Aim to be a Thought Leader (and Not Just another Expert) and 3 Simple Ways to Become One!


In an increasingly competitive and complex marketing economy, mystic, spiritually conscious women entrepreneurs find it hard to be relevant, be heard, and become immensely successful. They find it hard to survive in the mainstream due to the lack of the profitability aspect in their service. So, today’s mystic entrepreneurs need to know better ways to position themselves and their services. And this is exactly my aim because I have been through the same rigors and processes during my journey of a Mystical Wealth Creator. In a recent interview on my Wealthy Wednesday show, my guest speaker, Mitchell Levy discussed the concept of a “Thought Leader”, how this person differs from an expert, how he/she is an influencer, a game changer, but a subtle one. We have one too many experts. Everybody these days calls himself an expert of something; an expert of this and that. But how successful these experts are individually in all this competition and chaos is debatable. Having expertise in a niche is not just about making tall claims but proving it, through your thought process and through your work, getting recognized as a go-to person and getting compensated handsomely for your efforts. Striving to become a thought leader or being one is immensely positive and valuable if you are

  • running your own business
  • have a unique service
  • trying to set yourself apart from your competition
  • striving to catch the attention of your prospects
  • trying to prove your potential to your clients
  • trying to get the attention of sponsors and prestigious associations

Use Meaningful Content to Engage

Prove yourself as a thought leader through your words and their engaging quality. Content is king because it’s the ideal medium to show your distinct thoughts, your passion, and exhibit your expertise. Luckily, the social media provides you a great chance to be not just visible to your audience but engage with them in a myriad of ways meaningfully. Therefor, create a post, a picture, a video relevant to the work you do and share them on the social media to engage others and trigger their respective thought processes. If your post is able to engage them even for a moment, then it’s worth something. Make sure to make your content as meaningful, as relevant, as close to your niche, your subject, your passion as you can. Secondly, don’t just write; go out and speak at and host live events; give trainings; share learning material. All of this would help you establish your position as a thought leader in your industry.

Enable OTHERS to have AHA Moments

In the Wealthy Wednesday episode, Mitchell Levy also talked about the value of AHA moments, just like I do. They are insightful moments when creativity meets practicality. They help us, or anyone, gain clarity, plan out the steps that are supposed to bring us closer to our goals. But AHA moments are hard to come by; they are few and further apart from one another. And not everyone is capable of having an AHA moment on his own and needs some help in the form of inspiration. As life coaches, mystic and spiritual trainers, our ultimate success lies in creating AHA moments for others, giving them something essential, worthy, something missing in their own lives and thought and work processes. So, try to inspire people with innovative ideas and workable solutions. This ability of empowering others to have their respective AHA moments helps us establish our unique position as thought leaders, as the go-to persons in our industry.

See the Bigger Picture

Experts are not concerned with the bigger picture; they aim at addressing and solving the problem at hand and then move on to the next thing. In contrast, thought leaders are people who are passionate about things beyond their own desk, they see the world as a global community. They don’t have a problem with being profitable but they see things beyond that. They have a vision to change the world through their work and ideas. They not only have the ability to come up with innovative ideas but they have solid solutions for the problem at hand and those in the future. And more importantly, they have the ability to inspire others, engage them, generate responses, do work that creates a buzz and a meaningful impact. An expert can connect the dots but only a thought leader can see the secret design, the picture hidden in those connected dots.

These are the very steps I have been taking over the course of years to carve my niche as a Mystic Wealth Creator. I am Luci McMonagle, a mentor for heart- and spirit-conscious female entrepreneurs. If you are tired of calling yourself just another expert and want to be known as something or someone more than that  in your industry, if you want to make a larger than life impact on the world through a business that is not just profitable but also philanthropic then book a discovery session with me today.