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How to Mend Your Relationship with Your Guardian Angel


Human beings are one of the most vulnerable creatures when compared with other life forms on this planet. Right after you were born, you were unable to walk. You were brought up with unconditional love, care, and protection from your family. Without all of those things, you would never have lasted a second on your own. Spiritually, we are extremely powerful and have the ability to overcome all challenges, provided that we struggle for it. However, physically, we aren’t so strong and are susceptible to disease and weaknesses. The point is, in this worldly life, we need constant protection and assistance from other beings to survive and go about our daily lives. Unfortunately, not every person on this planet is lucky enough to have people by their side at all times. For that very reason, God has appointed Guardian Angels who stay with us from the day we are born till the day we die. We are unable to see these majestic beings but they are always with us, watching over us, ensuring we stay out of harm’s way and don’t ruin our lives with silly mistakes.

That being said, we live in a world of distractions. Modern technology has increased the distance between us and the spiritual realm. Think of your Guardian Angel as your romantic partner, who is always there to help you through thick and thin. And like all loved ones, you need to work on your relationship every now and then in order to connect more with your Guardian Angel. This will open doors which you never even imagined and make your life significantly better! To help you in this regard, I’m soon going to set a date with your Guardian Angel. You can get tickets here.

Meanwhile, in this blog post, I will discuss some tips which you can use to mend your relationship with your Guardian Angel. Let’s start!

Get to Learn More about Guardian Angels

To get closer to your significant other or any loved one, you need to get to know more about them – that’s the basic rule of love. The same thing applies to Guardian Angels. To strengthen your relationship, you must understand more about Guardian Angels, their history, their purpose, and so on. For this reason, read different books and blogs about them. Watch videos discussing their existence. Or better yet, meditate and try to directly connect with them – ask what your Guardian Angel wants you to do and in what ways you could get closer to them.

Mention Them in Your Prayers

Prayers are the most powerful tool that human beings have been blessed with – they have the power to change destiny itself. If performed correctly, you can accomplish almost anything you want in this world. To pray, close your eyes, think of the things that your heart desires, and ask God to make it all come true. While praying, you could try mentioning your Guardian Angels as well. This will delight them and win you their approval. You’ll start noticing the difference yourself and find your prayers being answered more often.

Create an Altar for Your Guardian Angel

An altar is any space (at home or work), designated for spiritual enrichment and/or praying. It’s where you channel the divine and get closer to the spiritual realm. You can even build an Angel altar for your Guardian Angel, where you can establish a direct contact, have deep, meaningful conversations, and just get to learn more about them. This would surely bring your Guardian Angel much closer to you than they already are, reducing the gap and allowing you to interpret their signals in a much better way! You’re going to thank yourself later.

Work On Your 6th Sense

In science class as a kid, you must have been taught that humans have 5 basic senses – touch, sight, smell, hearing, and taste. But there is one more sense which is linked with our spiritual-selves and isn’t mentioned in school. The 6th sense allows you to sense what the naked eye can’t see, feel what your skin can’t sense, smell what your nose can’t pick up, taste what your tongue can’t savor, and hear what your ears are unable to. To deepen your relationship with your Guardian Angel, you must strengthen your 6th sense or intuition so that you are able to sense the messages coming from the spiritual realm.

Make a Journal

Another great way to mend your relationship with your Guardian Angel is to prepare a journal. Write daily letters to your Guardian Angel, telling them about how you feel, how your day went, and your goals for the following days among other things, and reassuring them that you will always be there to return the favor. In time, you might even start receiving Angelic guidance. Keep your journal by your side at all times and write everything down.

To Summarize…

Guardian Angels work tirelessly to protect us and to make our journey on Earth a little easier. The least we can do in return is to mend our relationship with them and try to get a little closer. By following the tips discussed above, you can easily manage that and start receiving Angelic guidance. Always remember, they have been appointed to you by God Himself. They have no other choice but to fulfill their duties in the best way possible and please their creator, regardless of whether you try to make an effort or not. It’s all about how you, as a person, think. The universe wants us to live on the principle of give-and-take and we should strive to do whatever we can to play our part and make life more beautiful than it already is!

