Allow an Abundance of Wealth into Your Life

Money doesn’t bring you happiness but it gives you the freedom to find it.”  – Anonymous

Apart from prestige and peace of mind, the major reason behind all of our hustles is money. It’s what puts food on the table. It’s what gives us the freedom to do things that bring us happiness. It’s one of the many measuring tools for success. It’s what drives the gears of the world every single day! Every person of sane and sound mind is aware of this simple truth, so why is it that not every other person is rolling around in money? That’s what I want to talk to you about today.

For a moment, I want you to think of money as an energy, flowing around and filling spaces where no barrier exists. Now, think of the human mind as a dam that allows water (energy) to flow into our lives. If this dam has some sort of barriers that prevent the energy of wealth from entering your life, then you might face a shortage of money, regardless of how hardworking and committed you are to achieving your dreams. This is the main reason why so many talented individuals and game-changers struggle with growing their wealth. Thankfully, with some easy blockage-clearing techniques, one can quickly overcome this problem. As a mystic wealth mentor and someone who has struggled with her money mindset in the past, this is something I specialize in! I offer “WEALTH VIBES UPGRADE” sessions where I help people clear their blockages and unwanted energies preventing them from attracting wealth. Click here for appointments and more details.

Coming back to the topic, in this blog post, I will share some incredibly simple and easy techniques which you can use to attract more money and grow your wealth! Let’s dive right into it.

  • Change Your Money Mindset

The principles and beliefs which are transmitted from our parents/guardians during our childhood could very well stay with us for life. The same is the case with the beliefs taught to us regarding money. A child who has been constantly reminded of the shortage of money and how it “doesn’t grow on trees” would obviously grow up fearing wealth. This fear or “money mindset” could get in their way to prosperity and becoming affluent later in life. Therefore, the first thing that you want to do in order to attract more money is to change your mindset or the way you think about it. Don’t shy away from money just because it doesn’t last forever. Stay consistent in your efforts to earn more and feel free to spend what you earn on whatever you desire! For this, you can repeat positive affirmations like: “I open myself to money.

  • Pay Attention to Your Words

Most of the time, the words you utter are the accurate reflections of what goes on in your mind. Therefore, I always advise my clients to pay close attention to the little words and sentences that they say about money throughout the day. If you ever find yourself saying things along the lines of “I’m always broke, I can never get rich, it’s difficult to earn money, money is hard to get by, etc.” then you have a negative mindset about money! Try to actively say positive things about wealth and money out loud once or twice a day.

  • Be More Thankful

Sometimes, we get so lost in dreaming about the things we want (the future) that we forget to pay attention to the blessings that we currently have (the present). By honoring the blessings bestowed upon us by the universe, we allow the universe to provide us with even more from its limitless treasures and become a money magnet. With that in mind, stop for a second, relax your mind, and think about all the things that you take for granted, like the roof over your head, the food in your fridge, the health you have, the family you love, and, of course, the current amount of money in your wallet! By expressing your gratitude for everything that the universe has given you, you are giving it a reason to give you even more and multiply all of the existing blessings!

  • Focus on the Things that Represent Wealth

In the wise words of Abraham Hicks, “You attract what you think and you receive what you believe.” What this simply means is that whatever you choose to focus on the most will eventually become a lasting part of your life. If you hang out around successful people, listen to their advice, and try to adopt their lifestyle and mindset, you too will be welcoming success in no time! The same is the case with money – focus on things that represent wealth and affluence. Think about the luxury home that you wish to buy, the hefty bank balance that you wish to attain, and the sports car that you wish to drive! By simply shifting your focus to those things, you will find yourself working towards them and, eventually, achieving all that you set out to achieve.

Ending Note

As I mentioned above, getting rid of mental blockages preventing you from attracting money and growing your wealth is easy, but only if you allow it. If you want to learn more and unlock your true potential, book an appointment with me here. In the end, I would like to remind you that the techniques mentioned above are only useful if you are also making active efforts to generate money in the first place! So, change your money mindset and do at least one thing every day that would bring you closer to achieving your dreams. I wish you good fortune!

How Your Guardian Angel Can Improve Your Romantic Life


It’s safe to say that our romantic lives are roller-coasters of emotions – we experience ups and downs every now and then. There might come a time when you will feel desperate, with no other choice but to have some distance from your romantic partner. Whereas, on the other hand, there would be times when you’d feel inseparable from your significant other! The point is, love isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. You’ve got to be prepared for the dark times. And you’ve got to look forward to the joyous moments which you’ll cherish till the end of your days. It’s completely alright to get help from a third person to sort things out – that’s what couples counseling is for. But, today, I’m not going to be talking about your average couple counselor. What I’m about to discuss is a professional like no other, one who belongs to the spiritual realm and is always there to help you out: your Guardian Angel!

