Cultivating Your Mental Garden: A Pathway to Mindset Change

Cultivating Your Mental Garden: A Pathway to Mindset Change

Imagine your mind as a beautiful, lush garden. This garden is filled with the most vibrant flowers and the tallest trees, radiating an energy of positivity. But sometimes, lurking in the shadows, are the weeds of negative thoughts, the undergrowth of bad karma that threatens to choke the life out of this scenic landscape. Like any gardener, it becomes your responsibility to nurture the growth of the beautiful and systematically eliminate the undesirable. Just as we prune our physical gardens, so must we cultivate our mental gardens, paving the way for a mindset change that enhances our lives. The first step is to clear negative thoughts. However, negative thoughts are stubborn, much like tenacious weeds. They cling, and when you try to remove them, they resist. But remember, “The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” These words by Buddha remind us of the power our thoughts hold in shaping our reality. Understanding this gives us the courage to tackle our negative thoughts head-on.

One effective technique is to replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations. Consider that for every “I can’t,” you plant a seed of “I can.” For every “I’m not good enough,” you sow a “I am capable.” Over time, these seeds of positivity will grow, gradually transforming your mental landscape.

Next, we need to remove bad karma. Karma is the universal law of cause and effect. To put it simply, the actions you take today influence what happens to you in the future. It might seem daunting, but the beauty of karma is that it isn’t set in stone. Just as you would remove weeds from your garden, bad karma can be cleared through deliberate, positive actions. Think of each good deed as a cleansing rain, washing away the remnants of bad karma and fostering the growth of positivity.

Finally, to change your mindset effectively, you must tend to your mental garden consistently. Mindset change is not a one-off event. It requires persistence. Thomas Edison once said, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” This statement resonates deeply when trying to bring about a mindset change. Consistency in nurturing positive thoughts and actions eventually leads to a flourishing mental garden. Cultivating your mental garden is an ongoing journey. It’s about being patient with yourself as you navigate through the process of clearing negative thoughts and removing bad karma. It’s about being persistent in your efforts to bring about a change in your mindset. Remember, every garden starts with a single seed. Plant yours today and watch yourself grow, bloom, and transform into a beacon of positivity. After all, a well-tended garden doesn’t just bloom overnight, it requires continuous care. And so does your mind. Keep cultivating, keep growing, keep changing. And let your mental garden flourish with a robust mindset.

Sometimes we need more than just an article on clearing out the weeds from our mental garden. My books –  Magical Money Manifestations and it’s expanded version Magic, Money and Mindset will help you learn techniques to overcoming negative thoughts, feelings and start on the road to prosperous thinking.

Monetize Your Business in 5 Easy Steps

Have you always felt that you were meant to do something truly big in life? Or that you simply weren’t cut out for the 9-5 regime? If that is the case, then you have an entrepreneur within you, waiting to be free and break all the barriers to achieve sweet success. The universe has a lot to offer – All you have to do is to reach out and grab a lucrative opportunity that clicks well. What it means is that you have to identify first what you are passionate about, start a business and take necessary actions to monetize that business.

But, most aspiring entrepreneurs are suddenly filled with self-doubt as soon as they think about actually making money. The problem lies with mind-set and having no clue where to begin. I’m going to share with you 5 easy steps that you can follow to monetize your business so that it can start generating as much wealth as you want.Do note that the following steps apply to every business (including yours!):

Change your mindset

If you have been brought up with the idea that money is hard to come by or that it is something to be afraid of, then chances are that you still have a tough time dealing with it. Parents, elder siblings and teachers have a huge role to play in shaping the mind-set of a child, especially when it comes to money. Entrepreneurs with this negative mindset often struggle with generating money, and once they start making cash, they shy away from raising their prices and therefore charge the same for the rest of their lives. So, in order to monetize your business, you first need to transform your mind-set and bring it to positive light. Don’t think of money as an enemy. Don’t think of it as something that will leave you when you need it the most. Instead, try to understand that building up wealth is one of your most basic rights.