How Guardian Angels Express Their Love


Let’s face it. Most of us came into this world alone. But all, not most, of us, will leave this world alone. That’s the single, most concrete and unpleasant truth of this universe, right? It appears that our existence was ultimately programmed for solitude. We all chase after relationships and intimacy all our lives while being completely oblivious to this one truth. Some people are lucky enough to find human companions during their time on Earth while others aren’t so lucky at all. Notice that I chose to use the word “human” – this means that your companion can be a completely different being too. And I’m not just talking about animals!

Every single person on this Earth has a partner we are unable to see, but one whom we interact with on a daily basis. Guardian Angels, the magnificent beings sent to Earth by God Himself to protect mankind, stay with us throughout our worldly lives and make them a whole lot better. In many ways, they are like the ideal romantic partners, who love us unconditionally. This means no matter how many mistakes we make along the way, our Guardian Angels stick with us through thick and thin and keep on fulfilling their duties without rest. We are blessed to have these wonderful creatures expressing their undying love for us all our lives. To celebrate this beautiful relationship, I’m arranging a special date for you and your Guardian Angel on October 12th, where you can get to strengthen your bond! You can get the tickets to the event here.

In this blog post, I will shed some light on how Guardian Angels express their love for us every single day so that you are able to notice and appreciate it. Here we go!

By Keeping Us Away from Danger on a Daily Basis

People will do anything to protect the ones they truly love. They will go to unimaginable lengths to keep their significant others away from harm, despite having limited physical power. Now, just imagine what lengths our Guardian Angels, who are purely spiritual beings with an astounding amount of power and unworldly abilities, go to in order to protect us! Whether they protect us from an oncoming disaster by subliminal warnings, through direct messages or by using their physical strength, it is the purest way they express their love for us. We should consider ourselves lucky to receive glorious expressions such as these.

By Showing that They Care for Us

A partner’s best quality should be the ability to actually express their care. You don’t want the love of your life to get into harm’s way, do you? From a common cold to a life-threatening car accident, you simply don’t want your loved one to suffer from anything. So you start expressing your care. Asking them to text you when they get home, asking if they had lunch, buying them a bottle of water so they don’t get thirsty… these are the little ways in which we express our love. Guardian Angels do the same. Unfortunately, we are not always able to see that due to certain barriers set by God. But trust me, they do care and their care is far superior to what any human being could possibly ever provide. Try to notice those little signs every now and then.

By Guiding Us to the Right Path

It’s true that we should love those closest to us unconditionally but, at times, we have to step in and prevent them from going down the wrong path. This only means that we love them too much to let them deviate from the right track. That’s one of the main responsibilities of Guardian Angels – they guide us to the correct path to protect us and those around us from harm. They do not want us to make bad decisions based on evil thoughts. This makes them the perfect guardians who just want us to excel in life and avoid getting into unnecessary trouble.

By Staying with Us from the Beginning Till the End

True love is perpetual. It goes on, even long after we have left the world. The definition of a perfect partner is that they keep on loving us and stick around forever. The most beautiful thing about Guardian Angels is that they stay with us from birth till death. As highlighted above, they keep on loving us unconditionally. Their duties end only once our journeys on Earth come to a stop. In other words, their love is for life. This gives the words “till death do us apart” a whole new meaning. Only death may sever the magnificent bond between a human being and their Guardian Angel.

Ending Note

Everything considered, Guardian Angels are the purest and the loveliest companions which human beings are lucky enough to have on Earth. In simple words, they are one of the most beautiful gifts from God who protect us, guide us, care for us, and help us when there is no hope left. In the end, I would just like to point out that we should be more thankful towards the blessings we have in life and not take them for granted. The universe can be cruel at times but find peace in the fact that these divine beings will always be there to help you out and get you through the storms of life without so much as a scratch. Moreover, we should trust them and aim to establish a strong connection with them. Don’t let this love be one-sided… vow to play your part too and try to get closer to your Guardian Angel.

4 Proofs that Guardian Angels Exist


At times, it takes a little more than just faith to believe in the supernatural. Modern technology has distanced us from our spiritual selves and the realms beyond our own and the number of disbelievers is growing by the day. Back in the old days, the majority of people had much stronger faith and believed in the unseen – in things like angels, evil spirits, and God Himself. In today’s world, however, people demand “solid proof” to believe but what they don’t realize is that faith is all about listening to your inner self, feeling the energies lurking nearby, and looking beyond what your “human” eyes are able to see.