Believe it or not, Guardian Angels have a lot more responsibilities than keeping you out of harm’s way! The purpose of their existence is to make our lives better, and that includes improving our romantic lives. Popular culture gives Cupid, the Greek God of love, all the credit, but the truth is that Guardian Angels are the ones who bring us closer to our soul mates. In this blog post, I will shed some light on how they can make our romantic-selves better. I’m also arranging an event called A Date with Your Guardian Angel on 12th October. You can get the tickets here (only a few tickets are left…so hurry up)!

  • They Give You Different Signals

Have you ever experienced/noticed a pattern of events that keeps on repeating itself, almost like a signal? These signs are coming from your Guardian Angel who is trying to tell you something. Since they cannot always take their physical forms to come and guide us, they make use of different signals to convey their guidance. That being said, have you ever felt extreme guilt after having a fight with your romantic partner? Or have you ever thought of contacting them out of the blue, only to find that they needed you desperately?

There is a very high possibility that those feelings/urges came from your Guardian Angel who just wants you to get closer to your significant other. In a way, you could call them the best friend who sets your mind straight, clears your head of negative thoughts, and guides you towards the path of absolute happiness.

  • They Heal Old Emotional Wounds

Guardian Angels are here to help. They not only act as professional coaches, but they also play the role of healers. In relationships, the tension from old emotional damage can build up gradually, causing complications in communication and your sex life. It’s crucial that you don’t let passive aggressiveness and pettiness get in the way of love and for that, you need to deal with your old emotional scars. Couples fight – it’s completely normal and a sign of a healthy relationship. At times, one tends to cross their limit and speak (or do) something unacceptable. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world, so just forgive and forget.

Your Guardian Angel tries to heal those wounds by comforting your soul, mind, and body, day and night, so that you get closer to your romantic partner and find it in your heart to truly forgive them.

  • They Motivate You to Act

Guardian Angels motivate you to act on your thoughts, provided that they are positive and would lead to beneficial results. Imagine that you come across a lovely thing while shopping, like a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolate – anything that would make your romantic partner feel great- and think of buying it. Or imagine that you did something wrong, are feeling guilty, and feel deep within your heart that you should apologize. We don’t always act on these feelings but our Guardian Angels do all they can to convince us to take the leap and act on our thoughts because they want us and our lovers to be happy. They implant these thoughts in our minds and make us identify the little things/situations around us that are beneficial to our romantic relationships.

  • Guardian Angels Urge Us to Connect More with Them

The reason why we don’t always benefit from the guidance of our Guardian Angels is that we tend to lose our connection with them. The modern world has so many distractions that it’s easy to forget about our spiritual-selves and become disconnected from the spiritual realm. This increases the distance between us and our Guardian Angels, making it difficult for us to receive their guidance. Because of that, our Guardian Angels leave us little signs and urge us to make the effort to connect more with them. An important thing to remember here is that there is no selfish motive involved – they only want that for our own benefit. By connecting more, we’d be able to receive better guidance, which would result in better romantic lives.

Ending Note

It’s beautiful how Guardian Angels are so committed to making every aspect of our lives better than it has ever been before. We should try to be more grateful to their services and learn the message of love from their efforts and even their very existence. Just remember: your Guardian Angel is always there to help you out no matter what, so don’t be shy to ask for assistance when you feel that all doors are closed and there is no way out. They are just a prayer away and will always be till death. I wish you the best of luck!

The Mystic Wealth Creator

The Mystic Wealth Creator


Money is usually considered as a taboo subject, being the elephant in the room. Women entrepreneurs have a complex, ambivalent and contradictory relationship with money and wealth. They have huge fears, insecurities, inner conflicts and stress relating to money, which affects their life, productivity and relationships. They start their businesses in order to become self-reliant and wealthy, but they feel shame in promoting their businesses and asking for their due worth. More so, they feel uncomfortable asking for their worth, charging premium rates whilst providing high quality services, lest it would make them look greedy to the client and their services would get declined. So they end up working very hard, delivering high-end services at nominal and discounted rates, and feel frustrated when they have to struggle with paying their bills and keeping their business afloat.


Is Money the Problem or Our Perceptions?

We are aware that money is a powerful element, as the person who has money exercises control, and attempts to control and manipulate others. As a result, money is seen as a power either to be coveted or as an evil to be shunned. But this is a purely materialistic view and robs us of the awareness that money is energy. All sorts of negative emotions and associations get attached with money, desire, greed, fear, guilt, envy, attachment, etc. When we draw false securities from money, we end up chasing small goals or getting stuck in jobs that help us pay the bills, but don’t help us in realizing our true potential. It stops us from pursuing our dreams and destiny. Our view of money gets dented; no matter how much money we earn, we would never consider it enough to feel happy. We consider that the purpose to have money is to be able to buy branded luxury goods, afford chic vacations, or hoard it away in banks. Either ways, we are unable to derive the kind of satisfaction that money is supposed to give.