Think about how you can monetize it effectively

There is not a single rule of thumb when it comes to monetizing your business. In truth, it depends on the nature of your business and what products and services you are trying to sell. Everything starts with an idea, so the next step is to think about what you are going to do with your idea. If you are running an online business, think of what platforms you are going to use in order to sell your business. Are you going to make a separate website, just going to stick with social platforms or use both? Or if you are starting an import or export business, what industries are you going to partner-up with from beyond the shore, and how are you going to sell their products in your local market? I’ve mentioned these examples just for the sake of your understanding. What you should do is to study your competitors and find out what model of monetization they are using, and then try following in their footsteps.

Make an affiliate network

You can soak in limitless energy from the universe, but still, you can’t look after all the aspects of your business by yourself. There might come a time when you will need to seek the assistance of others, especially in generating sales. If the value you are offering to this world is great, your business will do great on its own, but imagine the things you could achieve if you had a network of individuals selling your products/services? That’s what an affiliate network is all about. You pay people to advertise your business on their websites which already have avery strong following. In return, all you would have to do is to give a little part of your sales (as commissions). And especially if you haven’t started earning revenue, then you must make an affiliate network. While the idea of working alone might sound peaceful, running an affiliate network will unlock the true potential of your business! So, start reaching out to potential affiliates and look up platforms where you can build your network effectively.

Sell your valuable knowledge to other entrepreneurs

At times, when it comes to making money, you have to think outside of the box. This means that you don’t have to rely on just your products and services to generate wealth, there’s another valuable asset on which you can put a price tag: Your knowledge. That’s right; if you’ve spent a considerable amount of time running a business in a certain industry, you must have learned some valuable secrets and tips that other, new entrepreneurs don’t know of. These entrepreneurs could pay a handsome amount of money to get the knowledge that you have to share. So, start a consulting service, speak in public seminars and build up a new category of clientele. This will not only help you further monetize your business, but will also help you play your role in building up a positive future by propelling other aspiring entrepreneurs to success.

Start a blog

If your website gets a lot of visitors on a daily basis, then you can use that to your advantage and start a blog. On your blog, you can share the latest news and some valuable tips that relate to your business model. It can take some time to actually start making money by blogging, but once you build up a strong audience, you can monetize it effectively. Once your blog grows and becomes famous, you can take payments from other writers to blog about their products or perhaps become an affiliate for some other business.

As a spiritual teacher, trained mystic mentor, talk show host, and author of the book Magical Money Manifestations, I have been training talented entrepreneurs the practical and spiritual way of manifesting more money, freedom, and joy into their lives and living up to their highest potential. Now I’m offering an outstanding complimentary offer to you!

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The 7 Basic Chakras & Their Relation to Money and Abundance

The 7 Basic Chakras & Their Relation to Money and Abundance

There have been times and phases in our lives when we feel absolutely desolate with money matters in our lives. We feel sick with worry and the sight of a bill is enough to give us a heart attack. We find ourselves constantly in a debt trap and unable to make ends meet despite working very hard in our jobs and businesses. We feel that we are cursed and all what we have with money is just bad luck. Some people accept these conditions as their fate; while, others try to look for physical ways to get out of the cycle of misery; there are some others yet who try to reform their limited mindsets and negative attitudes around money as well. They are called mystics or mystic entrepreneurs.

So what role does mystic powers play in our entrepreneurial lives? Most of us think our bodies to be just bones and muscles and our souls and spirits to be things related to the afterlife. Yet we are more than that….we are spiritual and ethereal beings with life’s and the universe’s energies flowing through us.  That’s why, people with a strong spiritual side or entrepreneurs with a spiritual or mystic bent look for ways out of their situation, ways to constantly heal their bodies as well as their minds. If you believe in the healing power of crystals, reiki, tarot cards, mediums, etc, you might be familiar with the concept of chakras and their healing and alignment. In today’s blog, I would touch upon the 7 basic chakras and their relation with wealth creation and signs of possible misalignment. So, you can use this list to understand and detect whether your money troubles have something to do with a blocked chakra or not:

The Crown Chakra (The 7th Chakra) 

Your crown chakra is at the top of your crown of your head. This chakra is related to your awareness and consciousness about money and abundance and your own money-making potential. It is related to your perception, wisdom and consciousness related to money.

