Do Our Ancestors Really Pass Their Energy Down to Us?

Do Our Ancestors Really Pass Their Energy Down to Us?

Our ancestors obviously play a major role in our lives, years after they have passed away. This is normally thought to be in ways such as deciding where we currently live or the kind of life we are currently leading. However, it is now increasingly believed that our ancestors affect our lives in more ways than one.

A Spiritual Connection

While it is easy to believe the effects of your ancestors on tangible matters, such as the ones mentioned above- our connection with our ancestors goes much deeper than that. Many people believe that our souls and the souls of our ancestors are connected. Owing to this, the events they experienced or the way their soul was also shapes our souls to a certain extent.

Furthermore, people also believe that owing to this connection, our ancestors’ energy will stay with us throughout our lives. Many people find this thought distasteful, as the thought of negative energy being passed onto us is slightly upsetting. However, the first step is to acknowledge any negative energy which you feel may not originate from you, but from your ancestors. Once this is done, you can learn to work around it.

A Genetic Connection

Other than a connection between souls, research is now showing that our ancestors’ trauma can physically alter their genes, which are then passed down to us.

One of the main examples which are being quoted involved Jews whose relatives experienced the Holocaust, compared to those whose relatives didn’t. The results showed that the former had increased stress hormone levels, which basically led to a greater number of anxiety disorders experienced in that group. Such details are fascinating and also make it obvious that the trauma which our ancestors underwent plays a huge role in how our lives are shaped- especially if that trauma hasn’t been dealt with by the ancestors.

Again, this may make us feel that we are at a disadvantage, being forced to deal with problems which we had no control over. However, this information should be used in a positive light. We should try and live our lives in a manner which prevents the passing down of altered genes to our descendants- something which can be managed by dealing with our trauma at the appropriate time before it has long-lasting effects.

Dealing With Cynics When It Comes to Tarot

Dealing With Cynics When It Comes to Tarot

Tarot Card reading is definitely something which isn’t for everyone. Divination and its various forms can seem like something frivolous and pointless- especially to those who are strong believers in the conventional forms of religion. If you are someone who believes strongly in Tarot Card reading, it can be difficult with cynics- and I’m sure each and every one of you has come face to face with one or even more. Here’s how you can deal with one effectively.

Try and Explain the Logic Behind Them

Carl Jung’s theory of the Collective Unconscious and a process known as synchronicity work in tandem to help make sense of the complexities of Tarot Card reading. While it is true that psychology is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, making it difficult to help others understand, there is no harm in trying.

Once you really get into it, it is actually pretty interesting and convincing. Encourage those close to you to take an interest in something which governs your life to some extent. If they aren’t extremely close-minded, they might understand where you are coming from, and if they don’t become staunch believers- at least they won’t be cynical about it.

Show Them How It Works and the Effectiveness of the Practice

Another thing which you can do to counter cynics is to show them how it has worked out in your life. Essentially, Tarot Card reading doesn’t really predict the future. Instead, it just helps you interpret the cards in a manner which is guided by the Collective Unconscious.

To deal with cynics in your life, you could take them along for a reading session or tell them details of how a certain deck has denoted a certain event or events of your life.

Speak to Them About Respecting Your Beliefs

Sometimes, people don’t respond to the methods mentioned above. In this case, it is important to communicate with them. Because they don’t really take Tarot Card reading seriously, they can make jokes about it easily. Tell them how the same doesn’t apply to you and that it makes you upset. People who care about you will make an active effort not to hurt your feelings.

The last option which you might have to resort to is just ignoring what cynics say. Some cynics are cynics just for the sake of it, with no real logic to support their arguments. If someone isn’t responding to your milder efforts, ignore them, and have faith in your beliefs.

Can Everyone Develop Psychic Abilities?

Can Everyone Develop Psychic Abilities?

Earlier, it was believed that psychic abilities are passed down from the generations- or if not, a psychic was either born with abilities or without. However, this school of thought has now changed. Most psychic ability experts now believe that everyone can tap into their spirituality and eventually becomes psychics. There are several types of psychic abilities and interestingly, many mediums believe that what they have is a gift- something which cannot be developed. Though there are varying beliefs on this matter, know this: Anyone can develop psychic abilities.

The Role Intuition Plays in Developing Psychic Abilities

Psychic evangelists talk about several signs which can be noticed in an individual who has latent psychic abilities. Normally, such signs must first be observed, then the individual must recognize the fact that they can develop active psychic abilities and then an effort must be made to do the latter. However, the key to developing psychic abilities is listening to your intuition.

What do we mean exactly when we refer to intuition? Well, it is a feeling experienced in relation to an event, place or person- which has no logical basis. For example, you may be driving to work, and you might veer from the route you normally take. You find out later that there was a pile-up on your regular route. When trying to develop psychic abilities, it is essential to start listening to your intuition.

How Can This Be Done?

One of the major hurdles which we face when attempting to develop psychic abilities is being unable to believe in and follow our intuition. Owing to the fast-paced life which we lead, it can become extremely difficult to do so. To begin with, as a child, we are often told to disregard such feelings, as acting on impulse is always strongly discouraged. Once we are conditioned into believing that intuition isn’t something which should be given importance to, it becomes extremely difficult to listen to our gut as we grow older.

The best way of achieving this is to create a clear mind. This is definitely not an easy task. Normally, our mind is constantly working- even when we aren’t doing anything in particular. Learn to stop and let go of your thoughts, creating space for your intuition to be heard. Furthermore, meditation and yoga exercises will really help develop this level of clarity- which then makes it much easier to develop psychic abilities.