Another thing which these people don’t realize is that they are protected day and night by some of the most beautiful creatures made by God. They can’t see them but they would certainly “feel” them, if only they allowed their hearts to. I’m talking about GUARDIAN ANGELS – divine bodyguards created to keep mankind out of harm’s way. We are blessed to have these beings protect us throughout our lives. What’s more is that they actually try to actively communicate with us on a daily basis but our modern routine distracts us from their messages. My upcoming event, “Guardian Angel Myths, Legends & Personal Messages,” will be focused on just that. And in a short while, I’m going to convince you of their existence so keep on reading.

Why Were Guardian Angels Created?

Since the average modern person tends to go to the very core of things while investigating, I’m going to discuss the logical reason why Guardian Angels were created in the first place. Human beings are not perfect. We are flawed creations who have the tendency to make mistakes and stumble and fall at many points throughout our lives. Our souls may be pure, but our physical bodies don’t always cooperate. Our minds may be clear, but evil thoughts can influence them. For this reason, God created Guardian Angels for every single person alive. Your Guardian Angel prevents you from making bad decisions that might affect you and those around you in negative ways. Sometimes, on God’s command, they even save us from fatal disasters!

Proof of Their Existence

Now that you’ve understood why Guardian Angels were created, it’s time to discuss the undeniable proof of their existence. Do note that these proofs aren’t “physical” and may require you to do more than just look. Without any further ado, let’s begin.

  • Miraculously Dodging a Bullet

Every now and then, we watch news on TV of people miraculously surviving extremely fatal car crashes, forest fires, and other raging disasters. “How could anyone survive that?” – we often find ourselves asking this question while switching channels. But, deep down, we all know the answer: Guardian Angels. Human beings are extremely fragile beings. Just one blow to the head could easily end a person’s journey here on Earth. So surviving such dangerous ordeals is next to impossible, unless there is a divine being at work. There is no other explanation. This is a solid proof of the existence of Guardian Angels.

  • Finding Objects in the Weirdest Places

Have you ever looked at something and thought to yourself, “How did this get here?” You might think that it means nothing and that you or someone else put it there and simply forgot about it. But, this could also very well be an indication that an entity from beyond is trying to contact you. And if the object which you found is a white feather, then there is a strong chance that your Guardian Angel is trying to get in touch with you and attempting to convey a message. This message could be anything, from a warning of something bad that is about to happen or even something positive.

  • Making a Life-Changing Decision Out of the Blue

Have you ever won the lottery or walked away with a spectacular prize from a lucky draw? Or have you ever come across lost money or treasure (which doesn’t happen much in real life but there’s always the possibility)? You might attribute these positive life-changing experiences to your smart thinking, your gut feeling or your 6th sense but have you ever considered that there might be some other forces at work, apart from the collective universe, that led you to make decisions which turned your life around by 180 degrees? Guardian Angels, apart from providing us with protection, also guide us on the path to success. And this success could be both worldly and Godly.

  • You Were Helped By a Stranger

As I mentioned above, human beings are flawed creations – we have the tendency to make mistakes. And once these mistakes are made, at times, we are left with nothing but regret and sorrows, meaning there is no going back. It could be a bad financial calculation, a destructive business decision or a poor action that negatively affects your relationships. The worst feeling is being alone to face your problems and not having anyone to comfort you and help you out.

That being said, have you ever been helped by a stranger, completely out of the blue? If yes, then there’s a good chance that your Guardian Angel compelled them to come to your aid. Just think about it for a second: why would anyone go out of their way to help you in times of trouble? It could be for the love of humanity, but that is unlikely. So, all the evidence points towards Guardian Angels.

To Conclude…

Our Guardian Angels are near us at all times. We just need to realize the small and large indications of their existence and presence. For that reason, I urge people to use all of their senses and consider the possibility that divine beings do actually exist. Moreover, I invite everyone to attend my event, “Guardian Angel Myths, Legends & Personal Messages,” to be held on 13th September, where I will help you connect with your Guardian Angel and provide you with their personal message for you. Get yourself registered here.