Signs of a Blocked Crown Chakra

Following are the signs of this blocked chakra:

  • There is a disconnection between your body and mind.
  • You might be living too much in your head, have too many fantasies and make too many money-making, get-rich-quickly schemes but you don’t execute any of them out of fear or lethargy.
  • You are used to doing hard work than smart work, which means you don’t put much thought into what you are doing and don’t look for ways to do the job in a smarter and more efficient manner.
  • Your spiritual belief surrounding money is tainted and you think money is evil or that it has nothing spiritual and esoteric about it.

Third Eye (the 6th Chakra)

This chakra is found in the center of your forehead, between your eyes. This chakra is related to your ability to physically and metaphorically ‘see’ or ‘recognize’ money and money-making opportunities and abundance. This chakra is all about vision, insight, intuition and perception (or the lack).

Signs of a Blocked Third Eye


Following are the signs of this blocked chakra:

  • You are aware of the lack rather than the abundance around you.
  • You don’t believe you deserve wealth and abundance.
  • You allow the apparent money-making opportunities pass by because you have a dozen negative ‘what-if’ scenarios playing in your mind.
  • You cannot see hidden money-making opportunities.
  • You don’t trust your intuition when it comes to money.

The Throat Chakra (the 5th Chakra)

This chakra is located in your throat, which is centre of communication, speaking, expressing, being vocal about your talents and needs.

Signs of a Blocked Throat Chakra

Following are the signs of this blocked chakra:

  • You find it difficult to talk about money with or around others.
  • You find it difficult to negotiate your rates or collect payments.
  • You keep your opinion about money and abundance to yourself because of lack of trust or ridicule.
  • You fear expressing your most creative ideas due to lack of confidence and self-conviction.

The Heart Chakra (the 4th Chakra)

This chakra is located in your chest at the center, close to the heart or at the heart. This is where you store all your beliefs and feeling related to money and abundance. It is all about self-love, belief, faith, and compassion.

Signs of a Blocked Heart Chakra

Following are the signs of this blocked chakra:

  • You don’t believe you deserve money.
  • You think money has always let you down by not showing up when you needed it most.
  • You feel you shouldn’t trust money.
  • You fear your money would run out and you would end up a pauper, miserable and alone.
  • You have a lot of sadness about your lack of means and impoverishment.
  • You believe that people who are around you because of your money.

The Solar Plexus Chakra (The 3rd Chakra)

This chakra is located in the abdomen behind the stomach. It relates to your metabolism, will power, independence, power of action and guts. This chakra helps in translating your thoughts and feelings into actions and generates your personal power.

Signs of a Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra

Following are the signs of this blocked chakra:

  • You feel uncertain about money-making decisions, issues and ideas.
  • You feel powerless in money matters.
  • You lack guts in taking crucial decisions related to your finances, job, investment, etc.
  • You feel stuck in a job or a financial situation.
  • You feel sick when there is a financial problem.

The Sacral Chakra (The 2nd Chakra)

This chakra is located below your navel area. It is the center of creation, creativity and pleasure.

Signs of a Blocked Sacral Chakra

Following are the signs of this blocked chakra:

  • Your imagination feels stagnant and stuck.
  • Your feel barren creativity wise and you are unable to generate ideas.
  • You don’t enjoy your money and prefer hoarding it.
  • You don’t enjoy your relationships, friendships and sex, and find fraternizing or connecting with others more of a burden and chore.

The Root Chakra (The 1st Chakra)

This chakra is situated at the base of your spine. It gives you grounding, stability and security in life, a connection with your surroundings and with other others.

Signs of a Blocked Root Chakra

Following are the signs of this blocked chakra:

  • You equate money with security and feel lost without it.
  • You fear running out of money.
  • You constantly swing among the need to stick to a job, to quit it, find another one or to start a business.
  • You are unable to identify yourself with other professionals (workers or entrepreneurs).

If you can identify with these signs (all of them or even some of them), chances are some of your chakras are blocked.  Abundance needs flow; when there is flow, money, love, health, all flow into your life effortlessly and an in sync manner. When your chakras are blocked, energy is not flowing through your body properly, your cells are clogged and your consciousness is blocked. Toxic energy gets trapped in your body and makes you feel worried and sick all the time. You have abundance around you but cannot feel it and that’s why you end up repelling it.  Here is a previous in-depth article I did on this topic, which you can read here to understand the concept well and learn a few basic chakra cleansing crises. But you really need to clear your chakras through the help of someone who understands the concept well and can pinpoint your pain points and clear the trapped energy.

