to be replaced with positive ones:

‘I am a Pushy Salesman!’ – The Traditional Mindset

This traditional mindset is based on the popular and prevalent belief that people, who are selling their stuff, happen to be pushy, sleazy, snake oil selling hucksters that are not to be trusted and avoided at all costs. When we approach a prospective client, we carry this traditional belief, mindset and shame with us, which makes us lose our confidence in our business and skills.  We feel that we have an agenda and the subsequent shame and guilt sabotage the sales call.

‘I am What the Client Needs!’ The Revolutionized Mindset

Instead of considering yourself as a person selling a product or a service, see yourself as someone who holds the key to the client’s urgent and profound problems or their deepest and maybe unrealized needs. They have a problem, they have a need, and they need someone to help them out. This person could be you! But you need to make them realize the relevance, worth and value of your service. Researching your prospect has its value, but ultimately, a sales call is what would help you find out whether a good fit exists between your service and your client’s needs or not.

‘I Have to Make a Sales Call and Get it Over With!’- The Traditional Mindset

Most of us consider calling a prospective client as an obligation, eating a frog i.e., we must make a sales call to make the client know about us and to hopefully buy from us. The obligatory and unpleasant nature of this task makes us give it either a low priority, or get it out of the way quickly. Our hurried and vexed state of mind doesn’t allow us to develop the call into a conversation, and allows it to end without a result!

‘It’s an Exploratory Conversation!’- The Revolutionized Mindset

Let me ask you: Do you feel tense or nervous when approaching or talking to a guest at a party? Hardly! You are at ease, relaxed, hoping to learn something new about the person, wanting to get to know him or her better. Once you begin to see the sales conversation in the same light and treat it in the same way, you will begin to feel more relaxed and even curious.

‘If I Fail to Sell, I am a Failure’ – The Traditional Mindset

There is a lot of anxiety, fear, and vulnerability lurking in the background of a sales call in a traditional mindset. One sees it as an absolute make or break deal. This way we end up letting too much ride on a sales call: our ego, self-esteem, success and failure. Inevitably, the pressure gets to us and each call that fails to convert into a sale drags us down into an abyss of panic and sense of failure and rejection. Customers and investors can smell fear and lack of conviction from a mile.

‘Every Sales Call Brings Me Information and Value!’ – The Revolutionized Mindset

You are your first client; if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. Failure and success are black and white terms, and selling is a grey area. Only in an ideal world, every sale call would lead to conversion. Even if you are not able to sell to a prospect immediately, you are still able to learn more about the client, their concerns and problems, and even about your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. This valuable insight can help you refine your list and offering, allowing you to get back to the prospect with a customized and better service to offer.

The bottom line is simple: if you continue to hold on to your self-limiting, negative beliefs and mindset, then your business, sales, and income will continue to suffer.

I am Luci McMonagle, a Miracle and Abundance coach and Mystic Wealth creator. I help conscious women entrepreneurs break free from their self-limiting beliefs, work on their confidence, and use their skills and passion to generate more income and attract wealth in abundance. I have special tips, resources, strategies, meditations and exercises for conscious women entrepreneurs to make selling easy, result yielding and pleasurable.  Check out my training calendar and book a personalized, free session with me today!


Top 3 Game Changing Tips for Conscious Women Entrepreneur

Top 3 Game Changing Tips for Conscious Women Entrepreneur

With the growing expenses of each and everything in the world, the need for women to work, be independent and support their families has increased as well. Women have made quite a progression since the days of suffrage. Today, we can see a lot of Conscious Women Entrepreneur; in fact many women have taken the entrepreneurial world by the storm.


This is not it, many of these women are successful entrepreneurs and are giving their 100% of their families as well, they work for themselves, set their own schedules and do not compromise in their work, neither their house hold duties. But, how do they manage this together?

Let us have a look at the following three tips to succeed in business

  1. Do not Be Afraid to Dream: The first step to success is dreaming, and dreaming big. Tell yourself, nothing is impossible, if other women can do it, so can you. Open your mind to opportunities and aim high.
  2. Never Stop Believing in Yourself: See, this is very important to succeed in life. If you believe in yourself, you can surely make a way to go through all the obstacles you face. I know starting your own business is not easy, and no one said it will be, but, if you know you can do it, you can. Remember, you have what it takes to be successful- remind this to yourself daily.
  3. Get Educated on Entrepreneurship: Getting basic education for anything is important, and this stands true for entrepreneurship as well. Read educational materials, talk to other women entrepreneurs and get answers to all your queries and get everything clear in your mind.


No matter what your goals are, remember- many women are turning their dreams into reality. There is no one stopping you to be among them. So, come and join the ranks of successful conscious women entrepreneur today.