Money As a Means of Spiritual Development

When we constantly place money above ourselves, and give it undue importance and superiority over everything in our lives, it acquires negative energy, and the ability and power to control our lives. What we fail to realize is that money is a tool that, when used correctly, can help us in our physical development as well as emotional and spiritual one. You need to realize that you and your money have a much bigger relationship dynamics with the universe.

Money can be used for your spiritual development, fulfillment and benefit. If we work to earn money solely for material and financial compensations, then we would never be able to achieve spiritual fulfillment from it. We do things to earn money but we don’t use this money to do the right things, for others and ourselves. That’s why its impact becomes limited and hence the satisfaction is short lived too. But if we use our money in the right way to do the right things, it becomes a spiritual catalyst that can make the world a better place, not just for us but also for others. We must use money to do the right things, for the right reasons. If we learn to use and distribute it in the right way, money can become a spiritual asset that can change not only our lives, but the world as well.

Attracting Wealth: a Secret Knowledge

Why does money management remain an esoteric knowledge? It is because the teachers of money manifestation understand that people are too conditioned by the society to reassess their relationship with money and see any attempt to do so with skepticism. People are deprived of this esoteric knowledge end up staying stuck in the negative cycle of love and hate with money. But there are some who are able to gain this self-awareness and enlightenment, and are able to master material as well as spiritual success. They are willing to share this esoteric knowledge with people, so as to help them free themselves from negative emotions, associations and attachments with money.

This what I aim to do, as a Mystic Wealth Creator, by empowering conscious women entrepreneurs to create businesses that create wealth and make an impact using proven manifestation principles. I believe in the Laws of Attraction and Manifestation, as I have experienced their power in my own life.  They allowed me to break through the shackles of poverty and establish my own identity. And now, I want you to experience this too.

I want to educate, transform and empower others with laws of manifestations so they will be able to have the freedom, prosperity and wealth they desire to live life on their own terms, while making an impact in the world through creating more jobs for others and ending violence, rapes, and abuse towards woman and children. Let’s work together to make this world a better place for all of us.

Heal Your Negative Ancestral Patterns and Remove the Barriers to Wealth and Happiness


Spiritual beings like us believe that not everything that happens in our lives and businesses can be explained through logic: For instance, how can you explain the feeling of déjà vu when you visit a new place or meet a seemingly unfamiliar and unrelated person or hear a new song? Or how can you rationalize the goose bumpy feeling, the surge of emotions, the anxiety and pain when you look into old family photographs? Also, when something monumentally good or bad happens in your life and business, how often do you hear your elderly relatives telling you that history has repeated itself, or that it’s ancestral karma? Usually these declarations accompany an anecdote from your ancestors. Likewise, we sometimes experience a strong sensation that we are reliving an experience from our past over and over, or are bumping into the same kind of people again and again. Doesn’t it feel baffling?

How Ancestral Patterns Impact Us

Is there a logical and rational explanation for all this? Not really. However, this phenomenon can be explained on a spiritual and metaphysical spectrum i.e., the pain, anguish, longings and restlessness that you are experiencing is your ancestral memory asserting itself; it is a memory deeply engrained and encoded in your genes. The trauma, fears, and untreated and unhealed wounds of our ancestors are also part of our legacy, heritage, and ultimately, they are the part of our burden. They not only linger on over centuries but also drag us into a cycle of negative, chaotic behavioral patterns that keep us enslaved and chained to our limited mindset. These ancestral patterns make us feel entirely debilitated, incapacitated, paralyzed and helpless. If your ancestral legacy contained poverty, violence, addiction, depression, death, and tragedies, you are likely to get affected by it decades or even centuries after, as your beliefs, attitude and choices about work, money, success, wealth, and happiness are reflective of your ancestral legacy.

Let me tell you about my own ancestral pattern and legacy, and how it impacted me: My own poverty-laden and tragedy-stricken childhood and youth was a result of my parent’s choices, a deeply ingrained legacy of poverty and a belief system of scarcity. This was in turn the product of the vow of poverty by my ancestors long ago when they came to America. It was pretty much normal in the small town where I grew up to become “barefoot and pregnant” in your teens; this was due to the lack of enlightenment and better choices. Though I did move to a bigger city in search of wealth and happiness, I inevitably dragged my ancestral baggage with me and did end up getting pregnant, utterly broke, and almost homeless when I was 20.

Why We Must Heal Our Ancestral Patterns

Unfortunately, my parents did not know how to recondition and transform their thoughts for impactful results. However, my desire and hunger for change made me seek an alternate reality, a legacy different from that of my ancestors. It enabled me to welcome abundance, wealth, joy and happiness into my life, and work and transform it monumentally. If I could do it, so can you.