Namaste! I am Luci McMonagle, the Mystic Wealth Creator, and I have been helping mystic entrepreneurs in healing their energies through chakra alignment. I am quite an acclaimed expert in this area and can go beyond the 7 basic chakras and help you align as many as 18 chakras in your body, raise your wealth creation vibe many folds, and unleash your wealth creating opportunities. Imagine the potential and edge this would give you over other entrepreneurs! Want to try this? Give me a call and we would explore this together. Oh and let me tell you that there are dozens of magical mystical gifts waiting for you… Go to and book a session and we would take it from there

3 Tips to Help You Start Trusting Your Mystical Powers and Starting Building a Fabulous Business

3 Tips to Help You Start Trusting Your Mystical Powers and Starting Building a Fabulous Business

Does the following scenario sounds familiar to you? You are trying to lay down the foundations of a successful business, so you are putting in a lot of thought, efforts and time into trust-building i.e., working hard towards earning the trust and loyalty of your customers, while learning to trust your partners, staff members, vendors, even mentors. However, the one person you forget to, or don’t like to trust (and who happens to be the most important one) is your own self. This is a key trademark of spiritually inclined women entrepreneurs having a limited mindset or self-sabotaging tendencies. There can be several reasons behind this kind of behavior.

These are the hidden obstacles which stand in the way of the mystics, keep them stuck, make them come up against hidden walls against which they keep bumping against. So, the purpose of these videos and supporting articles is to help you break free from these internal barriers. And one of the ways that I help individuals break free from those obstacles is to help them learn how they can utilize their mystical powers, and how they can learn to start trusting themselves. Here is a video that I made specifically for addressing this aspect that is, how to discover, trust, nurture, and sharpen your mystical powers; you can watch it along with reading this blog article. So, here are three quick tips on how you can learn to start trusting your mystical powers:

Find Your Mystical Power and Embrace It

The very first tip is that firstly, you really have to start looking at what is your mystical power. This is important because you can’t learn to trust something if you don’t know what it is. You may think it is very hard to find your mystical gift, but this isn’t the case. It is very easy to find your mystical power because it has been with you all of your life. It’s something that other people tell you that you do so naturally and in such a great way that you don’t even think about it. If you aren’t sure about what could be your mystical talent or gift, look at these following examples:

Some Possible Examples of Mystical Power

Some possible examples of your mystical gifts or telltale mystical signs can be the following:

Organizing Things or People: Your mystical power can be your innate ability  to be good at organization: organizing things, people, places, events, etc.

Having Problem-solving Abilities: You seem to be good at seeing the hidden patterns and recognizing the background issues running in other people’s lives and you are able to give people insightful answers to their pressing problems or questions.

Being Empathic: You might be really good at listening to people’s problems and pain and giving them advice or even comfort in the time of distress.

The Ability to Solve Complex Puzzles: You could be really good at solving problems or puzzles.

Having a Way with Words: You have this urge to write down your feelings and thoughts in form of words, lyrics, or draw them as images, or you are even good at transcribing things, etc.

These are just a few broad examples of some mystical gifts that can have a significant bearing on your life and on others. You can use these gifts for making your own life better and of others.

Trust Your Intuition and Sharpen It

Being intuitive is very important for women entrepreneurs. Some of you may not understand it well or wonder what it has to do with business. Let me elaborate: Everybody has intuition. There’s not a single person that’s here on this Earth that does not have intuition. It’s just that some people choose to rely on them; while others don’t. Intuition can be a sense. Let’s say that you are walking down the street and all of a sudden, you just don’t feel right intuitively. And what I mean by that is that your intuition is telling you, “Well maybe you should take a different ride home.” And you decide to do that instead of just pass the feeling off by saying, “No, no. It’s just my mind making wild thoughts and stuff going on.” You may discover later on that a mishap (an accident, a traffic jam) happened on the route you avoided taking. So, look at how your intuition can protect you, look at how your intuition can save you, look at ways how you are able to utilize it. For entrepreneurs, intuitiveness also translates into a hunch or acumen, an idea’s potential. Intuition is that gut instinct, that knowingness, that sense that helps you see the potential of a business idea and pursue it. You might be good at reading individuals’ thoughts, the patterns running in the background, so when they come to you, you know things about them even without being told. Or, that you can predict things for them with accuracy and get acknowledged and compensated in return.

