No matter how progressed we say we have become as a society, there is a large majority that still thinks that women cannot be good corporate leaders. Their reason for saying so grows from their perception that women, being emotional beings, are incapable of making logical decisions. That is what it is, a perception. Moreover, an incorrect one.

The gender of a person does not determine the leadership qualities or the ability to make an informed decision when and if the time asks for it. Instead, this is dependent on the rationale and the confidence of a person, which women these days have ample.

The masses these days need to know that women are no less than their counterparts in any occupation and then let it be corporate affairs or politics, kitchen or the music industry. We have seen hundreds of women leaving their mark in the field of their choice, sometimes, one brighter than that of men.

Having a female boss is no less different from this. It only means that that particular person was able enough to lead the office from behind that desk. She had those deductions and decision-making skills that were a prerequisite for that job. In short, she was the best possible candidate for this job. The sooner the employees accept this, the better.

Once this acceptance has come, because of the reasons stated above, the working environment automatically becomes non-hostile and an accepting one. There are fewer incidences of workplace harassment and petty squabbles among the employees, making everyone’s lives more peaceful.

We now know that there is a need to change the mindset of people towards a boss who happens to be a female. Moreover, we also know that the best way to overcome that negative mindset is to make people aware of the qualities needed to reach that level and allow acceptance to work its magic with them.