How You Can Awaken Your Divine: The 12 Chakras System

Today and now, more than ever, we are slowly awakening to the consciousness that we possess more than 5 senses and something beyond our apparent physical and mental powers. People with a sense and purpose of carrying out a higher mission on earth and spiritually enlightened entrepreneurs specifically are becoming aware of the need to connect with the higher force and the mystical and universal powers to strengthen their mission. We are realizing that even as humans and ethereal beings, we have a strong connection with divinity and we have powers beyond the ordinary, even super powers. People are awakening to the soul, body, and spirit balancing system called the Chakra system. There are people who have 7 basic chakras and others who have advanced 12 Chakra systems in place. The greatest leaders, the big leaders that I have been working with, they have 18 chakras or energy centers. Most people are not aware whether they have 7 chakras or 12, some of them even have 18 chakra systems in place needing potential awakening (Here is the link to the Facebook Live event that I did on the subject). In reality, we have innumerable energetic centers running throughout our body, activating and attuning which would allow us to balance our physical, mental and spiritual selves.

Understanding the 12 Chakra System 

You are an ethereal being living on Earth.  The Earth has crystal center and emits divine light and sustenance. Your link with Earth sustains and nourishes you. These are the basic 7 chakras that connect you with the Earth. Awakening and balancing which can help us harness our physical and emotional energies.

Chakra 1 – The Root Chakra 

Your 1st chakra, the root chakra, is what connects you to the earth. It comprises your pelvis and the tailbone of your spine. This chakra is the gateway through which the energy of the earth flows through your body. When this chakra is balanced, you are able to feel grounded and secure in life.

Chakra 2 – The Sacral Chakra 

Your 2nd chakra, the sacral chakra, is all about pleasure, creativity, abundance, and joy. It is situated underneath your navel. This chakra helps in connecting your inner self with the world at large and determines your relationships.

Chakra 3 – The Solar Plexus Chakra

Your 3rd chakra, the solar plexus chakra, comprises your abdominal or gut area. This area not only is responsible for metabolizing nourishment for the whole body but also helps you transform your thoughts into action.

Chakra 4 – The Heart Chakra

Your 4th Chakra, the heart chakra is the grid station of all chakras and houses strong emotions and feelings like love, compassion, forgiveness, hope, and generosity. This chakra helps in the formation of our beliefs and perceptions.

Chakra 5 – The Throat Chakra

Your 5th Chakra, the throat chakra is your communication unit. It is from where you vocalize and verbalize your ideas, opinions, desires, wishes, intentions, etc. When this chakra is balanced, you are able to speak your mind and also the divine truth that you hold inside.

Chakra 6 – The Third Eye

Your 6th Chakra, the Third Eye chakra is located in the middle of your forehead between your eyes and acts like your third eye. It is all about intuition, perception, hunches and knowingness. When this chakra is in balance, you are able to have insight and foresight about people, things, and events.

Chakra 7 – The Crown Chakra

Your 7th Chakra, the Crown Chakra is at the top of your head and is a center of thoughts, dreams, and consciousness. It becomes active during thinking, mediating, and praying. When this chakra is balanced, your thoughts are lucid and organized, and you feel a vibrant connection with the divine during your praying and mediating session.

After the basic chakras, there are the divine and ethereal chakras connecting our physical self with the spirit, the universe, and the divine. These are:

Chakra 8- Your Soul Star Chakra

Your 8th chakra happens to be your Soul Star Chakra. It is the link between you and the higher consciousness and the Divine. When this energy center is active, you are able to experience a spiritual connection with divinity, the higher powers. This connection allows the divine light from above to enter your earthy being and to nourish and energize you.

When activated, Divine light is able to flow through this energetic center to access higher consciousness. Here Divine love can be truly felt and experienced, and awareness of your power as a Divine soul and spiritual being is recognized.

Chakra 9- The Spirit Chakra

Your 9th Chakra allows you to connect your spirit to the divine source. It would connect you directly with the Source of all things and allow you to communicate with ethereal beings from around the galaxy, angels, and stars. Once this divine gateway and connection is activated, you would become increasingly aware of your hidden spiritual gifts.

Chakra 10- The Universal Chakra

Your 10th Chakra, the Universal one, connects you with the Universe and aligns your physical self with your divine body and light. It helps you connect and feel a sense of oneness with the Creator as well as all His other creation. When this Chakra is activated, your spirit is able to heal itself and transcend the body and travel in the Universe.