So, one way to start trusting to learning to use this mystical power, which everybody has, is start writing down circumstances and evidences that have helped you in some way in the form of a journal. For example, circumstances led you to meet so-and-so and this person in turn introduced you to another person who proved to be beneficial for you or your business in some way. When you listen to your intuition and you start trusting your mystical abilities then you actually start paying attention to what’s going on. So trusting your intuition is very important for you to start trusting all of your mystical powers.

Start Cherishing and Nurturing Your Mystical Powers

I have seen people who might be slightly aware of their mystical power but may see it more of a curse than a gift. They would say things like, “I really hate when I start having second thoughts about something…. Or, I hate how I end up getting ill when there is a trip or event is coming up….I hate how I end up hearing every one’s problems and giving them advise….” This attitude certainly doesn’t help you and is a sign of ingratitude towards the Universe. You have been given a mystical gift and it is your responsibility to figure out how to use it for your good and of others.  So, make sure that you start valuing your mystical powers. Start looking for ways that you can start loving yourself, start caring about yourself, and start being able to be really okay with who you are and what you are like physically for now, for what you look like now. Individuals who start loving themselves more, start having more confidence, start having more abilities to trust their mystical powers, they also start having more and more mystical experiences. So, the final thing that I wanted to talk about in order for you to truly start trusting your mystical powers is to go easy on yourself and understand that you don’t have to be a superwoman or a superman. You can start trusting your intuition, you can start trusting your mystical powers, and you can start moving forward. But you don’t have to do it in such a way that you’re struggling and you’re pushing and you’re pulling. It’s natural. If there is a flow of life, there is the flow of your mystical powers and the development of them. Also, in order to nurture your creative gifts; start playing with your creativity and start playing with your ability to utilize your mystical powers. You might discover a meditation or you discover that your mystical power could be visualization of a wand, or it might be a staff, or a scepter. And as you start playing with your mystical gifts, they develop more and more and more; they start having and giving you more power.

When you truly start understanding your mystical powers, start trusting, cherishing, sharpening them then you can start moving forward and would probably realize that it is something natural, easy, and engaging. Therefore, it is really important to use these three steps: the evidence journal, start loving yourself, and star going easy on yourself. So, have you ever thought what are your mystical gifts and abilities? If you would like to discover what your mystical gifts actually are, have a consultation with me and we can discover them together. Feel free to go to my website with and get registered.

How Sharing My Personal Story Helped My Entrepreneurship and Why You Should Do the Same

How Sharing My Personal Story Helped My Entrepreneurship and Why You Should Do the Same

You might have always thought that marketing your business, getting and retaining clients, meeting deadlines, keeping commitments, maintaining the cash flow and profit margin are the only things important for your business. They are….however; there are subtle things that have greater meaningfulness and a deeper and long-lasting impact on your business. Your business’ survival and long term success depends on the following elements: how to gain visibility and authenticity with your audience (clients as well as media), how to earn their trust, how to convince them to believe in your vision. So what I actually do is that I help women entrepreneurs to start pouring in their soul self into their business so that they can bridge their spirituality and mysticism with the practicality. In one of my Mystics Wisdom series, which is a Live are recorded videos events, I tackled this aspect of entrepreneurship and I have used facets of my own story and struggle as a reference point. If you have struggled with bridging the personal and professional, or are against using your personal aspects in your business, or  don’t know how break through the visibility barrier because you are so terrified of putting myself out there then this article would change your view point or at least would make you think:

Leverage Your Pain to Do Better

Pain is a part and parcel of our lives; however, you either let your pain paralyze you or you can use it to fuel your action. You can either choose to play and replay the sad part of your story and keep considering yourself a victim of circumstances and keep blaming others. Or, you can use your struggle, pain and angst to make yourself better, find a way out of the cycle of misery. There was a time in my life when I was in my twenties and had just started working. I was a single mom too, and times were really really tough. There were nights when I had to choose between eating crackers myself or feeding my baby boy. I ended up being hungry, quite often, quite a lot. And I was underweight because of the struggle and impoverishment of means. I was kind of accepting my circumstances as something normal, as my fate or destiny. I remember actually staring at my son’s food at times and wanting to eat his food. I felt so much shame. I was feeling that I wanted to do something that I knew was not good for him. I never did it, but just the thought that I thought of it caused that shame. However, one night, I kind of hit the rock bottom and decided that enough was enough.  So, in a way, my pain, suffering and shame compelled me to do better. I vowed that I would try to find my way out of the desperate circumstances or die trying.