Thus, it is extremely vital to undergo ancestral healing and peacemaking by using self-awareness and enlightenment techniques and performing cosmic forgiving rituals if we want to get ahead in our lives and our businesses. This clearing, cleansing and healing of ancestral patterns would unearth the hidden energies that are:

  • Hindering your access to the right kind of clients
  • Blocking your way to your rightful monetary and wealth entitlement
  • Standing between you and the relationships you deserve
  • Stopping you from making a meaningful impact on the world

As a mystic wealth creator, I have been setting up ancestral pattern cleansing and healing sessions for many clients. These clients have had faced seemingly inexplicable losses in their lives and businesses and had been feeling stuck in repetitive patterns.  I have helped them not only unearth the reasons behind these mysterious happenings through revisiting their genealogical roots but also set healthy patterns for the future. I help these women entrepreneurs reset the stage and create the right circumstances and conditions for their personal and professional success. If you want to experience firsthand a resetting of your negative ancestral patterns and a generational clearing, blessing, and healing, then make an appointment with me today. Please visit


Manifesting Wealth Out of Thin Air

Manifesting Wealth Out of Thin Air

When you find yourself covered in debt from head to toe, your ATM card screaming DECLINED and all your cards flashing the same signal: ‘Zero Credit’, you finally get hit by the harsh realization that your life is  simply sliding down a dark pit! You have messed up!

If you can relate to this situation then you need to wake yourself up and grab a notepad to work on the reasons that led you to this state.

Let’s start from the beginning and analyze the situation. What lead your business to failure? Was it your over confidence, or the lack of one?

Now, the real reason behind your failure was that you gave up. You gave up on business strategy and went off the path you should have treaded. When you earned you didn’t save or reinvest a certain amount, but you simply took it all and used it up. You were too much in a hurry to look rich!

It may also be the fact that you compromised your self-worth and misjudged your value. Instead of properly calculating your skill’s worth and pitching the same charges to your customers, you became too conscious of yourself, and offered your high-end services in extremely low prices. This made you end up in a state where your cost and your profit simply became equal making you stand at the same spot where you were in the first place.

And thus, began the downfall of your business, as you were not even able to afford paying your bills after sometime. And this, my dear, is how you lead your dreams and career to failure!

Now that you understand the reasons, you should start paddling up towards the solution. You can transform your life this very minute by just altering the state of your mind! Sounds unbelievable, but its true! The biggest obstacle in your way of creating wealth out of thin air is your own mind! As soon as you change your mind set, things will start to change for the good.

How To Alter the State of Your Mind?

When you think like a poor person, for obvious reasons, your mind will conjure up a list of the reasons why you cannot get the money that you need. This is because you will be feeling hopeless in that particular situation, and your mind enters a state where it will never avail any opportunity to get the money even if it knocks on your door. However, a rich person’s mind travels in the opposite direction. While they know that they need a certain amount of money, they realize that it is a temporary situation and soon they will be able to plunge out of it. And that is how their mind begins to generate hundreds of ideas on how to obtain that money.

Take Virgin Atlantic Airlines for an example, Richard Branson, the owner of the airlines, wanted to install seatback TVs on his plane, just for the sake of having them on-board. However, he had to raise around $10 million to do that and the banks had refused to lend him. But one day, he realized that if he really wanted to manifest wealth, he had to dream bigger, and so, he contacted Boeing, who was a reputed manufacturer of airplanes, and asked him to create 12 new airplanes for his airlines.

However, there was this one condition that he put forth, and that was to have seatback TVs installed into them. What do you think happened next? Boeing definitely agreed and Virgin ended up raising $2.5 billion! See what happens when you alter the state of your mind! It is extremely important to believe in yourself, if you want to achieve your goals!

Implementation of Manifestation Principles

If you want to manifest money out of thin air, you need to follow some basic manifestation rules. First of all, write down the amount of money you need to collect and why do you want it. Then, imagine that you’ve got all the money that you need, and jot down all your feelings on to a piece of paper. Once these things are clear, start listing the ways you think you can obtain that money. Start by 10 and gradually increase to 50.

It may seem impossible at first, but trust me, when you start writing, ideas will miraculously take birth in your mind! Sooner or later, you will realize exactly what you have to do in order to get that money. Once you implement your ideas, I guarantee you that you will be able to gather all the money that you want and more!

However, remember that this process is USELESS if you do not BELIEVE in yourself! And this is what I aim to do, as a Mystique wealth creator, by empowering conscious women entrepreneurs to creating businesses that create wealth and make an impact using proven manifestation principles!

When you align with the Laws of Manifestation and to your soul’s blueprint, whilst utilizing your higher gifts, you can use your power to create social change and transform the world through your own personal transformation.