Chakra 11- The Galactic Chakra

Your 11th Chakra, the galactic one, connects you to the galaxy. When this chakra is activated, you are able to transcend through the bounds of time and space are able to travel in the galaxy through teleporting and being able to be at two locations at the same time and manifest things from the virtual to the physical realm.

Chakra 12- The Divine Gateway Chakra

Your 12th Chakra, the Divine Gateway chakra is the gateway that connects you to the other worlds in the Universe and the galaxy and the realms of collective consciousness. It is about seeking oneness with the omnipotent and omniscient Creator and His creations through ascending.

Why is There a Need to Awaken and Attune Our Divine Chakras?

The question is why awakening your inner divine self is important. Why is that important now in your business, in your life? And how can this help you and your business in becoming successful?  As we are evolving into the fifth dimension, we are evolving as a collective consciousness. Our lower mantras are fusing together and becoming one: like your Heart and Throat Chakras are fusing together if you are passionately vocal about something. Or, your Third Eye and Crown Chakra are working in sync when you get useful insights about people and things during your thinking process. So, what’s next? Now, there is a greater need to tap into our divine mantra, accessing our mystical and super powers, our abilities to create, to manifest, to become more, and to have that spiritual awakening to create a larger and greater good for the humanity, and not just for us and a few.

However, sometimes, when we are working towards accessing our divine, accessing the divinity that’s within us, we realize that there are going to be trials and tribulations. There are going to be times when you feel completely abandoned by God, by your higher self, by outside forces. Sometimes, you feel like the universe is not supporting you in any way, shape, or form, and everything seems to be going bad or from bad to worse, etc. Not only this, but we find people relying excessively on our physical and emotional energies and draining us in return.

These are the times we need to start building our inner strength and faith, the need to access our divine connection with the larger world, the universe. For this purpose, we need to create boundaries between us and the people around us, so that we can fully concentrate on awakening the Divine, without getting weighed down constantly by the ordinary, the mundane, and the routine work. By going beyond our 7 basic chakras and seeking to activate our 12 Chakras, we can attempt to open the portal between the worldly and the Divine. We can awaken and manifest the abundance the Universe is offering us readily.

Realistically, most of us cannot afford to forsake our business, family and commitments, and run off to an ashram and start living there. The good news is that there are spiritual teachers and seers among us who can help us tap into our greatest spiritual and mystical gifts. Those of you who not fully familiar with what I do, let me iterate that I am Luci McMonagle.  I help individuals create a life they desire and I help them evolve the roots of a truly philanthropic and impactful business and a legacy that they want to create. So, I work with high level individuals that are truly ready to step it up, and to bridge their spirituality with practicality, so that they have the proper systems in place, so that they have the proper spirituality in place. I help them combine three elements: the mindset, the systems, and the future together. Having these elements in place would enable them to have inner discipline, control and self-mastery so that they can serve the world in a better way. If you are interested in activating your 12 or even 18 Chakras, you should become part of my year-long program, so that you can tap into your divine abundance and access your unrealized spiritual and mystical gifts. To determine whether we are a good fit, go to www.ChatwithLuci.com

How to Tell the Difference Between a Guardian Angel and an Imposter


Have you ever experienced a “miraculous” moment in life where you had a close shave with an oncoming disaster? Or have you ever been able to make a positive life-changing decision based solely on your so-called “sixth sense?” Some people would say that it is pure luck, it is all because of your smart thinking and abilities or that it had something to do with the vast embrace of the science of probability. On the other hand, those with belief would argue that it had absolutely nothing to do with you – that you were saved by an invisible hand and eyes which are always watching over you! And believe it or not, a lot of happy moments to be thankful for are attributed to our Guardian Angels.

Just think about it: How often do you leave your baby (or pet) alone every day? They don’t have the mental capacity to make safe decisions, yet they have managed to steer clear of harm so far. True, half of the credit might go to your safety measures in the house but you have got to give some credit to God and His invisible army as well! That being said, us human beings don’t have the magical ability to see what’s true and what’s not. Therefore, it can become difficult to differentiate between the thoughts coming from divine decree and those from evil, negative entities. To help you with that, I’m going to throw some light on the subtle differences between Guardian Angels and imposters so that you are equipped with the knowledge to make better decisions. Let’s begin!