Shift Your Mindset

We are all good or bad products of our circumstances but we have to make sure that we don’t consider getting trapped in a bad situation forever due to the ‘victim mindset’. I kept making bad decisions one after another in my twenties because I didn’t know any better. I didn’t have the training or a growth-oriented mindset that could help me do better, make wise decisions because I was raised in similar circumstances too, by a single mother who worked many jobs to put food on the table. So, I was unable to see the limitations of my mindset which was keeping me trapped in the circumstances and stopping me from seeking hidden opportunities around me.  When I finally decided that enough was enough and started to consciously and painstakingly shift my mindset and made a vow to myself, I started getting those crazy headaches. It was just as if something inside my head just caused this ache from the deep subconscious, and all of a sudden, light started streaming through. I started seeing opportunities. They were always there. But beforehand, I was completely oblivious to them. I had no clue that you could make money outside of working 9-5. I realized that I had vintage dishes, depression ware dishes that I could sell and make money. I did that and made some money. After that financial and emotional breakthrough I was like, “Oh okay. So what else can I sell?” or, “What else can I do?” And then I would realize that there were people out there who were just out of the hospital or ill or incapacitated and they needed someone to run errands. So, I began filling in that role, became a reliable go-to-person and began earning money. A person who stays stuck in one small aspect of the story actually has a limited mindset and he or she stays stuck in a situation and accepts it as his or her fate. But a person with a growth-oriented mindset tries to find his or her way out of desperate circumstances, try to end a defeatist cycle. When we know better; we can do better. In my book Magical Money Manifestations, I have written at length the formula that I use to really dive in, find those hidden belief systems and change them and how to start creating money.

Sharing Your Story Makes Your Look Authentic

We feel that people are looking for happy perfect people, happy thoughts, and if you show them your real side, your real story, they would be put off. So, we try to put across a happy face, a perfectly chiseled story and veneer. What it ends up doing is that this glossing up effect starts making you look unreal and fictional. Prospects would feel that you won’t understand them, you are not in a position to understand their problems and pain because you have never experienced any of it, and as a result, you cannot really help them out and would judge you. When I decided to share out my story for the first time in a group of people, I broke up in tears. But then something wonderful happened. I had women crying with me and not on me. So, sharing my authentic story had helped me with attracting clients. It has helped people understand me, they get me, and they feel this camaraderie with me, they feel this vulnerability. And they feel that, “If she can be visible, if she can be that raw, so she has been one of us and she can help us in achieving similar results.” Writing is also another great way to reach out to people. So, the other important thing is that I put my story in my book, Magical Money Manifestations. It took a lot of courage but the purpose was to give authenticity to myself, my life experiences and my work. As a reader, when we read something from a person, we come to know the person, we trust that person who is writing it; it really just seems to be key to the whole, the difference that makes the difference.

Use Social Media to Duplicate Your Life Authentically

Social media is an important and phenomenal medium. You can use it either for narcissistic purposes or you can use it to leverage your work, your cause, and connect. Up until about three and a half years ago, I was terrified of Facebook. I hated Facebook. I thought for sure if I put myself out there on social media, then I would have crazy stalkers. And none of that was true. Obviously don’t put your personal information on social media. If you are going to have a mailing address on your website or anything, get a mailbox service. So, at first I was terrified, I didn’t want to do it, I didn’t want to be visible. But I met so many people since then who have been following me through social media. I’ve had some individuals follow me for an entire year before they reached out and said, “Hey. I followed you for a year and I love the videos, I love that you have a Facebook group, I love that I can find you on LinkedIn and I can tweet and share your tweets, and you’ve made a difference in my life.” And it’s those people that actually have reached out to me and let me know that I’ve made a difference in their lives just sharing me story during my Facebook lives, putting my little positive affirmations out there or my little tips or my little strategies. And that really makes it all worth it. So how it’s helped me I change people lives. I may able to duplicate myself. It’s not hard to duplicate myself. I can reach to the people who, maybe they’re getting ready to work with a coach, or maybe they’re ready to work with me. And most importantly, I’m able to help them become a better person if they choose that. Likewise, if you haven’t been using social media for your business then start doing so. But do it in a wise, intimate, productive and intuitive manner and you would begin to see the results in your business too.

