Challenges Faced By Women While Setting Up a New Business

Career oriented women and those already running a business, have dealt with many hurdles in past years and regrettably, still today are dealing with them. Women in the work field have fought many barriers in career advancement, including unfair wage for equivalent production and unmerited orthodox barriers. Just as business models have changed with the arrival and growth of the internet, so have the exceptional issues met by the women in business.    

Mentioned are the challenges, faced by women while setting up their own businesses.

  1. Lack of cash flow can be the biggest issue a woman can face while initiating a business, because of the fact that the most brilliant business plans can meet failure, due to inadequate cash flow. Write out a list of all of the possible areas of cash flow and look at crowd funding sites such as or for additional support.
  1. The decision of going for a niche market or not, can become problematic because a business with a vague niche is like a traveler who does not know her directions. Instead of focusing on a vague niche market, create a client avatar that inspired you to start your business in the first place.
  1. Not understanding the idea of referral calling, can put one into serious trouble, for the reason that promoting one’s business with the help of referrals and a good word of mouth networking is effective to gain more sales. Create a list of every single person from your past and present that you can think of. Then write up a quick script for contacting these people and start contacting them however you can. Also, talk about your business to everybody you meet and pass by.
  1. Not having a  social media plan is a bad idea, because random tweets and Facebook posts can result in wasting one’s time for no good reason. Reaching out to the global market in an organized fashion with consistent contact builds a know, like and trust factor that is crucial for moving your business forward.
  1. With no strategic plan, a good business can become inactive when it comes to, what is immediately going on, rather than focusing on long-term goals. Get together with business owners or join a Mastermind business group that will help you develop a solid strategic plan. Keep an open mind and allow yourself to “feel” your way through decisions.


With these barriers ahead, one can never succeed in initiating a flourishing business, however, accepting outside help, developing an action plan and surrounding yourself with positive people will help you overcome any barriers.