  • Guardian Angels Don’t Always Create Feelings of Doubt

The first and the most important difference between Guardian Angels and imposters which I would like to bring to your knowledge is related to feelings of doubt or not being sure about what to do. If your Guardian Angel wants you to make a better decision or avoid a bad situation, you will be, in most cases, 100% sure about it. On the other hand, imposters, who bring negative energy with them, like to put our minds under stress and make us feel uneasy, making it difficult for us to think straight and make good decisions for our future. Guardian Angels can also implant doubt in your mind but only if it is for your own benefit, whereas imposters want to harm you and see you fail.

  • Guardian Angels Don’t Make You Harm Others for Your Own Benefit

All angels are inherently good, which means that foul thinking and evil agendas are not part of their natural programming. God has made them this way so that they can execute His commands without delay and guide human beings on Earth who have the tendency to do both good and evil deeds. This is why, if you ever feel like harming someone, say a colleague, a friend, a family member, your partner or even a stranger, for your own good, know that this thought isn’t coming from your Guardian Angel (unless, possibly, the person in consideration is plotting against you). As discussed earlier, imposters are the ones who think negatively and wish to harm God’s creation. And in order to achieve that, they whisper evil thoughts in our ears and encourage us to inflict harm and cause sorrow, conflict, and war.

  • Guardian Angels Don’t Give False Hope

Evil spirits and other negative entities like to create false hopes in our minds so that we suffer from extreme disappointment and sorrows when we fail or when things don’t go according to our plans. That being said, if you have ever been hopeful of something which matters a lot to you and that thing did not go as you thought it would, there is a very good possibility that this false hope was planted by an imposter. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it wasn’t according to God’s plan, because at times, our judgment clouds our sight and we are unable to see the clear divine signals and guidance around us.

  • Guardian Angels Make You Feel Safe & Warm

At times, when we feel a chill down our spines or when we get goosebumps out of the blue, it is because of the presence of a non-physical entity. While negative energies make you feel uneasy or bad, Guardian Angels always make you feel safe, warm, and confident in your abilities and judgment. Just remember that their main aim is to help you live out a comfortable life, not make it more difficult and challenging than it already is. On the other hand, imposters can make you anxious, depressed or angry, which not only affects your own life, but also that of those around you.

Take-Home Message

Always remember that your Guardian Angels are your friends and you can count on them to make your life happier, easier, and more joyous. Never doubt the ability of your Guardian Angel to protect you from harm and keep your senses open to detect imposters and the negative aura which they surround themselves with. The final piece of advice that I can give to you is to stay close to God and your Guardian Angels so that you always succeed in your life’s endeavors.

Do You Want to Learn More?

I cannot teach you everything you want to learn about Guardian Angels on my blog, so if you are interested in learning more about these beautiful beings and want to connect more with your own Guardian Angel, I invite you to attend Guardian Angel Myths, Legends & Personal Messages by Luci McMonagle on September 13th. It’s going to be a fun-filled evening where I will provide personal messages from your Guardian Angel so that you may eliminate the doubts and negative feelings which rule over your life.

Mindful Entrepreneurs Can Unleash Their Inner Millionaire


Entrepreneurs are a special bunch of people who think, dream, enact on ideas ahead of their time. They are always thinking ten steps ahead. They get excited about ideas that no one else sees the potential in. While this kind of forward processing is a prerequisite of innovation, it is not very good for one’s inner peace and mental health. It’s not hard to imagine how easily and quickly you can get overloaded and overwhelmed and become exhausted. And it is hard to make progress, and harder to make your million when you are stretched out of your limits and burnt out. That is why it is an absolute must for entrepreneurs to take a mental break from time to time, focus on the here and now, the present moment and go with the flow, so that they can re-energize and re-synergize their energies. When we are in the right frame of mind, we are more receptive to ideas and more productive, and thus, we are able to make better progress with wealth. So, today’s Facebook live feed is dedicated the idea as to how the simple daring to live in the moment can help entrepreneurs unleash their inner millionaire:

Live in the Moment 

Entrepreneurs are used to living and running their business at a frantic pace, as they think that this is what it takes for them to succeed. This frenzy creates so much stress in their lives and not enough money or money that is not worth so much stress. Sometimes, they are skipping breakfast to go to a meeting or finish a task. So, I am going to teach you a powerful technique to learn to live in the moment.