There is a definite win in sharing the hero’s story i.e., your story. The point is that if you stay stuck in the wrong side of the story, your story would never grow and your story wouldn’t ever have a turning point or a happy ending. When people, your audience and clients, hear your story and see the struggles that have led to the current results and successes, they feel hopeful, they see the promise and want to put their faith (and their money) on you.

I am Luci McMonagle, the Mystic Wealth Creator. For those entrepreneurs and those individuals who are feeling that maybe they just don’t have enough support, maybe that they do not having the ability to go forward, or they have a heartbreaking story that is keeping them trapped in misery then I have a complimentary session that can help them breakthrough these quagmires and barriers and see that the Universe is truly for them. Go to and book a convenient slot. Together, we would explore your personal story and uncover the hero in it.

5 Mystical Steps Towards Attracting Clients Who will Pay You What You Are Worth


Most mystical entrepreneurs have this intense awareness that they have got these incredibly powerful gifts and they really know that they are worth far more than what they are charging others. Yet they end up getting paid very less or nothing. These mystic entrepreneurs perpetually appear to be operating from the realm of this intense guilt and fear, as they tend to think: “I am afraid to charge for my mystical gifts because I have this fear that if I utilize these gifts for personal gain, these things that come so natural and easily to me, and I get paid for them then I would be punished by karma and something bad is going to happen to me.” It is this guilt and confusion that makes people settle for way less than what they are worth them giving their service away to others entirely free of cost. Firstly, let me tell you that this is not the right notion to uphold because your mystic powers are divinely gifted and given to you for a special reason and purpose i.e., to help others and to make the world a better place. When you are dedicating yourself to the betterment of others, for the betterment of the world then the Universe will take care of you and will try to compensate your meaningful efforts and good work through people’s realization of the value and worth of your service and their willingness to pay for it. So, if you have been struggling to realize your own worth and value or getting your worth realized by your client and getting compensated accordingly then this article, based on one of my facbook live event, can help you break this barrier. In order to get paid what you are worth, these are the 5 steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Assess Where You Stand Right Now

If you are not completely happy with your circumstances and where you are in your work or business, there are a few things that you need to change in order to get there, from A to B (or to Z, the pinnacle of success). The very first step is to start looking at the following aspects in your life:

  • Where are you at, in your business, in your life?
  • Where are you right now, emotionally, mentally, psychologically?
  • What are you feeling?
  • What are you sensing?
  • Do you have this sense that you have this higher calling?
  • Do you have your heart and soul calling you to be in a certain location?
  • Do you have your heart and soul feeling like you should do something but you are not quite sure what that something is?

When you ask yourself these critical questions, you may discover clues about yourself and clues about secret, disguised opportunities meant for you. Start journaling, start writing things down. Start taking note of your sensations and feelings.

Step 2: Explore and Understand Where You Want to Go (And Get Going!)

Once you begin to seek answers, pinpoint what is your passion and mystical gift, the rest of the aspects start falling into place.  So, start paying attention to the subtle signs, hints and clues the Universe is sending your way. Start noting things down, see the pattern emerge: For instance, you are a speaker and you are just starting your speaking career and you have noticed that there is a call for speakers in a certain location that you have always been curious about. But you weren’t quite sure if you should go there until you see an opportunity! You may discover, “Oh I just love being by the beaches,” or, “I just love being in the desert, or, “I absolutely adore palm trees,” or, “I actually love rock gardens.” Then you would suddenly notice that “Oh my gosh! I just found a really absurdly cheap airline ticket for xyz.”  So now when you notice that there is a convention going on there, or there is a really cheap airline ticket for that place then it’s a direct sign from the Universe that things are aligning for you and you are being given a chance to go there and experience what it’s like to follow through your dream and passion rather than sit at home and daydream about what it could have been. When you are not following through with your calling, with how your heart and soul is leading you to some place then you are not going to able to get paid what you are fully worth.

Step 3: Start Living and Embodying Your Mission

If you don’t follow your soul’s true calling, you would stay stuck in a business that keeps on struggling and stays barely afloat. You would make some money but you won’t be happy, you would feel unfulfilled.  Happiness comes from within. People don’t necessarily buy your personal product, your personal service. They buy into your mission, your idea, what you are bringing into the world. You have a special mission to accomplish in this world. You have a purpose which is to always, always to express yourself, your heart and soul. So think about what is your mission and then what is your message for others. When you are open, expressive and vocal to this extent, you would discover that the Universe would give you a chance to express yourself and you would readily find audience ready to take in, believe in, and work on every word of yours.

Step 4: Start Attaching Value to Your Mystical Gifts

Understand what is that special skill, gift you have, that you can do and you are bringing into this world.  It could just be a hobby that you spend hours and hours perfecting. Start honing your skills, honing your message, understand what is it that you are exactly bringing into this world. Is it something natural, a skill that you are excel at or a kind of training. Take note of each and every idea, each and every grand idea that you create and you bring it into this world. When you have a powerful, profound idea, a powerful creation that you bring into the world, it has an energetic signature. Let me give you my personal example: My idea was the ability to understand that I have powerful energetic gifts. Way back in the 90s, before Reiki was invented, before Pranic healing was invented, before therapeutic touch, I had these gifts to be able to find energy that was stagnant and to pull it out. I started with the bodies, I started with the physical form. My natural healing abilities were always present, but I didn’t really know what to do with them until I discovered the inner peace foundation, and they were able to help me hone in my skills. These skills first manifested themselves as me being a healer.

Coming back to you, once you have realized what your special gifts are, what your skills are, you need to understand their worth or price in order to get paid what you are worth. It is only then you would be able to charge what you are actually worth and your audience would be willing to pay you your worth.

Step 5: Start Creating a Value Worksheet

Now start creating a value worksheet. Start writing down everything you have ever done in your entire life. Write all of this down in this incredible sheet:

  • How You Help Others: Did you help individuals in some way when you were younger? It could be small; it could be large. It could be something that’s noteworthy, or it could be something that some people might call insignificant, yet they were valuable. It made their life easier and better in some way. For instance, I used to be a little gopher for my grandmother and I would go for this or I would go for that. So that was the beginning of how I could be of service to others who were incapacitated.
  • Your Life Experience: Write down everything that you have done. All of the experiences, all the jobs, all the education you had. Now I don’t mean just formal education, I mean books that you have read. I mean things that you have self-taught yourself whether it was through YouTube videos, whether it was through some other means. I discovered that my own unique life experiences were worth millions. What a powerful realization!
  • Their Value for Others: Determine what you really bring into the table to your clients. The next step is to really truly start placing value on your mystical gifts and skills. This worth or value would come from the offer, the results, the transformation that you offer to other individuals, your ideal client, so that individuals will know that it’s worth what you are asking for.

If you have a message but you are not really clear, individuals aren’t sure what they should pay you because they are not sure what the transformation is, they won’t see the worth in your services, and won’t pay you.  You can let your clients know, “Hey this is my offer. If you are looking for help on resolving getting past that multiple, six-figure level. If you are successful, I am definitely the mystic that will empower you to move forward. If you are not quite on that level but you know you are meant to be a great leader, you are meant to create conscious communities, give me a call anyway, because I can help you shorten that timeline so you can move forward faster.”

My own transformation is I provide individuals divine union between their masculine, their feminine, between their heart and their mind so that they have congruency that creates conscious wealth and conscious communities. So, if you are looking for help on resolving getting past that multiple, six-figure level. If you are successful, I am definitely the mystic that will empower you to move forward. As a secret mystic gift, I am going to show you my very own personal Wealthy Bohemian Money Pouch. It is 15 years old but well-kept and invaluable. What is inside it is a secret but you can find out how to create your own Wealthy Bohemian Pouch by going to my website When you start putting your energy into blessing money, because that’s when your blessing comes back ten-fold. When you start blessing money, when you start blessing things with the direct intention of utilizing your creativity, it activates your personal magic. Yes, it activates your money magic and your life becomes charmed, blessed, and bountiful as a result. So go to and get hold of this precious gift.