Step 1:

Join your index finger with your thumb. Do the same with your other hand.  It’s called a mudra. This is usually a position you use when you do meditation during yoga. But this is only step one. The secret knowledge that I have gained from my time in the mystic and mystery school is how to use this position and technique to close your energetic circuits so that this is going to be a complete internal loop instead of an external loop.

Step 2:

This is the part that nobody talks about, and they don’t tell you about it. As the next step, you take the tip of your tongue, and you find the mound in the center behind your teeth on the roof of your mouth, and you put the tip on that mound like this. And you have the mudra, in which you have closed an energy circuit. This will help you get back into the present moment.

Step 3:

The third step for you to take after closing your energy circuits is to start breathing all the way down to your toes.  You breathe through your nose and breathe in nice and deep. The next step is to breathe deeply. When you take a breath in through your nose, you breathe in nice and deep and take in all the positive energy and reviving energy. Now, imagine the energy going down to your toes and grounding you into the earth, and then you breathe out and imagine this beautiful energy from the earth coming up through your body, just like a tree is grounded to the ground through its base. Now, start pulling out all the gunk, the garbage, the craziness, that energy that you just no longer want, the negativity and dropping it right into the earth. Let it go! Breathe out all that stuff you no longer want.

Step 4:

Now, you breathe in and think of yourself as focused, balanced, and centered. Hold your breathe and this thought for a moment. ‘focused, balanced, and centered’ are my focus words but you can choose any other focus words to breathe in. For instance, you can choose to breathe in ‘Clarity’. Or, you can choose to focus on ‘Relaxation’ (whatever aspects you struggle with in your life, you can focus on them in this exercise, so that they become your inner reality). As long as you breathe in three or four breaths and you bring into the moment, this brings your energy back into you, back into the core.

This exercise will take only 30 seconds of your time but help you re-energize yourself for a few hours. You can practice this meditation exercise when you are driving, as long as you can keep your eyes open and on the road but I would recommend that you should do it on a stop light rather than during driving or whenever you have a chance to sit down or stand up quietly for a few minutes.

Silence The Outer World and Return Within

There is far too much chaos around us. Technology, no wonder how great it is, adds to this clutter and chaos in our lives. It makes us unbalanced and unstable and run into an information overload. Since our attention are constantly focused on our smartphones, the social media We are connected so much to the outer world that we have forgotten how to look within and connect with our inner selves. So when you use the above mentioned exercises, you are able to clear out your mind and focus on your thoughts a little bit at least. When a space between your thought is finally created, it is in where your ancient sacred self, your wise-soul self will get a chance to emerge. This is the space in which you tap into your true meaning of life. This is the place where your inner millionaire is going to connect with you and you would get to know what your next step is. I take my own advice seriously and that’s why I am taking a digital retreat for two weeks to a monastery.

Write Down and Follow Up On Your Goals – The GAPP Method 

When you are finally learning to discover your inner focus, I want you to take the next steps that you do is what I call GAPP.

G stands for writing down your goals. Well, that’s pretty common for successful achievement of your outcomes and wealth creation; everyone vouches for that and so would I. When you start writing down your goals, you start being able to focus more, so you learn to start living in the moment. In doing so, you are writing your wealth centered and wealth creation goals and you start tapping into your inner millionaire.

A stands for actionable steps, which is the second step in the GAPP method. This means setting actionable steps can you take to start moving towards your goals. Remember, if your actionable steps are overwhelming, if you feel stop, stuck, or unable to do them, then this means that the action step is too big. So, you need to bring it down.

P stands for prioritization, which is the next step. This means prioritizing your goals, your action steps. Then you really need to bring yourself back to the present moment, breath into it, sense it, and become aware of how you are going to be able to prioritize your goals and your action steps. This awareness and strategizing will help you become aware so that you can move one step at a time and become closer and closer to success with each step.

P (the second one in GAPP) is consciously, actively planning for success, and also, making concrete, solid, realistic plans, so that you will be able to reach your goals.

When you are super focused and relaxed, your mind would become sharper, more intuitive and more receptive towards money-making, profitable ideas that yield results. Your inner millionaire would become stronger than ever. Try these mindfulness techniques from today onwards.

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